Before we give families some final reminders about the return to school tomorrow I would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on what we have collectively achieved to this point. At Archbishop’s we tend to quietly go about our business but at this point I do want to take this opportunity to thank my staff for their efforts over the last year and more specifically for the high quality online provision, in school support and pastoral care during the latest lockdown, I’m really proud of their efforts which have in turn helped young people continue to access and be engaged in their learning.

As we welcome students back after what I hope will be the last interruption to their learning I can honestly say that each time we have been presented with a new challenge we have responded to this in as timely and full manner as we could possibly. This is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that on each occasion students at Archbishop’s (and indeed across the ten Pathfinder schools) have returned to school at the earliest possible time, a result of our collective efforts to make sure all government guidance and measures of control were quickly put in place.

This was illustrated again last week with the fantastic community effort in terms of the mass testing of students. I am extremely grateful for those parents, governors (both at AHS and local primary schools), members of the community and members of staff who gave freely of their time to make this possible. This in turn was supported by our students whose conduct during this process has been exemplary. As a result we have been able to provide two tests to all students who gave consent (the second test confirming the outcome of the first) and am able to inform families that in total 2813 tests were carried out with not one positive result. This means that well over 80% of our students were tested on site which is excellent news. This is before we add in those families who chose to be tested at one of the city sites. I hope this along with all the other measures we have in place will give families additional confidence for the return to school. A reminder that the third test will take place for those that want it after school (either at AHS or one of the city sites) to avoid disruption to learning and routine.

I am extremely excited (as are the rest of the staff) about welcoming students back on Monday and can assure families that we will work tirelessly to ensure that the rest of this academic year is as successful as possible.

Return to school
Last week we sent information in what we hope were manageable amounts each day about different parts of the return to school plan. Below is a brief summary of some of the things you might want a reminder of for tomorrow:

Practicalities for Monday morning
Staff – First and foremost staff will be highly visible, ready to welcome students back into school. This will start with me and Mrs Robinson at the Black Bull Gate, Mr Furniss at the main entrance, Miss Kincell at the top of the drive and Mr Williams outside the Sixth Form building. In addition all Heads of Year will be outside the relevant entrances to welcome their year group back and then all form tutors will be in their rooms for the beginning of ‘drift in’ at 8.30am.

School buses – These will be running as normal from Monday.

The school day – The school day has been tweaked (please find attached), to make all lessons 1 hour long.  Please do note the change in the end to the school day and the longer lunchtimes.

The School Day V3

Start of the school day – Please can all students arrive between 8.30 and 8.45.  They need to do as they were prior to lock down, i.e. go to their social areas handwashing station, wash their hands and go direct to their form rooms (same as pre-lockdown).  Students will be late and receive an afterschool detention if they are not in their form rooms by 8.45.

Lessons and equipment – Please can students bring the correct equipment and books for all lessons as their timetable they were following pre-lockdown.  This includes a suitable reading book.  If they have PE, they will need their kit (this will be outdoors).

Lunchtimes – Please can you ensure you have ‘topped up’ your child’s Parent Pay account, in order to pay for food/drink at break and lunch times.

Uniform – Students must arrive in full school uniform.  Any issues please do contact the school. Remember this must include a face covering.

Minimising the risks
We have done everything we can to minimise the risks.  Below is a summary of the actions all members of the school community are being asked to follow:

  • If you have symptoms self-isolate.  Do not attend the school.
  • Wear face coverings in schools.
  • Clean hands thoroughly and more often than usual.
  • Ensure good respiratory hygiene by following the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.
  • Keep to your bubbles.

It is essential every member of the school community follows the governments guidance outside of school at all times.

These are summarised in the schools ‘Code of Responsibility’, which is attached and the students will receive an extended form time on Monday to ensure they fully understand exactly what they need to do to keep everyone safe.

COVID-19 Code of responsibility posterV2

Letter from Public Health
Please find attached a letter from the Local Authority and Public Health regarding the return of children and young people across the city to school/college on Monday 8th March.

Letter to parents back to school with covid19 advice – March 21. pdf

Extra-curricular PE
As families are aware one of the best things about our school is the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities on offer. Indeed in the period up to Christmas we were able to continue some of these when many other schools were not. We are very keen to get our extra-curricular offer up and running as soon as students return, this is an absolutely essential part of helping students ‘catch up’ and a key part of enjoying the return to school. Today we have attached the extra-curricular PE timetable but throughout the week Mr Arthur will keep us updated in terms of all the other opportunities on offer.

the extra curric prog new.pdf

Pathfinder Newsletter
This week’s newsletter is on the MAT website here:

Head of Year updates – Miss Kincell and Year 7
We are just absolutely delighted to begin this week with you all back in school. Please know, we know this may cause some anxiety in both children and parents but we are here to help you with whatever you need. We have taken every precaution necessary to ensure students have a safe and happy transition back into school, in their visit, Public Health England confirmed we have outstanding and model procedures in place. Just so you are aware- every single test from students has been negative so far, and not a single positive from any staff or students who have been in school since Christmas- showing that our procedures are working well. We know that for each of you, your return to school will bring up all sorts of different feelings from excited to nervous. Please tell us how you are feeling and let us know if you need additional support. We are ALWAYS here, please email myself or Miss Greenhalgh our pastoral support worker or your child’s form tutor.

Some Important changes to note until Easter:

  • Homework- there will be no homework set.
  • Clubs – Clubs are allowed to run at lunch and after school- however they may differ to before Christmas.
  • Masks are compulsory and to be worn at all times. Students may choose to remove them: in their outdoor social areas at break/lunch, when they are sat in hall eating/drinking during PE. If your child has a medical exemption which means they are exempt please contact us to confirm this and they will receive a lanyard. Students not wearing their mask will receive an ‘M’ code, 3 codes will result in a detention.
  • Students should not start to enter their building until 8.30, if they arrive before this they can go to breakfast club.
  • The Year 7 library will be open EVERY break and lunch, and we are so excited for it!

Special Mentions
Thomas Bate – super, passionate views on our opinion writing this week!
7BL: Really impressive level of participation and effort from the whole of my class in our live lesson this week.
Tamara Alahendrage and Jacob Fletcher: A huge well done for an outstanding electromagnetism assessment.
Caspar Farrell, Jessica Macdonald, Shannon Smith and Tayla Langham for their amazing effort in Science.
7Cy – It was fabulous to see you all in a live lesson and we want to say thank you for working so hard during lockdown. THANK YOU! Miss Gray and Dr Osman
Amy Luck: For lots of hard work and engagement over the lockdown period!
Lily Subritsky and Flic Munzer for excellent English work
Kira Precious: Kira produced an excellent video recording her investigation into the formation of different bubbles.
Phoebe Riley-Ennis: Phoebe produced a video showing her practical investigation of the effect of salt on the freezing point of water.
Yasmina Boudjema, Toby Leach and Charlie McGovern for attending every form meet promptly and always contributing well.
Neve Wilson: For guts, determination and never giving up with her maths work
Tilly Platten: For being incredibly inventive and creative in her art lesson submission this week and going over and above expectations. Wonderful work Tilly.
Loic Clegg – Thank you for your enthusiastic contributions to the 7MR class stream.
Callum Miller  – for always trying your best and engaging with every English lesson. Well done! Mrs Holmes
Lowri Spruce – for being so enthusiastic and conscientious in English lessons. Well done! Mrs Holmes

Head of Year Awards
Lucy Johnson – Well done for consistently living the school values, working hard and being an all-round model student during your time in school.
Isaac Ellis– Well done for your consistently lovely attitude for the whole time you have been in school. And well done for your outstanding work on your Mars project- seriously impressive, keep it up! 

In School Students of the Week:
BS1 – Destiny Smith 7CMp.   For living the school values, working well independently and completing all school work.
BS2 – Charlie Hallam 7Gr.      For always living the school values, completing his work to the best of his ability whilst displaying excellent behaviour and for showing such                         creativity with his brilliant World Book Day costume.
App1 – Karla Horrocks 7WNo.  For getting on with her work independently, working well and for being polite.

Top Mathematicians
Most number of tasks attempted : Annie Wedgewood (8)
Most number of questions answered correctly : Annie Wedgewood (91)
Highest total hours of learning (inc. watching videos, attempting and reattempting tasks): Annie Wedgewood (5.4) 

Library Newsletter:
A massive thank you to all those who took part in our World Book Day Activities. Especially those who made the effort to dress up. We had everyone from Fabulous Foxes and Gangster Grannies, to Hermione Granger and Willy Wonka himself, please check out our twitter to see lots more!

 Over 100 books were hidden around school wrapped in bright yellow paper. Those lucky enough to find one could take it home to keep. Congratulations to those of you who found one.

 Everyone who took part in the competitions won a small prize of a sweet, but one or two in each class found a Golden Ticket. The tickets were exchanged for Roald Dahl books. Thank you to everyone for being so enthusiastic about World Book Day, we weren’t sure how successful it would be in these strange times, but we had a lovely day. We will have more activities when you all come back to school. I’ll let you know when the library is up and running. I also have lots of £1 book tokens to give out. We are looking forward to reading some of the competition entries. You can still hand them to me in the library, ask your form tutor to give me it, or email me your entry


This week we have chosen Seven ghosts by Chris Priestly (Genre Horror. Colour Purple. Level 4.5. Quiz Number 237347) as Y7 recommended read. Jake enters a story competition and as a result is invited to look round a large stately home. They are told the stories of seven ghosts which is spooky enough without their tour guide acting very strangely. We thought as lots of you are entering competitions this week it would be a good one to choose. You can read the first chapter by clicking on the link below. There are several copies available in the library.

 We are still in lent, and thinking about doing something nice, offering a random act of kindness every day. This will be all the more poignant as we return to school and are all looking out for each other.

 Just as always to remind you the following links: You can still sign up to a free ten minute read by clicking on the link below. All the books are classics, but seem less daunting in ten-minute chunks. Why not sign up and plan to read to someone for ten minutes each day. Use this as your random act of kindness during lent.

Please send us a review if you have really enjoyed a book, or even if you hated it! You could also tell me if you have read to anyone, and if so what, and to whom? Also, don’t forget to complete a quiz for any books you have read. You can access Accelerated Reader quickly by using the following link

Finally, just a quick reminder that you can borrow virtual books from York Explore using your library card. To find out how to borrow books and apply for a card, click on

Sixth Form Updates
We are delighted that, after 8 long weeks of online learning, we will be welcoming all of Year 12 and 13 back into the Sixth Form on Monday. This has been a very challenging time for everybody and the Sixth Form have embraced the challenges of google classrooms; technical issues and extensive screen time admirably. After seeing lots of Sixth Formers when they came into school for their tests, I know they are keen to get back to a sense of normality. The bulletin this week aims to outline some of the priorities for the Sixth Form in the coming weeks.

If you have any concerns over the next week as students return, please do get in touch.  Mr Williams

Year 13 Updates, including teacher assessed grades
Thank you for your patience over the last week as we have finalised our plan for teacher assessed grades.  As you will appreciate, it is important to have everything in place before we outline to students exactly what is expected of them, Ofqual guidance for Heads of Centre was released on Monday, meaning we are in a position to give an interim update before we return to school:

We will be completing assessments in Year 13 and Year 11 in May to provide a final opportunity for students to demonstrate progress towards their final grade. This will provide a further piece of evidence for teachers awarding the final grade; these are not terminal assessments.  These are one piece of evidence that will help inform teachers and contribute to students’ final grades.  It is therefore expected that both Year 11 and Year 13 students will return to school full time and be working hard to prepare for these assessment.

Year 13 Students

  • Teachers will award grades taking into consideration a range of sources. These will include:
    • Year 12 and 13 interim data
    • Year 13 winter mocks
    • Any NEA/coursework
    • Outcomes from the Year 13 May assessment week
  • BTEC students may have slightly different arrangements due to the variations in course structures and requirements. We are still awaiting final confirmation from Pearson but these will also be teacher assessed grades.
  • Year 13s will sit one paper in each of their subjects. Each paper will be 90 minutes long and will assess topics identified as a priority by the Head of Department. The details of topic areas will be shared with parents and students on Monday 15th March.
  • Students will only be assessed on topic areas they have been taught.
  • The Year 13 assessment week will take place from Friday 30th April until Friday 7th May, inclusive.

What happens next?
We will be writing to Year 11 and Year 13 parents on Monday 15th March with a detailed timeline and plan. This letter will outline:

  • The specific topics and areas to be examined in the May assessments for each subject area
  • Details of stand-down arrangements
  • An overview of our QA process and the evidence sources we will use to award the final grade

Teaching from March 8th until the assessment period, including any homework, Easter homework and revision tasks, will help prepare students for these final assessments.

The Return to school
Form time
We will have an extended form time on Monday 8th March. Students should arrive between 8:30-8:45 as usual. Form tutors will be available to welcome them in their normal form rooms. We will then have an extended form time until 9:30 where we will outline the plan until Easter and any changes made following government guidelines. After this, we will be back to normal lessons and the usual business of a Sixth Form day. We are really excited about this!

Please note, we intend to make some changes to Year 12 forms due to the capacity to have an extra form tutor in Year 12. This is a helpful opportunity as it will mean students can access further support These will start from after Easter. Therefore, students should just go to their normal form room on Monday.

Thank you for your support with the in-school testing this week. It was excellent to be able to welcome Year 12 and 13 back into school twice last week.

Returning to normality within the Sixth Form
You will have read the whole school guidance for returning to school and what students must do to ensure both themselves and others stay safe. I wanted to highlight a few specific which are particularly important within the Sixth Form:

New one way system: There is a new one way system in the Sixth Form block. This will take some getting used for students and staff. We now need to only ever enter the building by the front doors and always leave out of the back doors. The front stairs are only for going up and the back stairs are only for going down. We will go through this on the first day back but it important we all make an effort to do this properly.

Masks: It is vital that all students are wearing masks whilst inside the building. We have communicated with a very small number of families who have provided sufficient medical evidence for exemption. We appreciate that this is an uncomfortable experience and hope this will be for the shortest amount of time possible. If students forget a mask, they will be issued with a new one and given an after school detention. It is students responsibility to ensure they have a mask with them.

Social Spaces: The Sixth Form café, library and common room (Year 11) will continue to be available for students during break and lunchtimes. It is important that students do not remove the furniture as this has been arranged to be forward facing. Students can take their masks off whilst they eat but must replace them again immediately. We have identified several spaces outside for students to use and we would encourage all students, wherever possible, to be outside during break and lunchtime. They are not expected to wear masks outside but should observe social distancing as normal.

Handwashing and sanitising: Sixth Form students are reminded to wash their hands each time they enter the building, use the toilet or before they eat. They should also hand sanitise before entering a new room.

If you borrowed a Chromebook during lockdown, please ensure this is returned on Monday 8th March to Mrs Walton. These will need to be reassigned either to different students or will be used in lessons. Therefore, it is important all Chromebooks are returned. Thank you for your support with this.

Year 12 Updates
We are really looking forward to getting the sixth form students back into school and lessons. If any students feel like they need any extra support, please remind them that we are here for them. We have set aside time in the first week to work with students who found lockdown challenging and have an open door policy where we will happily chat through and problems and be proactive in our support. 

The Career Ready students had a really positive workshop with their mentors on Wednesday and are keen to go. 

Gabby and Oliver (Student Captains) have collaborated and have some excellent ideas for the first Student leader meeting on Tuesday.  The Student leader team will then vote for their team leaders. 

It’s now coming to the time where we will start to launch the UCAS, this starts with liaising with students interested in the Competitive Entries (Oxbridge, medicine, veterinary, dentistry and the specialist Music Colleges). Students interested need to respond to the question on the y12 Google Classroom, I’ve also shared a link with more information on the Oxbridge application process. These students should look into the Sutton Trust summer school opportunity.

Please discuss future plans with your child. 

As always, there’s lots of Career and virtual opportunities posted on here too. The Police Cadets are now recruiting. 

Head of Year Awards
Year 12
Oliver Pugh (12HGa)  and Gabby Moore (12HGa) – for being really proactive in their new role as School Captains.

Year 13
Ella Hatfield (13Sl – Ella has consistently worked, for all subjects, to an exceptionally high standard perhaps most in Applied Law. Her attitude continues to be  first class. Well done Ella – Mr Charlton

Maia Leites (13Da) – For making brilliant and positive contributions to live lessons. Well done for continuing to work efficiently throughout the lockdown period, particularly in French! – Mr Charlton

Shout Outs

Charlie Moss and Millie Stevens12English LanguageAmazing work on writing and then improving your language change essays! Well done 🙂
Ella Walker 13ChemistryElla continues to work consistently in Y13 Chemistry. She makes sure every subject is understood thoroughly before we move on.
Caitlin Harrison12ChemistryCaitlin has impressed me enormously in Year 12 Chemistry. She is tenacious!
Yr13 Biologists13BiologyY13 Biologists have shown excellent focus, determination and understanding throughout home learning and performed brilliantly in their genetics assessment.
Alice Dungey12BusinessFantastic approach to working during Lockdown – mature, professional and totally focused
Jess Merrington12BusinessExcellent work ethic throughout Year 12 – exemplary work and brilliant approach to education
Mari Nixon13Psychology Excellent effort in psychology – solid performance on teh Kahoot review 🙂
Oliwier Kadela 12Psychology Excellent effort with psychology course work
Eldo, Alix, Lucy, Joe, Alice, Adam & Peter12HOYExcellent effort and engagement with the Career Ready workshop. Also Students beating the mentors in the quiz!
Hannah Kelley12GeographyHannah is on fire with her coasts revision at the moment, she is a true physical geographer. Well done Hannah!
Anna-Shelene Rong-Kellner13MathsAnna-as Helen has worked incredibly hard this term and had completed every task set during lockdown – very well done.
Marta Garofalo12GermanContinued high effort and increasing complexity in her work plus a real love for the subject
Charlie 12Applied PsychologyWell done on your assignment work!
Brooke12Sociology and Applied PsychologyYou are doing REALLY well in both subjects putting in a lot of effort and making big progress.
Brent12Applied PsychologyWell done submitting your assignment work early!
George12Applied PsychologyWell done submitting your assignment work early!
Harvey12Applied PsychologyWell done submitting your assignment work early!
Jack12Applied PsychologyWell done submitting your assignment work early!
Oliwier Kadela12Applied PsychologyWell done submitting your assignment work early!
Lucy Austin12EngineeringFor just being fantastic during lockdown and making the most of this situation. Well done!
Eldho Alias12EngineeringFor just being fantastic during lockdown and making the most of this situation. Well done!
Harvey Clifford12EngineeringFor just being fantastic during lockdown and going above and beyond to make the most of this situation. Well done!
Idris Hadrami12EngineeringFor just being fantastic during lockdown and going above and beyond to make the most of this situation. Well done!
Brent Mellows12EngineeringFor just being fantastic during lockdown and going above and beyond to make the most of this situation. Well done!
Ben Williamson13EngineeringFor doing good work during lockdown, but also, for saying ‘hello’ at the start of every lesson over the past few months almost without fail. Thank you.
Katie Fearnley13FrenchConsistent high standard of work throughout the remote lessons. Well done for displaying such resilience and positive attitude, Katie!
M Leites13FrenchWell done, M, for continuing to work efficiently throughout the lockdown period. You have made brilliant and positive contributions to our live lessons.
Ben Gilroy12MathsWell done for all your efforts during lockdown. You have routinely been the first one to complete all work to a fantastic standard each week
Yr13 Maths 13MathsThank you for working so hard throughout lockdown and for generally being a fantastic group of people. It’s been great teaching you!
Lucy Austin, Oliver Pugh12MathsYou are such hard working students! So very organised. Keep it up.
Ariadne Wright12ArtAriadne has developed some fantastic personal responses to her latest artist experiments. They show a mature approach to ideas and a really exciting beginning. Well done Ari.
Billie Jo Ward12WorkskillsWell done Billie for working brilliantly in school and being so focused on your home learning tasks. Super proud of all the additional reading you have been doing, it is really making a difference!
Dylan Bloomfield13WorkskillsYou never cease to amaze me Dylan with the positivity and support you give to your peers. You are an asset to the Workskills course.

Wellbeing – Mindful Monday

 Collective Worship
As we continue through the Christian season of Lent we continue with our Pilgrim Pathways theme in Form Tutor Collective Worship. We have thought about the metaphors of a Lamp, a Map and a First Aid Kit. Many people who go on a walking pilgrimage take a walking stick to help them stay stable. A walking stick can also be a symbol of all the wise people who have gone before us, who inspire us and help us continue on our journey. Our daily quotes are about Supporting others.

Monday – “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa: 20th C. Roman Catholic nun and missionary to India