Many thanks for the feedback families have provided in terms of our online provision at the start of this term. We have had over 300 responses so far which is very encouraging. Whilst the vast majority of the comments are extremely positive I am looking forward to spending some time tomorrow with Miss McDermott to review any areas for further development and will feedback possible next steps in the bulletin later this week

Extra-curricular activities
I hope those young people that have attended Beginner Spanish, Soul/Jazz Band, 15 minute Fitness, Eco Club or Debate Club on Monday or Tuesday enjoyed taking part in things beyond their normal lessons.
A reminder that today we have Allotment Club, AHS and Community Orchestra and Boys Aloud! on offer.
Over the coming weeks Mr Arthur will keep families updated with further additions to this provision (full timetable was attached on Sunday).

Unity Fund
A reminder that through the Unity Fund the school can offer confidential and discrete support to families who are struggling financially. If you are struggling in any way please contact us and we will do our best to help:

Head of Year update – Tonight it’s Mr Avery and Year 9
This week has seen year 9 begin the transition to live lessons in a selection of subjects. I am delighted with the maturity and eagerness year 9 have shown toward these lessons, and they seem well set to make the transition to live teaching in each one of their lessons from Monday 25th January.  I have been very pleased (but not surprised) with the excellent feedback I have had from teachers, who have all commented on the excellent work that is being produced by Year 9 in these lessons. I know from teaching my own Year 9 History class, that having the opportunity to see and interact with them during the lesson has been a real blessing. I have also been interested in canvassing the opinion of the students on their move to live teaching, with many commenting on how much faster the hour goes and how they feel much more confident in completing their work. Although nothing replaces the students experience in school, I hope by introducing live lessons we have gone some way to securing their learning and progress for the time being.

This week has also seen the introduction of live google meets for the form groups of year 9. I know how excited the tutor team in year 9 have been to gain some time with their form group, with a chance for the students to still feel part of the school community despite their remote education. Form tutors have spent this time checking on the wellbeing of the form group, taking students through the form time resources (such as the weekly news stories) and enjoying a good chat and catch up. This social interaction seems to have been welcomed by both the students and the teachers, many of whom are working from home 22 hours a week. I have been really enjoying chatting to the students who are in school, which has seen us keeping each other’s spirits up and discussing how we are passing the time during lockdown. I have explained to the students that I am undertaking the challenge of getting Harrogate Town to the premier League in ‘Football Manager’, however the dream is still a long way off as we languish in League 2!

The theme of the Collective Worship this week has been ‘finding a balance in the force’, which has (you guessed it!) a Star Wars theme. The message was about finding a balance in our lives, and making sure that despite working hard we are looking after ourselves and our wellbeing. In order to make sure the students are staying healthy mentally and physically, I encouraged them to do something each day that made them smile, and to make sure they are getting plenty of exercise, as this is by far the best way to relieve stress and boredom. This is something we continue to make a top priority, and should you have any concerns about your child’s wellbeing, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and we will be happy to help where we can.

Next week sees the move to a full timetable of live lessons, so I ask once again for your continued support in getting the students up, online and ready to learn by 8:50am each day. The students will follow their normal school day, including break and lunchtime. I have included a breakdown of the day to help you get your child organised and ready for each live lesson in good time.

P1 (8:50am – 9:50am)

Break (9:50am – 10:10am)

P2 (10:10am – 11:10am)
P3 (11:10am – 12:10pm)

Lunch (12:10pm – 12:40pm)

P4 (12:40pm – 1:50pm)
PM Reg (1:50pm – 2:10pm)
P5 (2:10pm – 3:00pm)

End of School

As always, any questions or queries please feel free to contact me on

Wellbeing messages
Please find below the key messages for the day:

Advice from Young Minds –
If your teenager is struggling with their mental health, here are four things you can do:

National Online Safety have produced a really useful app that can be downloaded for FREE
Download here:

Apple >>

Android >>

Miss Cox has passed on some of the 2021 new year resolutions made by Year 12…
I would like to take more photos of the memories that I am creating and I would like to focus on myself more instead of ignoring myself.
To drink more water and release more music
Better mental health
Just stay sane during however long lockdown is gonna be
Work my hardest
I really just want to heal from all that has happened in the past year and learn to love life again.
To work more independently
Be more organised
Spending more time with family
To try new things
To spend 10 mins a day sat down with my family asking how their day has been
Eating healthier
To get better at art and cook/bake more
To be more active
Try and stay positive on tough situations and talk about my feelings
Find work
This year I want to try more mindfulness activities, like colouring and painting

Collective Worship
This week our Form Tutor Collective Worship is entitled The Secret of Happiness and our daily quotes follow the same theme. We are going to consider how Denmark has yet again been ranked the second-happiest country in the World Happiness Report and how this might link to the concept of Hygge.

Wednesday – “The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles.” – William Penn; 17th Century Quaker and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania