I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend.
As I said in the Newsletter on Thursday it has been great to see all the Year 11 students in their ‘Leavers Hoodies’ this week. Given the disruption they have had over the past two years we thought it important to make sure that all students had one of these. I can now confirm that May half term will represent the point for Y11 when their full normal timetable stops. As a school we really want to continue to provide access to learning after this point and will be writing to families in the coming weeks with details of a full transition programme throughout the final half term. This will include opportunities for students to come into school each day for the first four weeks after May half term if they wish as well a full range of online learning for those who would prefer this. We intend to provide taster sessions of all subjects offered at Post 16 as well as opportunities for sporting and musical enrichment and enhanced Careers sessions during this time.

In terms of Y13 we will also be looking to give those students who want it access to further support and enrichment in the final half term. This will include opportunities to gain work experience in-school, something that this year group were unable to do last summer. We will also run Post-18 workshops on HE transition, employment professionalism and living independently. Full details to be issued late this half-term.

Evaluating our response to COVID 19
As we look to review the provision and support provided by the school over the last twelve months I would be very grateful if families could take two minutes to answer the four question survey that will be emailed home this week. Thank you.

Tackling prejudice and discrimination
In our society there is no place for bullying or discrimination in any form. Everyone has the right to feel safe and our differences to be celebrated. These are important messages that we will continue to focus on with students both in form time and collective worship this week. In line with our school values it is important that we continue to work together to stop bullying and discrimination and would ask that parents/carers report any instances to school and reinforce with their children the importance of equality, tolerance and celebrating the differences that exist between us all.

Head of Year Awards
As ever a very difficult job deciding this week…

Lysander Illing-Ahmed7HvFor developing independence and making great progress. Well done! Miss Kincell
Jayden Castle7CmFor living the school value of compassion by going out of his way to help another student. Thank you! Miss Kincell
Mishi Vida8MLnFor excellent, through-provoking engagements with Form Time discussions. Well done! Mr Arthur
Chloe Bushnell8WBnFor being an excellent example to follow, and collecting lots of merits in the process! Well done! Mr Arthur
Matthew Robson9CAlFor having an excellent two weeks after Easter, always being polite and working hard. Mr Avery
Mo Boudjema9EMlFor an exceptional attitude to school, and working extremely hard every single day. Mr Avery
Ava Fowler10JLiFor exceptional attitude, work ethic and polite positivity. Miss Turvey
Ben Austin10JLiFor living the school values into being and helping and supporting a Member of Staff. Miss Turvey
Sedar Altin10RMeFor living the school values into being and helping and supporting a Member of Staff. Miss Turvey
Jack Argent10ERoFor living the school values into being and helping and supporting a Member of Staff. Miss Turvey
Nicola Nicholson11DZaNicola has demonstrated positivity, commitment and resilience. Well done – Mrs Avey
Daisy Hardy11 SMfDaisy always gives of her best and  continues to be an exemplary student. Well done – Mrs Avey
Abbie Kilvington:12LVFor excellent effort across the board – always giving 100%. Miss Cox
Jasmine Delaney12HGaWell done for showing excellent commitment to your independent study – always seen working hard. Miss Cox
Milly Beckitt13BmFor always being polite, happy to help anyone and keen to complete her work with 100% effort – Well done! Mr Charlton
Olivia Teasdale13HaFor a wonderful attitude towards her work. Olivia works hard in sixth form everyday and has a happy, positive attitude. Well done! Mr Charlton

Head of Year Updates
Miss Kincell and Year 7
It has been such a lovely week for Year 7, the sunshine has meant more running around, football and lunch outside. We are really starting to see resemblance of normality and what Year 7 is all about. 

Students have been excellent in navigating the building and developing their independence. Students have been so excited to tell us about their specialist lessons in the specialist classrooms and this week have been learning all about lab safety in preparation for their first experiments.

We are also starting to reintroduce rewards due to staggered timetables and zoning of the school which have not been possible. We are delighted to host our ‘Breakfast with the Head’ for our Bright Sparks winners, these have been back dated across the year. One Wednesday the following students have been invited to join the head for breakfast at break time. A huge congratulations to:

Ala Elgabou
Annie Wedgwood
Abbie Atkinson
Hollie Smith
Jack Lawrence
Loic Clegg
Mohammed Almasari
Tameem Alrehaily
Thomas Iddon
Tilly-Mai Harton
Tom Cain
Willow Pedley
Yoonroh Lee

Well done to our Students of the Week this week:

7Cm: Flo Mangan
7Cy: Edward Shakeshaft
7CAd: Layla Ruane
7Bl: James Phillip
7Hf: Yasmina Boudjema, Daniel Norris, Livvie Curran
7Hv: Jak Carey
7Gr: Erin Smithson
7Cmp: Olivia Thomas
7Mr: Mathew Martin
7Nth: Sam Whyte
7Wno: Marley Lewin, Efe Akgul, Georgina Richardson

Well done to our Gold award students this week:

Lysander Illing-Ahmed – Well done for increased independence and making great progress. Keep it up.
Jayden Castle – Thank you so much for living our school values and supporting your peers. Keep it up.

If you have any questions please get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Arthur and Year 8
What a difference twelve months can make. This time last year was one of apprehension, confusion and fear. Whilst we are still, slowly but surely, creeping our way back to normality, I feel this is certainly a period of optimism. Whilst there are still some unavoidable restrictions to our practice within school, I feel it is important to take stock of the plethora of positives that we can be certainly be thankful for. De-zoning the school and returning to subject specialist classrooms has been a significant development for both staff and students. This is the greatest shift we have taken since returning to school in September that brings with it the greatest sense of normality to date. I am fully aware that the current Year 8 students did not even receive two full terms to settle in at AHS during the 2019-20 academic year, and if students are finding the adjustment a challenge in any way, please encourage them to speak to a member of the pastoral team – whether that be their form tutor, myself as Head of Year or Mr Deamer as Pastoral Support Worker. We are here to help and support your child in any way we can.

As the focus of my Newsletter Item on this occasion, I wish to draw your attention to a quote from the American author Marianne Williamson that I found very thought provoking and relevant to our times…

Often as a society that a feeling of inadequacy is the deepest cause of our fears and anxieties. However, it is often the case that many students, whether consciously or not, feel exactly the opposite – that their anxiety comes from standing out as a result of their excellence. As a school, we wish to promote excellence and encourage students to make the most of the opportunities laid before them. This is especially in Year 8, where ‘opportunities’ are the key focus on their stage of the AHS Journey. We want to provide an environment where students can grow in confidence and excel in a variety of different facets of life. This we promote in the spirit of the words from John, 10:10 that we prize so highly as a school, “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full”.

There are certainly a wealth of opportunities within our school – in sport, the arts and academically. Please encourage your child to, for instance, have a close look at the extra-curricular timetable and take part wherever they can. Encourage them, if they are perhaps feeling nervous or apprehensive, to bring along a friend to go with them. As the quote from Marianne Williamson states “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Any student can be an inspiration and an example to follow to any other, if they can put their mind to it and overcome their inner fear of standing out through excellence. As Mr Daly always says “Our present circumstances do not determine where we end up, they simply determine where we start.”

If you have any issues regarding your child in Year 8, please do get in contact with me at aarthur@ahs.pmat.academy, or Mr Deamer (Pastoral Support Worker for Year 8) at rdeamer@ahs.pmat.academy

Mr Avery and Year 9
The weather this week has been excellent, and I am delighted to see Year 9 making the most of it. We have lots of students now taking part in the lunchtime and after school extra curricular clubs such as basketball, football, netball, Dance and fitness club. I can already see the impact this is having on the students’ wellbeing, and I encourage more students to take up the opportunity to let off some steam in the sunshine!  The students are also making the most of the new Library, that gives them the opportunity to complete homework or go somewhere for some peace and quiet. I even saw some of them beating teachers in a game of scrabble the other day!

The students have taken our back to school priorities really seriously, and are wonderful in their compliance with the new rules and regulations. They are now getting used to our new one way system, and the maturity and dedication they have shown toward wearing their masks has been excellent. Speaking to them it is clear to see they are enjoying the freedom of the school, while also appreciating the small queues at break and lunchtime!

This week’s act of collective worship has been around the same theme of ‘tolerance and acceptance’ with the focus being on Sexual Harassment. We looked at the case of Sarah Everard, and how this tragic event has led to women speaking out about their experiences in society and their feeling of being unsafe. Despite being a very sensitive and serious topic, the students met it with outstanding maturity, with the message being very clear – if you experience or witness any form of sexual harassment to report it immediately. 

Once again I have been delighted with the feedback I have had from teachers of year 9, who continue to commend the hard work and positive attitude of the students. I have had the very difficult task of selecting two students of the week. The winners of the award this week are:

Matthew Robson 9CAl – Matthew has had an excellent return to school and is working hard. He is always very smart and extremely polite. Well done.
Mo Boudjema 9EMl – Mo is a fantastic student, who consistently works hard and is a credit to our school. 

Both students will receive a certificate and Amazon voucher for their efforts.

As always, should you like to raise any issues or speak with a member of the pastoral team, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself or Miss Clark.

Miss Turvey and Year 10
Parent’s Evening is virtual through Google Meet; if you do not own the technology to enable you to meet virtually then please contact school and we will do our best to provide you with the hardware, and IT knowhow. If you leave a telephone contact number then our IT support team will phone you back. If you have a concern or issue to discuss with one of the Pastoral team which is separate from any curriculum or subject concern then please email me directly to arrange a mutually convenient time to hold such a conversation either over the phone or face to face: hturvey@ahs.pmat.academy  

A couple of Frequently Asked Questions at Parents Evening are answered below:

  1. Can my child give up one of their current option subjects as they are struggling in it or doing badly in it?

No. As a school we have worked hard to ensure that each child is on the correct educational pathway and we have a thorough and robust option process. The balance of subjects and the number of GCSEs your child is sitting will best afford them future employment or a place at university.

  1. When are the Y10 exams?

Year 10 exams take place over a two week period beginning on June 21st. An exam timetable will be published in the AHS newsletter this coming week, along with guidance from each department on which topics are going to be tested in these examinations. Y10 students will be guided, by the pastoral team, through revision skills, preparing an exam revision timetable and the health and wellbeing necessary for optimum performance including diet, sleep, hydration and time away from your studies.

If you would like to contact school for any reason, good, bad or ugly, then please phone: 01904 411341 or email reception@ahs.pmat.academy. Thank you for your continued support of your son’s and daughter’s and of the school. Miss T. 

Mrs Avey and Y11
As we enter the  third week of this half term,  the year group have all received a further copy of their assessment timetable – there has been one sent electronically to yourselves and the students are in receipt of a paper copy. This will help them prioritise their revision time and give them clarity on timings and organisation. You will obviously have seen that the hoodies arrived last week and the array of colours is a joy to see. The students have been given permission to wear them around school and it is heart warming to see so many of them doing so. With reference to the Prom, please may I encourage you to return the consent forms ASAP so that we can further solidify our planning. Once we have them back, we can organise tables for example. Lessons continue to focus on revision and the students are responding positively and maturely. Please continue to encourage our students to attend school and to be both punctual on arrival and to lessons. in order to maximise their remaining few weeks.

Miss DeLashley and Post 16
Year 12 Assessment Results
Students are receiving assessment results as and when they are marked by subject teachers. Should students require intervention to support further progress this will be put in place. Where student show particular concerns, you will be contacted.  

Year 13 Assessment week
Y13 commence their assessments this Friday and will continue them next week. There are two exam start times. Please see below the expectations.

 AM exams

  • Students do not register in forms
  • Students go directly to Black Square for no later than 08:45

PM exams

  • Students go directly to Black Square for no later than 11:00
  • Students are permitted to get lunch straight after their exam BUT they must be back in lesson for 13:00 (20 min food break)
  • Students can access food from the Y11 Hatch
  • Those with Extra Time to speak to Mr Charlton about lunch arrangements 

Year 13 Celebrations
We will be opening WisePay this week to start collecting payment for the scheduled prom. We will release table plans and take menu requests also. An alternative plan is underway should there be reason that the Prom cannot go-ahead.

Year 13 Enrichment
As Mr Daly has mentioned, we are offering an Enrichment period following half-term for Y13 to have the opportunity to gain some work experience should they wish, to further socialise as a year group for some well-earned well-being pampering and to enter some workshops to support post-18. A sign-up will be circulated over the next fortnight. This is a voluntary opportunity that we hope students will be keen to participate in.

Year 12 Shout Outs

Who… Where…For…By…
Amy Moore12Applied PsychologyExcellent effort with pilot studyMiss Cox
Jessica Turton12HOYFor being kind to guest studentMiss Cox
12D Psychology12PsychologyFor being beautiful in lessonsMrs DeLashley
Y1212HOYFor an excellent approach to the assessmentsMiss Cox
Oliver Vas, Daisy Taylor, Jess Merrington, Alice Dungey, Grace Pickering12BusinessContinued excellent efforts in all aspects of their studies – well done!Mr Charlton
Livi Wiggins, Ruby Crawford, Jennifer Norman & Emma Walton12PsychologyExcellent application of knowledge in RSM assessmentMiss Cox
Isabelle Simpson12Excellent effort in BTEC PsychologyWell done with your efforts in your research courseworkMiss Cox & Mr Young
Roshan Mandle12FormGreat contributions to the news.Lv
Inuki Weerasinghe12HOYWell done for being proactive in seeking opportunitiesMiss Cox
All of 12B112English LanguageWell done for your most recent Language Change exam responses – you’re making great progress, some as much as 4 grades improvement!! Brilliant effort everyone!Mrs Holmes
Idris Hadrami12HOYWell done for being pro-active and planning ahead, in preparation for summer assessments.Miss Cox
Maddy Hatch & the transition team.12HOYWell done on your efforts with the transition team and student voice survey.Miss Cox
Amy Moore12BTEC PsychologyWell done for working hard on your coursework.Miss Cox & Mr Young
Georgia Flecknor12BTEC PsychologyExcellent effort on your coursework in BTEC PsychologyMiss Cox & Mr Young
Lucy Austin12HOYWell done for your efforts with the Oddballs charity so farMiss Cox & Mr Goldsmith
Evin Blundell12HOYWell done for consistently being brilliant.Miss Cox
Jasmine Delaney12HOYWell done for showing excellent commitment to your independent study – always seen working hard.Miss Cox
Environmental Leaders12EnrichmentWell done for getting stuck in with the allotments!Miss Cox
Eldho Alias12EngineeringGetting a distinction on his test recently after weeks and weeks of incredibly hard work to get to that point.Mr Pennock
Oliwier Kadela12HOYFor being a pleasure to have in sixth form, always polite and hard workingMiss Cox
Ynujoo Park12HOYFor a really positive start to sixth form.Miss Cox
Abi Ashby12REWorking really hard on assessment feedback – well done!Miss Harper
Chloe Harwood12REMaking excellent improvements to assessmentMiss Harper
Tom Jackson12RERecognising areas for improvement in assessment and working hard to change theseMiss Harper
Jemma Blanchard12Child DevelopmentExceeded deadline of coursework due to focused effort both in the classroom and outside. Well done!Mrs Dobson
Callum Childs, Oliver Shepherd12A level MathsUp to date with all work so far this term.MIss Bhogal
Abbie Kilvington12Child DevelopmentWorking really hard on her Learning Aim C coursework. Always focused and gives 100% effort. Well done!Mrs Dobson
Roxanne Wilson12WorkskillsRoxanne is so helpful and supportive to her peers and lives out our school values so effortlessly. Well done!Mrs Dobson
Marta Grafolo12ChemistryGreat Chemistry mock, chapeau!Dr Osman
Lucy Austin, Zach Bell, Idris Hadrami, Charlie Pipe, Ewan Wilkie12EngineeringAchieving really a really well deserved grade in their recent Engineering assessment. Well done.Mr Pennock
Josh Lowe Jay Richards George Atang12SportGood performance in Sport assessment

 Year 13 Shout Outs

Who… Where…For…By…
 Lit class13English LitFor generally great literature discussions!Miss Balmer
Katie Machen, Tyler Anthony, Alex Clarke, Elouise reading, Holly Taylor, Carissa Jones13PsychologyExcellent commitment to preparation for psychology assessmentsMiss Cox
Bobby Lamb13geographyWell done for always being so proactive with your geography. It is clear that you are reading widely around the subject too, which will put you in a great position for university.Ms Ramsay
Josh Morritt13GeographyI continue to be impressed with your commitment to geography. You are working so hard at the moment and it really is paying off. Well done.Ms Ramsay
Hannah Kelly13GeographyWell done for always giving it 100% in geography. I can see that you are doing lots of revision at home and this really shows in your contributions that you give during lessons. Well done.Ms Ramsay
Beth Mason13English LanguageSuperb commitment and effort to making progress in all elements of the course!Mrs Holmes
Natasha Davy13EPQFor tackling her nerves and doing a good presentation for her EPQ.Mrs Lancaster
Dan Mercer13EPQFor an excellent EPQ presentationMrs Lancaster
Samantha Atkinson13EPQFor tackling her nerves and producing an excellent EPQ presentation.Mrs Lancaster
Daisy Pearson13EPQFor tackling her nerves and producing an excellent EPQ presentation.Mrs Lancaster
Gilly Smyth13EPQFor a very in depth and detailed presentation prompting lots of discussion.Mrs Lancaster
Olivia Teasdale13EPQFor a very good EPQ presentation.Mrs Lancaster
Gilly Smyth13PsychologyWell done for refocussing your efforts in revision and preparation for assessmentsMiss Cox
Adrian Muir13PsychologyYou are on fire at the minute with class contributions! Well done.Miss Cox
Millie Anderson13PsychologyWell done with your application of key concepts in psychology revision – good understanding shown.Miss Cox
Thisen Wijeratne13PsychologyWell done for your improved efforts in psychology, excellent questioning in preparation for assessmentsMiss Cox
Alice Anderson13Child DevelopmentWorked really hard on her coursework and has exceeded deadline. Alice has communicated well when help was needed and has acknowledgement feedback very positively. Well done!Mrs Dobson
Sophie Eastwood13PsychologyExcellent contributions in lessons, trying really hard when answering questions and having a go!Miss Cox
Abby Dennis13PsychologySmashing it with contributions to forensic psychology revision lessons!Psychology
Mari Nixon13psychologyWell done for always having a go in psychology, excellent answers to Qs in forensic revision.Miss Cox
Tyler Anthony13PsychologyFor being really conscientious and asking Qs to make sure you are ready 🙂Miss Cox
Roong Saiyut, Ella Walker, Edith Pearse, Tyler Anthony13ChemistryHave been along to every Chemistry Revision Club class since the beginning of time, and worked really hard.Dr Osman

School Chaplaincy YouTube channel
This week the school has launched the Archbishop Holgate’s School Chaplaincy YouTube channel. This channel contains material which is illustrative of the life of the Chaplaincy at Archbishop Holgate’s School. You will find material connected to whole school worship and Collective Worship. There are also moments of Reflection from the school Chaplain and items reflecting our School Values. The address is:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC68i0uL4LZNIIVcu8B03iqw/about or you can search the name.

Recent additions include a short reflection on what the Japanese art of Kintsugi can teach us about how our wounds and the challenges of life make us who we are:

There is also the latest weekly reflection from this week, about the very first Resurrection appearances of Jesus to Mary Magdalene and the disciples:

Collective Worship
This week in our form tutor collective worship we are looking at the topic of diversity and inclusion. We are all different and our diversity is our strength, a beautiful expression of who we are who God is.

Monday – “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” – Mahatma Gandhi, Indian independence leader
Tuesday –  “A lot of different flowers make a bouquet.” – Islamic Proverb
Wednesday – “When everyone is included, everyone wins.” Rev. Jesse Jackson, American civil rights leader
Thursday – “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” – Maya Angelou, American author, poet and speaker
Friday – “Every person possesses one valuable trait that cannot be found in any other.” – Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz