I hope everyone has had a good weekend. A reminder that following a successful first week, the remaining Year 9 subjects will move to ‘live teaching’ from Monday. Alongside this the new small group form meetings will begin from Tuesday. I would also encourage all students to watch the Head of Year Assembly at 1.50pm on Monday as this provides lots of important information about what is going on across school. As ever if there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact school.

Online Learning and Feedback
A reminder about our most common forms of in-lesson feedback

  • In live lessons, regular question and answer will play an important role in checking understanding and offering feedback, as will the classroom stream in narrated lessons
  • Where possible, staff will set work to be completed on Google Docs or Slides, meaning that they can review this work and ‘live’ mark as students complete it.  This is really useful tool and allows for direct feedback and input on work whilst students are writing
  • Live modelling or ‘up-levelling’ where the class teacher models the completion of a piece of work or shows students how they can improve by modelling changes to an example answer
  • Teachers will review work after the lesson and may start the next lesson with an explanation of any misconceptions or common errors that they noticed
  • Google Classroom has a ‘question’ function which allows a question to be set as part of the lesson that students complete during their class work
  • Google Forms will be used to complete short quizzes and reviews, these will either be marked immediately or reviewed by the teacher
  • Teachers might use ‘Mote’ – this enables them to leave voice note comments on students work that give them detailed individual feedback to act upon

In addition to the key outlined below, please find attached the marking plan for each subject.  This sets out for each year group the work that will be ‘deep marked’ this half term, with teacher feedback on strengths and areas for focus.

Marking and Feedback YR7 SPRING 1

Marking and Feedback YR8 SPRING 1

Marking and Feedback YR9 SPRING 1

Marking and Feedback YR10 SPRING 1

Marking and Feedback YR11 SPRING 1

Once again, our appreciation to parents for their ongoing support and for all the positive feedback regarding our online learning provision.  A polite reminder that contact through the Google Classroom is the appropriate medium for students- teacher interactions.  If parents wish to make contact with teachers or school staff, we ask that they do so by phone (01904 431411), using the feedback tab on the website https://archbishopholgates.academy/contact-us/ or via email reception@archbishopholgates.org

Extra-Curricular Music
All extra-curricular music sessions will be up and running from Monday 25th January. Students should email their music teacher if they would like to be involved in any of them. Once they are added to the relevant google classroom they will receive an invite. This will be where we will post information and resources.
Soul/Jazz Band – Monday
Orchestra – Wednesday
Boys Aloud singing group – Wednesday
Year 7 Choir – Thursday
Music Tech Club – Thursday
Unity Choir – Friday

Bronze Arts Award @home
A quick presentation with a bit more about Bronze Arts Award @home.  Officially launching tomorrow but students can sign up any time.


Student Survey
We would very much appreciate it if parents/carers can ensure a survey on the devices students are using is completed by the students ASAP.  They have been issued this survery by Google Classrooms.  The survey can also be found at:


This week’s Pathfinder newsletter can be found on the Pathfinder website here: https://pathfinder.academy/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Pathfinder-Weekly-Newsletter-22.01.21.pdf

New weekly Art Challenge from Miss Dugdale

Week 4’s Wellbeing Resource
This week’s wellbeing resource is focused on dealing with and solving problems. The exercise provided is to help students to identify a problem and then to work through and consider different possible solutions

Please find attached this weeks ‘Wellbeing Newsletter’.  Please can you make sure your child has read it?

2 – Wellbeing Newsletter

Please remember each week we will:

  • Proved for students day Wellbeing suggestions via their Google Classrooms.
  • Each week we will produce and distribute a Wellbeing Newsletter – Please this weeks attached
  • Provide students with access to a Wellbeing Website with lots of using hints and ideas. https://sites.google.com/archbishopholgates.org/4steps2wellbeing/home
  • We will distribute and keep up to date a document with all the latest resources. – Please see attached

Below are the ‘Archbishop Holgate’s Schools 4 Steps to Wellbeing’ introduced last week.

Word of the week from Mrs Short

This is a non-negotiable word for RE
A person who believes in the existence of a god or gods, specifically of a creator who intervenes in the universe

Holocaust Memorial Day
On Holocaust Memorial Day (Wednesday 27th 2021) The Anne Frank Trust UK are running a live and free event for all secondary school students. You will have the chance to hear the amazing testimony of Holocaust Survivor Eva Clark BEM. Born on April 29th 1945 on a cart in the open without any assistance, Eva Clark was one of only three babies born in Mauthausen concentration camp who survived the Holocaust. If the camp’s gas chambers hadn’t been blown up on 28th April 1945 and the Americans hadn’t liberated Mauthausen just days after Eva’s birth, neither mother or child would have survived. If you are unable to join the live interview event please do still register and let them know and we will send you a copy of the recording.

The Eventbrite booking link is http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/136400873685 and once you’ve registered you’ll be sent joining instructions the day before the event.

Head of Year updates – Miss Kincell and the Year 7 team…
Again, what a wonderful week of online learning it has been. I have decided to use this week’s bulletin to give some key messages about google classroom and some top online learning tips!

  1. Please follow the Y7 twitter account AHS_Year7Kl, I upload lots of tip regularly.
  2. Please make sure your child is in the ‘Year 7 Parents Classroom’, on here there are lots of practice exercises for parents, including how to guides and videos, so you can have a play around and then help your children.
  3. Please encourage your child to work on the google classroom/google docs as often as possible and not on paper.
  4. If the device you are using makes it easier for you to work on paper (E.G phone/tablet) please make sure you hand in the work by taking a photograph of it- I have attached an easy guide on how to do this on the Y7 classroom, Y7 parents classroom and on twitter.
  5. If the device you are using makes it easier for you to work on paper (E.G phone/tablet) please get in touch and we may be able to get a laptop or chrome book for you.
  6. We recommend you follow your timetable, your teacher is live and waiting for your questions so they can help you as soon as possible (NB: this is a recommendation, we understand that each household looks different and this may not always be possible- but please do let us know).
  7. We recommend you don’t spend more than 1 hour per lessons and ask your teacher if you are stuck, we know the vast majority of you are working incredibly hard and you absolutely will not be in trouble upon your return to school if your work is incomplete. We want you to have a variety of lessons and a well-structured day.
  8. Remember to register each morning on the ‘Year 7 Classroom’ and remember to always respond to your teacher so they can ‘register’ that you have ‘attended’ the lesson, this may be through handing in the work, replying to their comment or answering a ‘register’ style multiple choice question.
  9. You do not need to use your email to use Google Classroom effectively, but if you would like to- it is outlook not gmail.
  10. Please remember work/life balance is very important and children shouldn’t be working late into the evening- unless they are particularly enjoying a project. If you are concerned about your child working beyond expected hours, please give us a call and we will be happy to chat to them and alleviate their worries.

But most importantly- remember that the most important thing is to just try your best, the world has never looked like this before and it can be tough- you are all doing incredibly well.

Important change to Form Time:
Your form tutor will invite you to join a google meet, this will be in small groups Tuesday-Thursday and a full group meet on Fridays. This is compulsory, but should be a lovely way to have some interaction with other students and your form tutor.

Our Head of Year Awards this week currently have a £5 voucher and certificate in the post:

Theo Parker 7Gr – Well done to Theo, The Year 7 Team and your family are so proud of you, not only are you doing your own work but giving up your time to help your brother also who needs some additional help.

Emily Morrison 7Hf– Well done for your growth in confidence in school and your outstanding work while isolating- keep it up!

Our in school students of the week are:
BS1: Hattie Newton– Well done for your tireless hard work and continuously improving independence, all with a consistent smile. Keep it up!

BS2: Charlie Hallam- Well done for your consistent hard work and of resilience with his Maths and managed to solve his questions.

APP1: Laura Hazlewood- well done for your resilience and independence and always living the school values

Top Accelerated Readers:
James Dillon, Eddy Merritt, James Philip, Sophie Beard, Callum Cowling and Alex Philip

Top Hegarty Mathematicians
Most number of tasks attempted : Callum Cowling (11)
Most number of questions answered correctly : Callum Cowling (176)
Highest total hours of learning (inc. watching videos, attempting and reattempting tasks): Libby Lynch (3.6)

 Special mentions of outstanding work from teachers:
Special mentions in RE:
Isaac White, Aden Smith, Sienna Parkins, Ava Gane, Krystian Gierucki, Francesca Battison, Daisy Bailey, Daniel Norris, Abigail Nowell, Oliver McKeegan, Anurag Lokesh, Jason Xia, Robert Wilkinson, Flic Munzer, Eva Southhall, Lily Subritzky , Georgina Richardson and Mark Hazzard

Special Mentions in MFL- these students have finished their lesson AND completed the following on duolingo:
Angela  Hettiarachchige (130 lessons in the past week)
Danuli Jayawardena (151 lessons in the past week)
Tilly Mills-Wood (completed lessons five days in a row)
Max Moody (he currently is on a 10 day streak)
Heather Ashby (has connected on Duolingo every day since the January 1st)
Emily Nelson (completed lesson five days in the past week)

Amy Luck, Geography- Well done for engaging on google classroom, being so polite and always completing the extension work and doing everything in detail.
Joshua Rhodes has done some great food tech work this week – very detailed
Natalie Bowler and Lucy Gilbertson for excellent work in Spanish
Alex Philipp  – for showing creativity and resilience in RE when we encountered a problem with editing one of the resources. He was being helpful to those in the chat making suggestions to help others. Well done!
Brayden Richardson – for completing all tasks in his RE lesson to a very good standard and engaging really well with his work. Well done!
George Chapman Maths – working really hard at home!
Olivia and Faith Lister produced some really outstanding History lessons this week!
Lincoln Keith – Well done for your perseverance in Geography
Leo Crossman – well done for your consistency and keeping on top of everything in Geography
Mark Hazzard –Well done for working hard all the time in geography
Sophie Beard– Well done for your excellent extra work about climate change.

 Special Mentions in History:
Thomas Bates- every week has been outstanding!!
Damien Sparkes is doing really well and trying really hard in 7GR
Jessica Macdonald– Working really hard consistently

 Special Mentions in maths:
Laura Hazelwood, Brandon Kovacs, Faith Lister , Aditi Panchal, Lydia Scott, Isaac Ellis, Faith Lister, Olivia Lister, Flynn Rowland, Alex Philip, Hannah Birkinshaw, Otto Kearns, Matthew Martin, Megan OHare and Ryan Thompson

Special Mentions in English:
Alex Driffield, Shannon O’Donnovan, Johnathan Middleton and Alex Phillip

Special Mentions in Science:
Bea Garret- Craig, Benjamin Perry, Holly Hunter, Noah Smee-Brown, Sophie and Olivia Lister and Hannah Birkinshaw

Library Newsletter from Mrs Murphy
Oak Academy are now letting everyone read a whole book for free, and give you the chance to learn a bit about the authors.  There should be a new one each week. The first author of the week is Jacqueline Wilson. You can read the whole book of The Story of Tracy beaker (Quiz 204 989 Level 4.4 Colour purple), download activities and watch a video of the author herself. Just open the link: Virtual School Library | Oak Academy (thenational.academy). If you read the book, please log into Accelerated Reader and take the quiz. A quick link for AR is https://ukhosted83.renlearn.co.uk/1893564 I’ve been into the classrooms of those Y7 students in school to remind students about taking the quizzes, and lots of students completed several quizzes straight away. If you are not sure about the quiz number, you can just type in the name of the book. If it’s on AR the quiz will open. If not, email me the name of the book smurphy@archbishopholgates.org and if there is a quiz available I can add it to our school, let you know, and you’ll be ready to have a go.

Don’t forget that you can borrow virtual books from York Explore using your York Explore library card. If you haven’t got a library card, you can apply for one online. https://www.exploreyork.org.uk/. You can also sign up for their newsletter to find out what activities and events are taking place, although all virtually at the moment.

Mrs Murphy is still really enjoying reading Holes and Percy Jackson to the Y7 classes in school. What I have realised though when reading Percy Jackson, is how little I know about Greek Gods. I’m even struggling to read/pronounce their names properly. Last night I googled ‘How do I pronounce Chiron?’ When reading out I’d been pronouncing Chiron as shi-ron, but now know that you say it like Kye-ron. Those of you who have seen the film will have known that, but I generally like to read the book before I see the film.

 How good though that even when we read a fantasy novel, we are learning new things without even thinking about it. Have a look at the page below and see how well you know your ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. Before reading Percy Jackson I would have really struggled, but after two weeks of starting the book I didn’t do too badly.

And finally, please remember we are not closed and here for anything you need, please email myself akincell@archbishopholgates.org or our pastoral support worker Miss Greenhalgh lgreenhalgh@archbishopholgates.org

Head of Year updates – Mr Williams and the  Sixth Form team…
Attendance during lockdown has been excellent. Thank you for your ongoing support with this. If your child is ill, please let us know by contacting swalton@archbishopholgates.org or phoning the school. We will then record this on our registers and we won’t need to contact you throughout the day.

Please encourage your child to register in the morning and make sure they attend Period 1. For some students, this is proving to be the hardest period to get to on time. It is really important students are not late and attend the full lesson. The rest of this bulletin is given over to highlighting the excellent work our Sixth Formers have completed and the opportunities available to them.

If you need anything throughout the week, please do not hesitate to contact the Sixth Form team.

Sixth Form Online Learning Feedback
Thank you to the 161 students who completed our online student voice regarding Online Learning. They have provided lots of really thoughtful and constructive feedback which we have already started acting on. Here is just a sample of what our students said:


 Can you describe any lessons or activities you have found particularly effective on Google Classrooms? Explain why.

  • All my lessons are fully structured with a full power point and worksheets to complete. I don’t feel that I’m missing out on any learning due to the situation that we are in.
  • If the teacher wants us to do a task within a lecture, they put the lesson as an assignment to help us easily edit the slide and hand it in as proof we are participating and paying attention in lessons. I also like the continuation of the weekly quiz on our google classroom as it continues that sense of normality of school on a Friday.
  • I find the style of all my teachers effective, but I’ve found the techniques my German teachers use particularly helpful, especially considering how languages can be more difficult to teach and learn online than other subjects, and that had been something I’d worried that I’d struggle with during online learning.
  • Maths lessons have worked very well, because teachers were still able to explain things to their students by showing their workings out on the visualisers.
  • Debate, discussion. It is engaging and really makes me feel like I want to take part in live lessons.
  • Using features that make it interactive, such as Google Quizzes, Kahoot and Jamboards have made a real difference.

Do you have any constructive ideas to support teachers delivering online lessons?

  • Ensure all homework and assignments that need handing in have a due date assigned.
  • Make sure we have enough time to make notes and complete tasks. Things take longer online!
  • Finish 5 minutes earlier to ensure there is time to sort myself out and get prepared between lessons.
  • Clearly label the difference between “Classwork” and “Homework” when setting assignments.
  • Continue to experiment with ways to get discussion and debate going.


This is only a small selection of the responses we have received but have fed these all back to staff and are either implementing new strategies, such as the shortened lesson times, or providing tips and advice to staff to try in their lessons. As ever, constructive feedback is always welcome.

I will continue to share how we reflect upon and develop our online learning over the coming weeks.

We are continuing to support students with Chromebooks where needed and can direct parents to specific data and WiFi support where needed. If you have borrowed a device from us and find you no longer need it, please do get in touch and return it as other people may be able to make use of it.

Changes to form time from Monday
We continue to reflect upon our offer and make alterations as appropriate. We know students in the Sixth Form are missing the community and social side of Sixth Form and this is completely understandable. We are therefore going to offer a more substantial face-to-face virtual form time from Monday. The programme will be as follows:

  • Monday: Sixth Form Act of Collective Worship from either Miss Cox, Mr Charlton or Mr Williams
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Form time with small groups organised by the tutor. Sixth Form tutors will contact students directly about this.
  • Friday: Our usual quiz through University challenge. Let the battle commence!

The Sixth Form team are still offering their well-being drop in sessions each day between 1:50-2:10. It has been great to see lots of students who have come to chat about a whole range of things. It’s absolutely fine just to pop by and say hello!

Miss Cox
Well done to year 12 who have been really pro-active in engaging with the enrichment opportunities – a number have already applied for the ‘Pathway to Bath’, Sutton Trust, Channel Talent, Criminology conference and the 3 day virtual work experience. Check out the opportunities tab on Y12 Google Classroom for more opportunities and details. 

It’s been lovely to speak to students on the G Meet drop in, please encourage sixth formers to continue to come along if you need anything, having any questions or just for a chat. 

Year 12 Head of Year Awards
Jess Turton – for consistently doing well, working hard and getting praise from all subjects.
Fin Ensor – for working hard and excelling in his new courses. 

Year 12 Shout Outs

From…To…In…Shout Out!
Mr ShawTom VentressMediaFantastic evaluation work in Thursday’s lesson
Miss GavinFinley EnsorPoliticsFin only joined politics two weeks before Christmas but has hit the ground running and makes some fantastic contributions to class discussions. He has been a welcome addition to the group and should be proud of his efforts so far.
Mr NicholsonMillie StevensArt & DesignFantastic work and a lot of hard work and effort put into her drawing studies in the last two weeks. Well done.
Mr NicholsonEmma WaltonArt & DesignAmazing work and some proper grafting at home. Well done.
Mr NicholsonAbbie HarwoodArt and DesignResponded very well to advice, improving the quality of her drawing significantly.
Mrs KitneyJack MainprizeTravel and TourismExcellent work in Travel and Tourism and always trying to improve answers with enhanced terminology.
Mrs KitneyJemma BlanchardChild DevelopmentFor excellent commitment to all task in Child Development
Mrs KitneyKayleigh CoatesChild DevelopmentExcellent commitment and hard work in Child Development
Mrs DobsonLevi RileyWorkskillsLevi has been accessing all lessons from home and joining in with the Workskills student in school. He has been doing a tremendous job and has really stepped up to the challenge.
Miss Cox Jemma BlanchardPsychologyExcellent effort and doing extra outside of the lesson. Good understanding of RSM.
Mr WebbYear 12 PhysicsPhysicsExcellent work for dealing with some really difficult concepts remotely. I’ve been particularly impressed with their grasp of Material Physics.
Mr BranniganJosh LoweBTEC SportWell done for staying on task with your BTEC Sport Coursework and producing some excellent work
Mr BranniganConor SimpsonBTEC SportWell done for staying on task with your BTEC Sport Coursework and producing some excellent work

Year 12 NHS Shadowing Work Experience
Well done to all the students who have started their NHS shadowing experience. This has been a great start. If students are going to miss a lesson because of this, it is important they make direct contact with their teacher to catch up on the work.

Student Leader Interviews
Myself and Miss Cox will be contacting all students who applied to be a student leader over the next two weeks to arrange a short online interview over Google Meet. We will do our best to arrange for these to be outside their timetabled lessons wherever possible. We look forward to hearing about their ideas, despite the challenges!

Mr Charlton
Well done to everyone for another excellent week of online learning. It’s been great hearing about all the positive contributions and commitment to lessons. Keep this up!

The Friday 29th January deadline for UCAS is quickly approaching. If students are still planning to apply but have not yet submitted their application, it is vital they speak to me on Monday or Tuesday. Students should also keep an eye on our Yr13 Google Classroom for apprenticeship and job opportunities.

Year 13 Head of Year Awards
Faye Saunders – fantastic effort and application in all her studies – well done!
Alfie Ingram – a fantastic photoshoot for Art & Design – well done!

Year 13 Shout Outs

From…To…In…Shout Out!
 Mr NicholsonFaye SaundersArt & DesignAmazing textile artwork. Well done.
Mr NicholsonNatasha DavyArt & DesignMuch improved progress at home. Great to see increased production and developing digital art skills. Well done.
Mr NicholsonAlfie IngramArt & DesignWell done for getting out and doing your photoshoot
Mr Shaw Eloise ReadingMediaExcellent contributions to class discussions
Miss Kitney Year 13 Child DevelopmentChild DevelopmentFor excellent attendance and a great start to your new assignment, following the blow of not being able to sit your exam. Keep it up!
Miss Hollinger Faye Saunders REFor always striving to do better!
Mrs Holmes All Year 13 English LangEnglish LanguageMassive well done for all your hard work and continued enthusiasm with the language change unit. You’re doing a great job working from home and keeping up with all the lessons and homework! Mrs Holmes 🙂

Enrichment Opportunities
Progression: During these uncertain times, we are mindful that students might find it hard to think about the next steps and the future. However, this can also be a really motivating factor and the prospect of future university or apprenticeships is definitely something to start thinking about now. We have provided a link on the Google Classroom to an excellent virtual conference which provides guidance for universities, apprenticeships and Oxbridge. These will be relevant to both Year 12 and any Year 13 students who are still unsure of their progression. I would strongly recommend watching at least one of these videos together with your child:

Universities – This speech focuses on university applications and aims to fully prepare students in terms of the why, what and where. This session explores why students may want to go to university, what do they hope to get out of university and the plethora of different courses available at universities throughout the UK.

Apprenticeships – This speech focuses on all apprenticeship applications, where to find apprenticeship vacancies and how to impress the potential employer. Students will hear from apprenticeship experts who have helped students from all backgrounds get to their top choice apprenticeship and will learn the different apprenticeship routes and options, apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships and entry requirements.

Oxbridge: Myths vs reality – This speech is delivered Dr Joe Ogden from Brasenose College, Oxford University who will help students to aspire to their top choice and to dispel the myths that surround top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.


 All students planning on choosing Durham Uni as their first choice.
The Vice-Chancellor Scholarships are for students planning to attend Durham in 2021/22 and are available to almost everyone. If chosen, students could get £2000 financial support every year of their study at Durham. The deadline for application is 28th February 2021.Follow this link for more information


Please see the message below from the University of Law
We know that right now times are challenging for your Year 11-13 students who are wanting to find out more about their desired career path, build their CV’s and get content for their UCAS personal statements. We have more virtual events that they can now book onto to help with this:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility @Tuesday, 26 Jan, 13:00 – 14:00: A dive into the world of Business by focussing on the environmental and social responsibilities that companies have.
  • True Crime: Infamous Criminals@ Tues 9 Feb, 14:00 – 15:00: Analysing true crime case studies, including the Gypsy Rose case, Bridgewater 4, Ponzi and Jack the Ripper.
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Media@ Thurs 11 Feb, 16:00 – 17:00: Focusing on how real life legal cases have risen from the ever growing world of social media. 

For more info visit: https://www.law.ac.uk/events/?_cldee=c3dhbHRvbkBhcmNoYmlzaG9waG9sZ2F0ZXMub3Jn&recipientid=contact-9614a9eb7024e911a98200224800ce20-99baa27fb27a432c9da4a8ea63ce12c3&esid=43f8cb31-065b-eb11-a812-000d3a0ce991

This week’s recommended read for Sixth Form:
this week is a transcript of the Inauguration poem, written and performed by Amanda Gorman at the Inauguration of President Joe Biden ceremony.

You can read the transcript here:


or alternatively, view the poem here:


 Collective Worship
This week our Form Tutor Collective Worship is on the theme of Holocaust Memorial Day which falls on Wednesday 27th. Our collective worship has been created by students at Alsop High School in Liverpool. It explains what Holocaust Memorial Day is and explains some of the events of the Holocaust. It contains a moving speech by Holocaust survivor Ziggy Shipper. Our daily quotes are on the theme of Living Together.

Monday – “It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” – Irish proverb