I hope everyone has had a restful weekend. We’ll start this final week of the half term with a reminder about our 15 minute fitness offer….

15 Minute Fitness!!
If you would like to get your mornings off to a fun and energetic start, then click the link in your PE classroom and join Mr Goldsmith for 15 Minute Fitness. No fancy equipment required; all you need is a little bit of space to do it in. Tuesday and Thursday, 0830 – 0845.  See you online!

Pathfinder newsletter
The latest newsletter can be found on the MAT website here:

Student Wellbeing – A reminder
This week we are trailing making the Wellbeing Newsletter electronic and responsive to different devices.  Please use this link to read this weeks: https://sites.google.com/archbishopholgates.org/4steps2wellbeing/newsletters/newsletter-3

Please remember each week we will:

Below are the ‘Archbishop Holgate’s Schools 4 Steps to Wellbeing’ introduced last month.

Head of Year updates – Miss Kincell and Year 7…
Key Notices – Half-Term
ENJOY IT, please get away from your screens, go outside, play, read books, have fun and relax!

Reminder regarding Y7 lessons:
All lessons for year 7 should be considered as ‘live’, as teachers are following their time table and responding to questions and giving feedback in the hour for that lesson and we encourage all students to follow their timetable so that they may maximise their time with their teacher.

Students will continue to have access to live face-to-face teaching in the following subjects:

  • Maths
  • History
  • Design Technology
  • RE

NB: It will be subject and lesson dependent how long the ‘live’ section takes place, and this may change week on week. (If you are not following your timetable for a specific reason please could you notify us so that we know to expect the work at another time). Please consider all lessons 50 minutes long (whether they are live or not) and spend the final 10 minute of the lesson getting up and away from the screen.

Year Time Table Reminder:
8.30-8.45 AM Reg: Please click ‘yes’ on the register.
8.50-9.40 Period 1
9.50-10.10 Break
10.10-11.00 Period 2
11.10-12.00 Period 3
12.00-12.40 Lunch
12.40-1.30 Period 4
1.50-2.10 PM Reg- there will be Google Meets with form tutors or activities each day on this classroom in ‘Classwork’.
2.10-3.00 Period 5

Form Time Reminder:
Your form tutor will invite you to join a google meet, this will be in small groups Tuesday-Thursday and a full group meet on Fridays. This is compulsory, but should be a lovely way to have some interaction with other students and your form tutor. Please make sure you have a good look at your form google classroom for when your meets are so you don’t miss them.

Valentine’s Day – Year 7 Style
Remembering one of our key school values is compassion- what better way to show this than showing those you love them on Valentine’s Day. Of course, I know Valentine’s Day is most commonly celebrated by couples and is focused on romantic love- however why not just use it to show everyone you love that you love them.  So in assembly this week I am going to set the Year 7s challenges for how to show people around them that they love them. Here are some ideas:


  • On the Year 7 Google Classroom you can give a shout outs to teachers to say thank you for all of their hard work
  • Make sure to say thank you at the end of lessons
  • Send them a message saying you hope they have


  • Give them a parental shout via a text from school
  • Tidy your room,
  • Offer to do a chore
  • Make them a cup of tea/coffee Valentine’s Day morning
  • Make them a card


  • Agree to a FULL day of no bickering
  • Let them have full access to the tv for the evening


  • Make a card and post it
  • Send a virtual card via email
  • Send a kind message/meme

Please send me any examples of spreading compassion!

Our Head of Year Awards this week currently have a £5 voucher and certificate:
Thomas Bate– Well done for passing his Grade 7 Associated Board Classical Guitar. This is an incredible achievement considering the exams only go up to Grade 8 and we would normally expect Year 13 to be on Grade 7/8 by the time they finish their A level music exam! Excellent- keep up the good work!
Tom Cain– Well done for your outstanding commitment to making the most out of lockdown alongside your brilliant home learning- including an excellent science egg shell experiment, you have been taking part in walks, extra-curricular PE in a morning and extra-curricular music! Keep up the positivity!

Our in school students of the week are:
App 1- Brayden Richardson – For trying his hardest and showing lots of enthusiasm.
BS1 – Shannon Smith – For being hard working and persevering in all her classwork.
BS2 – Sasha Crosby – For always completing her work and very polite and helpful.

Top MyLexia Reader:
Well done to Damien Sparkes for highest number of units gained on MyLexia this week

Top Hegarty Mathematicians:
Most number of tasks attempted : Evie Price (23)
Most number of questions answered correctly : Evie Price (226)
Highest total hours of learning (inc. watching videos, attempting and reattempting tasks): Laura Hazelwood (1.8) 

Special mentions of outstanding work from teachers:
Mary Cornforth for her English work – She has been loving doing Macbeth and, with the help of her mum and other family members, she has been writing out bits of the play and putting on performances of key scenes for family members over Zoom – mum was even showing me some costumes she’d put together! She has also used it as a chance to look at some of Shakespeare’s other plays so they have also performed Romeo and Juliet to family too, with Mary playing Juliet. 

Matthew Martin – great work in English, especially for the Progress Check on Macbeth

Isaac Ellis– great work in English, especially for the Progress Check on Macbeth

Kian Cooper has been working hard in his English lessons. 

Caspar Farrell a great attempt at his Science assessment

Lauren Dunlop for her excellent work and enthusiasm in English.

Poppy Sullivan)- for working hard and demonstrating perseverance in English.

Josh Binns for all his excellent work in RE

Sienna Parkins, Hattie Newton and Hannah Macfarlene for their impressive Cup Song challenge practice

Kiki Braidley – fantastic effort on her Maths assessment

Damian Sparkes – fantastic effort on his Maths assessment

Matthew Martin for his contributions to the form stream and a shout out to Isaac Richardson for his continued hard work in school.

Tommy MacDonald – he’s been working so hard in English and always tried his best and asks questions in every lesson. 

Lowri Spruce– always so well organised and has engaged very maturely and enthusiastically with every form meet and phone call offered so far. 

Ruby Thomson who consistently completes work to a high standard and shows huge enthusiasm for her work.

Ben Perry who has shown great diligence in completing the tasks and showing evidence of his note taking in the lesson.

Library Newsletter from Mrs Murphy
This week we will be trialling a ‘Bag of Books to Borrow’ scheme. If you would like to borrow up to five books, and have them by half term, just follow the steps below.

  • Decide what you would like to read, or think of a couple of authors/genres.
  • Email me your choices smurphy@archbishopholgates.org
  • Please do this by Wednesday lunchtime at the latest.
  • Miss Murphy, Mrs Breare or Miss York will pick a selection of books for you.
  • Your choices will be processed through the library system under your name.
  • Hopefully one of our staff volunteers will deliver a book bag to your door.

Think about the genres we have in the library. Young Adult Read, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Suspense, Dark Romance, Romance, Easy Reads, Apollo Readers, Classics and Poetry.

Also, remember when we talked about how much people love it when you read to them? Why not pick something that your younger sister/brother might like to listen to, and you can read to them. Don’t forget that adults like to be read to too. If there are a couple of you in your family that you can ‘popcorn’ read with, just ask us for two or more of the same books so you can have a copy each.

I’ve just been looking through the most recent book reviews. War Horse has had lots of reviews from Y7, all positive. Not wanting to give anything away, but a lot of you seem to like sad endings! So, as lots of you liked the book enough to recommend it, and we’ve been talking about reading aloud to others, if you open the link below you can hear the first chapter being read. If you would like to read along, just click on the subtitle button and the words will come up as the reader says them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cltH55fRp2s. The book has also been made into a film and a stage play. You can watch the trailer for the stage play by opening the link below. At first glance you can’t believe that the horse is actually a puppet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCcFurXQ60M.

Please send me a review if you have really enjoyed a book, or even if you hated it! You could also tell me if you have read to anyone, and if so what, and to whom? Also, don’t forget to complete a quiz for any books you have read. You can access Accelerated Reader quickly by using the following link https://ukhosted83.renlearn.co.uk/1893564

Finally, just a quick reminder that you can borrow virtual books from York Explore using your library card. To find out how to borrow books and apply for a card, click on https://www.exploreyork.org.uk/

And finally, please remember we are not closed and here for anything you need, please email myself akincell@archbishopholgates.org or our pastoral support worker Miss Greenhalgh lgreenhalgh@archbishopholgates.org

Head of Year updates – Mr Williams and Post 16
General Updates
This has been another good week for Sixth Formers. Attendance in live lessons has been excellent and students have continued to work really hard. We hope that students are also seeing the benefit of the modified independent work expectations and are able to manage their time  effectively. As highlighted last week, we encourage students to reach out to us and let us know if they are struggling. We have been able to put in lots of personal plans and strategies to ensure individuals can continue to progress well, despite the circumstances.

We have received a few requests from students regarding subject changes in Year 12. I feel it is important to explain, at this point, that we do not make any subject changes until after the Year 12 summer exams. This ensure students have the best picture of their ability and where their strengths and weaknesses lie. After these summer exams, we will hold individual progression meetings with all Year 12 students. Here we will discuss their post Sixth Form plans, any specific UCAS or apprenticeship requirements and students intended progression plan for Year 13. These are really important conversations as they allow senior leaders and students to discuss all possible options. Due to the current uncertainty, it is even more important we keep students’ options open. If, on a case by case basis, we need to review this earlier, we will once lockdown has ended.

Student Leaders
Well done to all the student leaders who were interviewed this week. We have more to interview over the next week and the School Captain interviews are scheduled to take place on Wednesday 10th February. There have been loads of really exciting and thoughtful ideas provided; we look forward to seeing the impact these students will have on both the Sixth Form and the wider school community.

Head of Year Awards
Year 12 Head of Year Awards
Gabby Moore: Excellent effort and engagement with home learning, I’m hearing great things form all of your teachers. Well done! Miss Cox
Chloe Harwood: Excellent effort and engagement across the board and it was a pleasure to hear your ideas in your SL interview. Miss Cox 

Year 13 Head of Year Awards
Mia-Mae Deighton – For consistently producing work of a high standard throughout lockdown. Mr Charlton
Tyler Anthony – Fantastic effort and engagement with her home learning, I’m hearing superb things form your teachers. Well done! Mr Charlton

Shout Outs
A huge list of shout outs this week! Well done everybody!

FromToIn For
Mr CharltonAlice Dungey, Jess Merrington, Will HydeBusinessContinued excellent effort and dedication towards their studies
Ms GrayYear 12 PhysicsPhysicsOutstanding work in your Electricity assessment
Ms GrayGabby MooreBiologyWell done to Gabby Moore for being the first to spot the deliberate mistake in the presentation on HIV replication in this week’s Biology lesson. Mr Williams
Mr GoldsmithY12 Sport ClassSportKeep working hard fellas. Well done for everything you have done so far!
Mrs HopkinsonJess MerringtonBusinessWritten work is just excellent, so impressed with your work ethic and focus – well done 🙂
Mr Charlton12C Business (single)BusinessThe whole class continue to work hard in and outside of lessons – keep it up!
Mr BranniganJoe CraineBTEC SportHas progressed though his coursework well and has even moved slightly on ahead of the group. Has produced some excellent work so far. Keep it up.
Mr GoldsmithY13 Sport- whole classSportThe quality of work has been really good recently, please keep this up. Mr G 🙂
Mr Shaw12bMe112bMe1Excellent work on Passive audience theories including Moral Panic
Mr BranniganJosh LoweBTEC SportHas progressed though his coursework well and has even moved slightly on ahead of the group. Has produced some excellent work so far. Keep it up.
Mrs PriceBen GilroyMathsFor being so so speedy and efficient in terms of completing work.
Mrs PriceGabby MooreMathsFor her sheer determination to succeed no matter what.
Mrs PriceKaty WeldMathsFor catching up on all her work so quickly and efficiently.
Mrs EdmondsonEmma WaltonEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on World Englishes. Mrs Edmondson
Mrs PriceMaria OpreaMathsFor an .outstanding integration assessment despite finding it one of the hardest topics
Mrs EdmondsonEvin BlundellEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on World Englishes. Mrs Edmondson
Miss ChambersMyrddin WardmanEnglish LiteratureSome excellent insights into Tess of the D’Urbervilles this week, your interpretations are really developing in their complexity. Keep up the great work!
Mrs EdmondsonMaddy HatchEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on World Englishes. Mrs Edmondson
Mrs EdmondsonCharlie MossEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on World Englishes. Mrs Edmondson
Miss ChambersChloe HarwoodEnglish LiteratureThe quality of your written responses continue to develop and you have submitted some impressive work this half term, well done!
Miss GavinJasmine HuntonHealth and Social CareWorking incredibly hard in Health and Social Care – well done Jas!
Mrs EdmondsonJosh ReynoldsEnglish LanguageThank you for your presentation on World Englishes – loved the Jamaican colour scheme. Mrs Edmondson
Mr EvansTyler AnthonyBiologyGetting her maths right!
Mr SkeltonMr Skelton’s Year 12 PsychologistsPsychologyGreat attitude to learning this week during their end of unit assessment.
Miss GavinAlex HillPoliticsAlex always gives 110% to every task!
Mrs EdmondsonTarik SemicEnglish LanguageThank you for your presentation on Jamaican English – some great slides. Mrs Edmondson
Mr EvansKaty WeldBiologyShowing such resilience!
Mrs EdmondsonTom SmithEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on Jamaican English. Mrs Edmondson
Miss GavinHannah Townsend PoliticsIs working so hard in politics, submitting excellent work and contributing brilliantly to class discussions! Well done Hannah.
Mrs EdmondsonMillie StevensEnglish LanguageThank you for your presentation on Indian English – really informative. Mrs Edmondson
Mrs EdmondsonChloe RowanEnglish LanguageThank you for your superb presentation on World Englishes. Mrs Edmondson
Miss GavinElla DoylePoliticsElla is improving her understanding each week and is not afraid to debate the big topics in class. Well done!
Mr LeverAbbie KilvingtonFormAlways brilliant; always happy; always on time. Well done!! Lv
Mrs PriceEllie WillcoxMathsFor constantly submitting superb homework with excellent annotations.
Mrs BeardMia Mae DeightonSportFor consistently producing work of a high standard throughout lockdown.
Mrs Beard
Mrs BeardHannah SmithSportFor working really hard to improve her work and willingly taking on board advice.
Mrs Beard
Miss KitneyAbbie HarwoodTravel and TourismExcellent presentation skills in travel and tourism, well done.
Miss HarperLivi WigginsREConsistent hard work in RE throughout January and a fantastic essay this week – well done, Miss Harper
Miss HarperChloe HarwoodREAlways working incredibly hard in RE and produced a fantastic essay this week. Well done, Miss Harper
Miss HarperJoshua ReynoldsREAlways working hard in RE and responding to teacher advice – a great essay this week, well done! Miss Harper
Mr AppleyardCamron CarterComputer ScienceBrilliant work in live lessons and SQL
Mr SkeltonYear 13 Applied LawApplied LawFantastic work and commitment shown towards their ‘Liability for Psychiatric Injury and Economic Loss’ assignment.
Mrs MorrisonKatie Fearnley, Mari Nixon, Faith Battersby, Josh CarrMusicWell done to the year 13 music students for all your continued hard work!
Mrs KitneyHolly TaylorChild DevelopmentFor working really hard on her 8 mark question
Mrs KitneySkye PhilpottChild DevelopmentFor doing awesome on the time to climb quiz!

National Apprenticeship Week
February 8th to 14th is National Apprenticeship week. Please see the  fantastic opportunities highlighted by the careers department. For more information on Apprenticeships and NAW please follow the link below for the ‘Amazing Apprenticeships’ Parent’s and Carers’ pack.

Monday 8th Feb
A range of fantastic pre-recorded Presentations from NYBEP;

What is an Apprenticeship? –information session that provides an overview of what an apprenticeship is, the levels available and some hints and tips on where to look for one.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships – information session

Apprenticeship session for Parents – information session aimed at parent who would like to find out more about Apprenticeships.

Tuesday 9th Feb
Nestle Discovery Day 5pm

During this 90 minute event, your child will hear first-hand from existing apprentices about their experience. Hints and tips on how to perform well during any recruitment process and signpost students to current apprenticeship opportunities with Nestlé UK.

Nestlé are also offering a free mentorship programme to delegates who attend the discovery day and who are interested in pursuing an application for an Apprenticeship with Nestlé . To register for the event please click the following link: https://nestleapprenticeships.eventbrite.co.uk

12:00-16:00 UCAS Discover Apprenticeship Exhibition

A live exhibition giving learners the opportunity to meet and speak to big brand employers and apprenticeship providers. Register in advance via the link: https://www.ucas.com/events/discover-apprenticeships-exhibition-387746  

11:10 – The Big Assembly

During the live broadcast, the panel will discuss all things apprenticeships, traineeships and a range of career opportunities. Students can join the event live to ask questions to the panel. Register for The Big Assembly via the link: https://www.bigassembly.org/

12:00-14:00 Ask An Employer Q&A Session Employers will be joining NYBEP on Twitter @NYBEP as part of the national campaign. Young people, parents and carers can get involved by asking questions through the #AskAnEmployer tag. 

Wednesday 10th February
11:00-18:00 National Apprenticeship Show  Click here to register – www.nas.vfairs.com

With over 40 organisations exhibiting offering thousands of Apprenticeships the event offers the chance to speak via voice/text chat with employers/providers as well as view online video and written content that can be downloaded for future reference.

There will be Employer led workshops that will take place throughout the event (these are pre-recorded sessions with live Q&A following each session).

12:00-14:00 Ask An Apprentice Q&A Session

Apprentices will be joining NYBEP on Twitter @NYBEP as part of the national campaign. Young people, parents and carers can get involved by asking questions through the #AskAnEmployer tag.

17:00-18:00 Facebook Live Q&A Session – @City of York Council page.

Thursday 11th February
16:00-17:00 NAW21 Parents and Carers Apprenticeship Free session

This session is open to parents and carers who wish to find out more about apprenticeships and explore what support is available to your young person who is considering this pathway.  There will also be opportunity to ask any questions.

Register in advance for this meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYtceqsrzoqGNIkB2c_7zBYxZpdrGGQAHpG  

Derwent Training Open Evening from 5pm

Derwent Training will be holding an Open Event. The evening will give students the opportunity to learn more about Derwent Training, and the Engineering Apprenticeships they offer. They will also get to hear from current and former apprentices, as well as having a tour of our specialist engineering training facilities. You will need to register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/virtual-apprenticeship-open-evening-tickets-138436131195 . On the day of the Open Event Derwent Training will then send you a link to your email address so that you can access the Open Event.

Aviva Mentoring Circle and apprenticeship opportunity
Aviva are one of the biggest employers in York. This session will help to build your confidence and help prepare you for employability. Aviva are currently recruiting for Higher Apprenticeships in Technology and will have a current Apprentice at the session to talk about their experience and answer any questions. The session will be invaluable for anyone interested in these Apprenticeship opportunities. However, the session will also contain lots of advice for anyone looking for a job role, apprenticeship or graduate scheme with any employer.

Stress and Wellbeing Webinar
We are providing parents and students with access to “Elevate’s Stress and Wellbeing webinar” next Tuesday. They will focus on the following:

  • The surprising symptoms of stress and how to identify them,
  • How parents can support and stabilise their children through tougher periods,
  • Strategies to manage exam and study-related stress,
  • How establish and maintain a routine that protects wellbeing in lockdown.

The webinar is on Tuesday 9th February 6-7pm and registration is completely free for to all parents in the Sixth Form. The registration link is: https://get.elevatecoaching.info/uk/register

KS5 Recommended Reads
This week saw the death of Captain Sir Tom Moor, a British Army Officer and businessman known for raising money for charity in the run up to his 100th birthday during the Covid 19 pandemic. Here you can read an article from the Independent about his outstanding efforts: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/captain-tom-moore-piers-morgan-life-stories-b434698.html

The interview he gave on Piers Morgan’s life stories is available on the ITV hub and is well worth a watch!

Weekly wellbeing focus
The aim of this exercise is to help students to think about and write down your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for your future career. Once students have completed the SWOT analysis, they are likely to have a list of actions they could take. They can consider building on their strengths, strengthening their weaker areas, lessening any threats, and exploring every opportunity.

Weekly Science update from Miss Gray
Erin Childs, Beth Ravilious and Saranyo Mazumdar in 8c1 have been working consistently well in Science.  Dr Osman
In Y10 Ellie Gordon, Isabel Collinson and Bianca Sirbu have just achieved Grade 8 in one of the hardest units in GCSE Chemistry.  Dr Osman
Amalie Hind-Davies in Y11 continues to produce some great work, with a can-do attitude in Physics.  Dr Osman
In Y12 Chemistry, Holly Allison, Oliver Pugh, Elin Alias and Caitlin Harrison have impressed Dr Osman by proactively taking on some extra study.
Hanah Birkenshaw, Isaac Ellis, Faith and Olivia Lister have shown tremendous effort in lessons and provide outstanding work. – Miss Viner
Livvy Peel and Elliot Lucqin in 10a1 have shown great enthusiasm and consistently provide great answers in their lessons- Miss Viner
– Amazing work by 9d1 Science, with perfect attendance nearly every lesson, engaging throughout and everyone handing in exceptional work even with some technical difficulties from my side. – Mr Dervenkar
Gabby Moore, Lucy Weld and Sean Bazira, Shalom Ogbemudia, Emily Dilger, Fin Tait, Jay Richards and Callum Childs for a tremendous start on their presentations in Year 12 Biology. Such a privilege to see how you are ALL collaborating so brilliantly and making such rapid progress whilst embracing new ways of working. Breakout rooms next! Mr Williams
Year 10c1 Triple Science group. There are too many individuals to name here. I’d like to thank you all for the positive approach you have taken in working with the new trainee Miss Viner in our class! You are a credit to the school values. Mr Williams
Year 10d1 Triple Science group. On days when I am feeling a bit fed up with yet another day teaching in front of a computer rather than a class, knowing that I will spend an hour with some really motivated and hard-working students keeps me going so thank you for being a brilliant class and continuing to work so hard. Mr Williams
Year 11b3 Combined Science group. On days when I am feeling a bit fed up with yet another day teaching in front of a computer rather than a class, knowing that I will spend an hour with you keeps me going. I really appreciate the many kind comments that I got from you at parents evening this week. Thank you! Mr Williams
Year 11 Triple Science group. You are all absolutely brilliant. The sight of Billy Hearld stroking his cat like a bond villain really made me smile this week. Thank you for all the kind comments I received from you and your parents at our meetings this week it has really helped to keep me going! Keep up the great work. Mr Williams
Well done to Ruby Holland for extra effort in lessons this week and to all of my lovely Year 9 Science group who are doing their best in challenging circumstances and especially when my computer froze on Tuesday morning leaving everyone wondering where I had gone in the Google Meet. Mr William’s
Thanks to Jamie Wright for continually trying his best despite being in school every day. I appreciate his regular messages. Mr Williams
Lewis Dawson Year 10 – always polite, friendly and will always get stuck in. Well done Lewis! Mr Evans
10a/Sc2 – working well on G Classrooms and working very hard too! Mr Handley and Mr Evans are greatly encouraged!
My Year 10 Triple Class – Always working really hard and supe-engaged.  Well done – Mr Lever
Year 9 Science – Persevering with some tricky Physics stuff on half-life and radiation.  Well done to all.  Mr Lever

Collective Worship
Over the next 6 weeks our Collective Worship is based on material from the Archbishop of York Youth Trust. Called Pilgrim Pathways it will take pupils on a pilgrimage journey through Lent, looking at items that are important on a walking pilgrimage. Each item symbolises ideas that can help them when facing challenges in their personal life journey. The first item is a lamp.

Monday – “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” – The Bible, 1 John 1:5