I am pleased to say that students have made a successful return to school. Over the past two days I have had the opportunity to visit each classroom and have been really impressed with the way our young people have settled back into routines and how they are meeting the high expectations we have of them. Of course if families need any support please do not hesitate to contact school.

I have attached for information the welcome back letter that has been sent to all families across the ten Pathfinder schools.

Welcome Back – Letter to Parents

Wednesday concludes the final day of in school Covid-10 lateral flow testing before we move to students testing at home. On Thursday and Friday this week all students who have attended the school testing site will be issued with a home test kit. This kit has 7 tests to allow students to test twice a week 3- 5 days apart. Your child should be confident in carrying out the test themselves after being supported by trained staff in school over the past week. Instructions on how to register tests and record results with NHS Test and Trace will be included with the test kit.

If your child has attended a test site at another location please do contact us at reception@archbishopholgates.org so we can ensure your child receives a test kit.

Most importantly once your child starts to test please notify school immediately of a positive test result so we can advise you on the next steps – your child must not attend school if the test is positive. Siblings and members of your bubble/support bubble must also self-isolate. Please refer to guidance which can be found here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/self-isolation-and-treatment/how-long-to-self-isolate/

If your child has any problems carrying out the test at home please contact school so we can support your child with assisted testing in school

Year 9 Guidance work for isolating students
Due to the sensitive nature of our Guidance topics students who are isolating can instead access the excellent Citizenship resources on Oak Academy. The topic students can complete is ‘What are the strengths and weaknesses of the legal system?’. All students need to do is click the link https://classroom.thenational.academy/lessons/how-are-laws-made-6hh30c  and it will take them to the first lesson ‘How are laws made.’ There are videos to watch and then quizzes to follow. If there are questions then please email khollinger@archbisohpholgaes.org .

Head of Year update – Mr Avery and Year 9
It has been wonderful this week to see the students back in school. The atmosphere at school has been really positive, with many students eager to get back to the classroom and a sense of normality. I am really pleased to see them all looking so well, and their time away from school does not seem to have dampened spirits too much. Thankfully for all, the time has come where we can all return to school. It is important that every child feels happy and supported with their return to school. If you have any concerns, please do get in touch on the contact information at the bottom of this bulletin.

Our focus now turns to the return to school. As I outlined in last week’s bulletin, here are some key points, some specific to Year 9, to consider with regards to the return to school…

  • The school will remain in bubbles for the time being – students will still wash their hands in the Year 8 social area first thing each morning, and follow the one-way system to their form rooms from 8:30am
  • Students MUST ensure they have a facemask when they arrive at school, and wear it for the entire duration that they are in the building. Students can only take their facemasks off when they are sat eating their food at lunch and break, or when they are outside on the school field. It is imperative that students follow these rules – students without a mask will be challenged and given an M code in their planner. Three M codes in a week will result in a Head of Year detention after school the following day
  • If your child in Year 9 has a medical reason that means they cannot wear a facemask, please provide school with medical evidence and they will be given a lanyard as a sign of their medical exception. If students do not have a lanyard, they will need to ensure they are wearing a face mask
  • Students must ensure they are in correct uniform on their return to school from today (8th March), and they will be challenged on this if not. Uniform can be purchased online or in supermarkets, and Keal Teamwear in York is open from 10am-1pm as of last week  for school ties and jumpers. If there is any problems regarding this, please do get in touch as soon as possible and we will see if and how we can support.

Year 9’s stage of the AHS Journey relates to ‘Understanding Ourselves and Others’, and we are hoping that Year 9 will reflect on the time they have had away from school, and return with a positive outlook on the future. As part of their return to school, we really want to focus on the wellbeing of the students, and encourage the students to speak to either myself or Miss Clark with any worries or concerns they may have. This week’s act of collective worship was based on positivity, and reflecting on the achievements of the year group so far this year. But also we took time to consider the appropriate mind set of a year 9 students, and the difference between a fixed mind set and a growth mind set. This is something we will return to as we enter the final stage of Year 9.

With the government’s latest announcement last week, I’m excited to announce that extra-curricular opportunities will be made available to students in school. I would encourage students in Year 9 to take these opportunities on offer to immerse themselves in what AHS has to offer – something that the disruptions from COVID have limited for Year 9 to date. It is brilliant to bring back a programme that is closer to the normal AHS Extra-curriculum offer.

Well done to this week’s Head of Year Award winners…

Josh Smith9SMrFor being so positive and hardworking while school has been closed. Well Done! Mr Avery
Logan Lister9WbFor being so positive and hardworking while school has been closed. Well Done! Mr Avery

 A £5 Amazon gift card is waiting for you in school!

Finally, here is some teacher recognition for all the hard working students in Year 9:

– Please could you give a shout out to the following pupils who have really impressed during lockdown maths lessons.
Mazen Abdel Razek
Phoebe Clark
Michaela Lynch
Marcie Pickering
Lila Yengle Duncanson
Joseph Yoward (Mrs Price)
– Thank you to my 9c4 science group for working so hard as always, particularly Aiden Allan, Hannah Commins, Rosie Davies, Lyla Hodgson, Fin O’Driscol, Emily-Sue Toye and Ruben Wood! – Thank you – Miss Gray
Another thank you to my 9a3 science group for showing great resilience learning a difficult topic online! A particular mention for Blair Bailey, Jamie Bulmer, Jorja Geesing, Alisha Langhorn and Cameron Scott! – Thank you – Miss Gray
9d4 Science – All working very hard on Google Classrooms!  Well done, Mr Evans
– Joshua Botha, Thomas Ellis, Lottie Hardy, Lenda Moharrk, Elliot McNulty, Freya Rowley, Cassie Staines, Lily Storey, Kelsy Wheatland and Leland Taylor Have all worked really hard!
– Y9- Thank you for your hard work and regular contributions to live science lessons: Betsey Greenway, Zoe Cardy, Robyn Strangeways. Miss Day

If you have any issues regarding your child in Year 9 that you wish for me to be aware of, please do get in contact with me at navery@archbishopholgates.org, or Miss Clark (Pastoral Support Worker for Year 8) at sclark@archbishopholgates.org.

Wellbeing – Wonderful Wednesday

Collective Worship
As we continue through the Christian season of Lent we continue with our Pilgrim Pathways theme in Form Tutor Collective Worship. We have thought about the metaphors of a Lamp, a Map and a First Aid Kit. Many people who go on a walking pilgrimage take a walking stick to help them stay stable. A walking stick can also be a symbol of all the wise people who have gone before us, who inspire us and help us continue on our journey. Our daily quotes are about Supporting others.

Wednesday – “If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart.” – An Arabian Proverb