The Guardian has launched a new schools guide to help parents find key information and data about secondary schools.

Schools are judged on 10 indicators, including academic progress and attainment, attendance, performance of particular groups, admissions, financial stability and the quality of the local environment. The guide uses the latest Department for Education data to create scores for each secondary school.

We are pleased to report that Archbishop Holgate’s achieved excellent scores for student progress, attainment, sixth form performance and progress of disadvantaged students.


Progress: Excellent. Progress up to the ages of 16 and 18 are both excellent.


Attainment: Excellent. Attainment at the ages of 16 and 18 are both excellent.


Sixth form: Excellent. Attainment is excellent, progress is excellent and destinations at 18 are above average.


Disadvantaged pupils: Excellent. Progress up to age 16 is excellent. Progress at 16-18 is excellent.

With no published league tables last year due to the cancellation of GCSE and A Level exams, the schools guide captures a range of factors to more broadly reflect a school’s success and performance.

Click the following link to see the school guides page for Archbishop Holgate’s: