I would like to start this bulletin by congratulating all students on an excellent return after the Easter break. Everyone has very much enjoyed being able to access all lessons in specialist classroom and as you would expect our extra curricular timetable is already up and running. Stringent measures of control remain in place to ensure the school site remains safe and this has been supported by excellent levels of compliance from students in terms of mask wearing and following the comprehensive one way system that is in place. Whilst we are proud of the way that as a school community we have managed the last twelve months we are hoping that the summer terms will provide students with even more opportunities to make the most of their AHS Journey. At Archbishop’s we very much believe in the words from John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full‘ and we will continue to strive to ensure that all our students have the fullest experience possible.

School Show
The rehearsal schedule for Beauty and the Beast is now up on Google Classroom. Please email Mrs Newton if you have any questions or issues. It was great to see young people enjoying preparing for this on Friday evening

Teaching School Hub latest news
As families are aware Archbishop’s has been designated as one of the new national Teaching School Hubs. Our remit stretches throughout Rydale, Scarborough and York and we are looking forward to supporting teacher development across the region. I look forward to sharing further information about this venture in due course.

Head of Year Awards
This has been an especially difficult decision given the excellent return to school following the Easter break.

Year 7Ruby Thomson7NThFor 100% Attendance this week – Well Done! Miss Kincell
 Ryan Thompson7MrWell done for being selected for the North Yorkshire Cricket Team! Miss Kincell
Year 8George Woodhouse8JHeFor showing great resilience and enthusiasm since returning to school after the Easter break. Well done! Mr Arthur
 Georgina Kitney8DiFor being an absolute star in form time. Well done! Mr Arthur
Year 9Shanae Drake9WbFor working hard and being positive everyday. Well done! Mr Avery
 Isabel Hobbey9KxFor working hard and being positive everyday. Well done! Mr Avery
Year 11Izzy Fisher11LpIzzy has demonstrated exemplary maturity and compassion. Well done Izzy – Mrs Avey
 Phaedra Wright11LpPhaedra has demonstrated exemplary  maturity and compassion. Well done Pheadra – Mrs Avey
Year 12Emma Walton12HGaFor excellent preparation for assessments and excellent score in RSM! Miss Cox
 Elin Alias12GSwFor being proactive in applying for volunteering opportunities with the dietetic team. Miss Cox
Year 13Amy Birchall13BmGreat attitude to all that she undertakes. Mr Charlton
 Tyler Anthony13ALAFor being a ray of sunshine in and around sixth form. Mr Charlton

Head of Year Updates
Miss Kincell and Year 7 

What an excellent first week back Year 7 have had. I have been so impressed with their maturity with the new one way systems and it has been such a joy to see them enjoying their new specialist classrooms. 

Well done to our Students of the week this week:
7Cm: George Redpath
7Cy: Josh Bailey
7CAd: Joe Turbine
7Bl: James Dillon, Sasha Crosby and Scarlett Shaw
7Hf: Ruby Thompson Holland
7Hv: Oliver Henderson
7Gr: Aela Moore, Fearn Grant and Alex Grist
7Cmp: Holly Gregson
7Mr: Amy Xia
7Nth: Bea Garrett-Craig, Max Moody, Holly Hunter
7Wno: Harvey Green 

Well done to our Gold Award students this week:
1. Congratulations to Ruby Thomson for 100% attendance this week- well done!
2. Congratulations to Ryan Thompson who has been selected for North Yorkshire Cricket Team. 

Our buddies have also done an outstanding job of supporting their peers, I am certain they will be fantastic in support Year 7. It is amazing to think we are already into our transition period for Year 6s. If you know any Year 6 families who have any questions about transition or our school please do ask them to get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from them. 

Library Newsletter:
You may or may not be aware that it is on Friday World Book Night 23rd April. Time 7-8pm. Why not take up the opportunity to do some reading, knowing that thousands of other people will be doing the same. Read alone, or with family and friends. Read virtually with someone outside your bubble. Why not hold a book club? Now that you are able to use the library at breaktime and lunch (Y7 Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) you will have time this week to select one of our Book Club titles such as;
– We are All Made of Molecules by Susin Nielsen (Purple. Level 4.7. Quiz 229391)
– A Good Day For Climbing Trees by Jaco Jacobs (Green. Level 5.9. Quiz 235049)
– Clean Getaway by Nic Stone (Green. Level 5. Quiz 238050)
– Malamander by Thomas Taylor (Purple. Level 4.8. Quiz 237106)
– Where the World Turns Wild by Nicola Penfold. (Black. Level 3.9. Quiz 239139)

National Pet Day
How many of you knew that it was National Pet Day on April 11th? This made me think about authors that either write about animals, or base characters around their own pets. Adam Blade who wrote Beast Quest and Sea Quest, based a lot of his characters on his two exotic pets which are a tarantula and a monkey.

Michael Morpurgo has written a lot of stories about animals, but make sure you check out other titles/authors in the Animal section of the library. A couple of hidden gems are One Dog and his Boy by Eva Ibbotson. (Green. Level 5.6. Quiz 220213) Hal’s parents notice a rent a pet agency, but when they bring home a dog for the weekend, Hal thinks he can keep it for life. Can they stay together or will both the dog and the boy be disappointed? Eva Ibbotson dedicated her book to her three dogs, Milly, Hugo and Hilding! You can listen to chapter one by visiting the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybPcwWxROYA

We have a whole series of The World According to Humphrey (All in the Purple range which is level 4-4.9) Humphrey is a hamster! Some people think we can learn a lot about ourselves by observing animals but Humphrey doesn’t always appreciate people sticking their nose up against his cage. You can read the first chapter about Humphrey visiting a school by visiting the link. https://www.bettybirney.com/humphrey_world/chapt1.html

Do you have a pet that does weird and wonderful things? Why not write a short story between 100 and 250 words with your pet as the main character? Maybe you can base a character on a pet or an animal, but give them special powers like Adam Blade. If you would like to enter the competition please either email me your entry to smurphy@ahs.pmat.academy Drop it into the library, or give it to your form tutor who can pass it on to me. Closing date is Wednesday 28th April.

Usual reminder about literary links.
You can still sign up to a free ten minute read by clicking on the link below.

Don’t forget to complete a quiz for any books you have read. You can access Accelerated Reader quickly by using the following link

York libraries are now open for browsing and borrowing. Those with reading café’s such as Tang Hall library will also be offering a table service for refreshments outside.

Year 8 – Mr Arthur
Not only has this week been the beginning of a new term at AHS for Year 8, but we have begun to make significant steps towards normality after a strange and challenging 12 months. Whilst the government guidelines on masks remain as a means of keeping students safe, the de-zoning of AHS has brought a much greater sense of normality. Students back in specialist classrooms has been excellent to see and will really benefit students in terms on enriching their curriculum offer. The most significant new change is the introduction of the new one-way system around the school, which students in Year 8 have been adapting to very well! Having now completed one full week of this system, students should be getting used to the routes and where each of their classes are being held around school. We are really trying to reinforce the message that it is their responsibility to ensure they are to lessons on time, and as the weeks progress, students should be getting used to the routes they need to take and the locations of their classrooms to make sure this happens.

There has been an update to the extra-curricular timetable this week ready for the Summer Term. As I have mentioned many times previously, Year 8’s stage of the AHS Journey is ‘Opportunities’, and these are certainly plenty of opportunities that students in Year 8 could (and should!) be taking up. To support this, we are looking to create a system whereby students engaging with lunchtime extra curricular activities receive a card so they can leave their Period 4 lesson five minutes early to get their lunch, and therefore maximise the time they have to spend as part of these activities. More information will be coming out about this shortly, but please do encourage your child to look carefully at the Extra-curricular timetable for activities both at lunchtime and after school.

This week also sees the return of the Gold Award, with the following two students being the recipients for the first week of the Summer term!

George Woodhouse8JHeFor showing great resilience and enthusiasm since returning to school after the Easter break. Well done! Mr Arthur
Georgina Kitney8DiFor being an absolute star in form time. Well done! Mr Arthur

Well done to George and Georgina! there will be a £5 Amazon gift card in its way to you very shortly!

Thank You for taking the time to read this bulletin. If you have any issues regarding your child in year 8, please contact me on aarthur.ahs.pmat.academy, or Mr Deamer (PSW For Year 8) on rdeamer@ahs.pmat.academy

Year 9 – Mr Avery
This week has been really positive, with lots of students embracing their new found ‘freedom’ at being able to attend lessons across the school. It feels like the first step toward normality, and I know how the students have enjoyed being back in art classrooms, science labs and music rooms. The students are also delighted to now have access to the new maths block, with the new spacious classrooms being welcomed by many. I have been really pleased to see the students making use of the new school library that is on offer to students of Year 9 at lunchtime everyday. It’s an excellent space to read, complete homework or just have to enjoy a quiet space! The students have also been excellent at observing our safety protocols we have established in school, with all them following the new one way system around school, and consistently wearing their masks both in lessons and corridors. 

This half term, we are continuing the theme of ‘positivity’, and the importance of having this mindset. This is regularly referenced in acts of collective worship, where students are reminded that ‘happiness is a mood, but positivity is a mindset’. I am always encouraging the students in year 9 to have a ‘growth mindset’, and accept disappointment or challenges as an opportunity to learn and become better. Another theme we have focused on this week  (and will continue to in the coming weeks) is tolerance and peer relationships. This week the focus was ‘When ‘banter’ becomes bullying’ . The students were encouraged to think about what is ‘banter’ and what is being unkind to people, supported by some excellent resources created by students of all ages. I have been delighted to hear feedback from Year 9 students that it has encouraged them to reflect on how they interact with their peers, and to now have a better understanding of ‘where the line is’ when interacting with others. 

This week I could have picked a hundred students to be student of the week, and this is becoming one of the hardest decisions I have to make each week. However two students who have stood out to me are Isabel Hobby (9Kx) and Shane Drake (9Wb), who have both displayed a positive attitude on a consistent basis, and who are a delight to have as part of the year group. Both students will receive a certificate and amazon voucher. Well done! 

As always any communication from parents is welcomed by myself and Miss Clark, and please feel free to contact me on navery@ahs.pmat.academy should you have any questions or issues to raise.

Year 10 – Miss Turvey
As I reflect on this past week with Y10 since the Easter break, I want to share with you how incredibly proud I am of them. To remain focused on their learning in lessons, to remember to socially distance during our gloriously sunshine bathed break and lunch times, to be permanently masked in school and, as the covid test kits were handed out, to twice a week test themselves in order to keep the staff, their friends and the wider community safe is something that you as parents, and we at school, should celebrate. 

The maturity levels of the majority have again reminded me that this generation of young people have learnt to be flexible in the face of constant change, resilient and resourceful in order to cope with that change and could certainly teach those who manage our country something about responsibility, courtesy, respect and honesty. 

We have a parents evening coming up on Wednesday May 12th and I hope that as many of you as possible will be able to join us remotely from wherever you may be. Please contact school if you do not have remote access at home and we will endeavour to get you online. It would be lovely to see, albeit virtually, as many of you as possible. As ever, the form tutors, pastoral team and myself are available via reception@ahs.pmat.academy or on the phone 01904 411341, if you have any concerns or critiques. Take care, Miss T.

Year 11 – Miss Avey
It is incredible to believe that our year 11 students are now in their final term at Key Stage 4 and this is already the beginning of their second week. Time really is flying. We are excited as we anticipate the arrival of the hoodies this week and we will be giving them out so that they can wear them for their remaining weeks at school. 

Lessons are focussing on preparing for the final assessments, revising the necessary subject matter and guidance on how to answer questions. We continue to be impressed with the level of goodwill, hard work  and maturity this particular year continue to demonstrate, and the atmosphere in the year is one of positivity.  They have  settled extremely quickly back into moving around the building using the one way system and have been very responsible in terms of remembering to wear their masks. We do ask that they continue to be on time to school – in the form room for a 8.45am start- and that they continue to wear the correct school uniform, minus jewellery, for their last few weeks with us. If anyone has any uniform issues at this late stage of the year please do be in touch with us.

Post 16 – Miss DeLashley
Our Sixth Formers returned with smiles and a lot of focus. They have supported the school’s efforts to remain safe by leading the way with the new one-way system and exemplifying mask wearing. They have approached study with maturity and commitment. A huge thank you from the team!

Year 12 Assessments
Year 12 sat their in-class assessments this week. The results of these assessments will not be sent home, it will be up-to students to share their results at home, however we will be reviewing performance and putting in place intervention to support progress where required. Students will be given their results by class teachers as and when they are available.

Year 13 Celebratory Plans
Plans are underway for this year’s Prom however we are making alternative plans in-case there is reason to change form an indoor event. We are at the planning table with our pencils out marking up a lovely outdoor summer treat. More info to follow.

Year 13 Stand-down
We do expect Year 13 to be with us in school each day until May half-term where we will return after half-term with a range of opportunities for them to volunteer to engage in. More information to follow.

Year 12 Shout Outs

Holly AllisonBiologyAbsolutely brilliant attitude to revision over the Easter Holidays!Mr Lever
Inuki WeerasingheEnrichment – Green LeadersYour commitment to the group and the work that you do outside of the lessons is fabulous – thank you and keep leading!Helen Clarke
George HarrisonHistoryFantastic Easter work for Civil War History, what an impressive start back!Miss Daswani
Leadership Enrichment Class Group BExcellent leadership and initiative shown by the students who attended Mrs Robertson’s leadership enrichment class to check that they were needed despite having an assessment the following period. Proud of you all!Mrs Robertson’s
Ben GilroyComputer ScienceWell done for attending the online Easter revision session in Computer Science A-LevelKarl Appleyard
Alix ColinComputer ScienceWell done for attending the online Easter revision session in Computer Science A-LevelKarl Appleyard
Luke HindleComputer ScienceWell done for attending the online Easter revision session in Computer Science A-LevelKarl Appleyard
Amy MooreApplied PsychologyExcellent effort with pilot studyMiss Cox
Jessica TurtonHOYFor being kind to guest studentMiss Cox
12D PsychologyPsychologyFor being beautiful in lessonsMrs DeLashley
Y12HOYFor an excellent approach to the assessmentsMiss Cox
Oliver Vas, Daisy Taylor, Jess Merrington, Alice Dungey, Grace PickeringBusinessContinued excellent efforts in all aspects of their studies – well done!Mr Charlton
Livi Wiggins, Ruby Crawford, Jennifer Norman & Emma WaltonPsychologyExcellent application of knowledge in RSM assessmentMiss Cox

 Year 13 Shout Outs

Josh Carr, Faith Battersby, Katie Fearnley, Mari NixonMusicWell done to you all for completing your fantastic compositions over the last few months – under very difficult circumstances. You have a lot to be proud of!Mrs Morrison
George HarrisonHistoryFantastic Easter work for Civil War History, what an impressive start back!Miss Daswani
English Lit classEnglish LitFor generally great literature discussions!Miss Balmer
Katie Machen, Tyler Anthony, Alex Clarke, Eloise reading, Holly Taylor, Carissa JonesPsychology

This week’s DEAR Time is a Hockney interview from an Art blog. I also plugged a trailer to a lovely film reminding us of the beauty of Art ‘Modern Art’.

Vacancy – Midday Supervisory Assistant
Our shift to split breaks and lunches has been extremely successful both in terms of reducing queueing for food and also in terms of ensuring dedicating outside social spaces for each year group. As a result of this we now have opportunities to join our team at AHS. Details are below:
Required as soon as possible
Grade 2 – £4,342 (this is the pro rata salary)
Part Time (10 hpw), 12.00-2.00pm, Monday-Friday, Term Time Only
For more information visit: www.archbishopholgates.academy/staff/vacancies/

Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust is an equal opportunities employer, committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  Enhanced DBS check will be required.

Collective Worship
Here is the latest reflection from School Chaplain Richard Nihill. A 5 minute thought on what the Japanese art of Kintsugi can teach us about how the wounds and challenges that we experience as a society and as individuals make us who we are. And can add to our strength and beauty


Our Collective Worship this week focuses on the topic of modern slavery, explaining what that means in the modern world, highlighting some of the signs to be aware of and what to do if those signs were spotted in someone we know.  

“You should defend those who cannot help themselves. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.” – The book of Proverbs 31:8-9, The Bible
“Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them.” – Psalm 10:17, The Bible
“It’s every person’s business to see justice done.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Victorian writer and creator of Sherlock Holmes
“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.” – Benjamin Franklin, 18th C Founding Father of the United States
“Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows.” – The book of Isaiah 1:17, The Bible