Dear parents and carers,

I hope everyone has had a good weekend and that the first two weeks of term have been successful. As a school leadership team we could not have hoped for a better response from students who have settled back quickly into life at AHS, behaving extremely well and demonstrating the school values in their interactions with others. Please encourage your children to take advantage of the extracurricular enrichment opportunities available to them as part of their AHS Journey. Whilst the academic outcomes our young people achieve at the end of Year 11 and Year 13 are vitally important, so is the wider personal development that comes from an excellent all round education. I would also take this opportunity to encourage parents/carers to get in touch with school immediately should there be anything that you think we could do to further support your children to be successful. In the first instance this should be via the Head of Year or the ‘AHS Feedback Tab’ on the website that Mr Furniss always responds to within 24 hours.

As ever please take the time to consider the Newsletter (408) which was emailed home on Thursday and can also be found on the website and the latest Wellbeing Newsletter (25) which is attached to this bulletin.

We are the first school in the city to host an Open Evening this year, which will take place on Tuesday 28th September. This is a really important opportunity for families to be able to visit school and something that I know was missed last year. Given the current circumstances we are organising the evening slightly differently to in the past but hope that it will be better than ever. The evening will begin at 6.00pm (doors open at 5.45pm) and will include presentations from the Headteacher at 6.00pm, 7.00pm and 7.45pm; guided tours of the school throughout the evening; subject activities and demonstrations; as well as the opportunity to talk with students and staff. Whilst we know that many families arrive early in the evening there is an opportunity this year for those that want to arrive a little later to do so and to access the later talk. Further information is available on the school website, including how we will have a dedicated Year 7 area in the new Resource Centre to meet with key members of the team. As ever I very much thank families for the support for this important event, without the contributions from your children the evening would not be possible.

Head of Year Awards
Please find attached the latest recipients of the Head of Year Award, including a link to the appropriate School or British Value.

Year GroupNameFormReasonLink to School/British Value
Year 7Emily Brown7HvA great start to Year 7 and showing kindness to others. Well done!Compassion
Year 7Riley Brooksbank7ASuGaining great independence on his first week in Year 7. Well done!Trust
Year 8Tilly Mai Harton8 CBrAmazing start; informally helping out and demonstrating kindness to 7 students.Compassion
Year 9Cynthia Lakos9EWrFor doing an excellent job helping to welcome a new student into the school community – Thank you!Mutual Respect
Year 9Matthew Martindale9RPrFor having an excellent start to the year and being a role model in following the expectations of the school. Well done!Rule of Law
Year 10Isabel Hobby10KxFor showing real resilience toward school and her school work, and for being a credit to our year group.Mutual Respect
Year 10Lauren Waddington10GSFor showing compassion toward another student and for being a credit to our year group.Mutual Respect/Compassion
Year 11Eloise Burn11SLaFor being a pleasant member of the form and working hard in Guidance – showing thoughtful consideration.Compassion
Year 11Kaitlyn Archer11BDuFor being very supportive at the start of termCompassion
Year 12Jess Machen12GlBeing a kind and supportive influence in the form groupCompassion
Year 12Lillie Jordan12DdFor excellent verbal contributions in Sociology since the start of termDemocracy
Year 13Ewan Wilkie13HGaSpot on effort working out the mechanisms!Being an example to follow
Year 13George Atang13BKiA fantastic start to our Unit 2 exam topic.Being an example to follow

Music Extra-curricular
The latest timetable from Mrs Morrison and the team is attached below. Please also find attached a link to a new Google form for requesting instrumental and vocal lessons. I’m delighted to say that we now have a team of 14 tutors working in school each week.

Instrumental & Vocal Lesson Request Form

Head of Year Updates
Year 7 – Miss Kincell, Miss Powell and Miss Cooper 

We are absolutely delighted with our second week with Year 7 where students have now experienced their full timetable, started to gain their independence around school and are really showing their character. In form time we are seeing students getting to know each other and really engaging with our form time activities. Students experience a variety of reading, cultural capital, News stories from around the world and collective worship. Form time is the ideal time for our form groups to bond, as our ‘sixth lesson of the day’ students can learn, give their opinions and share their views with each other. It is the perfect first step in making friends.

The next steps in the journey of making friends and joining in is through our extensive extra-curricular programme. Thai weke the timetable will be released, it will include exciting clubs ranging from Science Club to MFL film club, as well as a variety of musical and sports clubs. We are so excited to visit these clubs and see more of our students excelling in their AHS journey.

After the outstanding start students have made, we would really appreciate it if you could support our imminent cohort of Year 6 parents.  I’m sure you all remember the worry as a family you experienced when deciding your secondary school of choice. If you could complete this short anonymous ofsted multiple choice quiz based on your experience so far, it would really support our new families.

Well done this week to our Head of Year award students:

Darcey Brown 7Gr: Well done Darcey for your independence and knowing your way around school so well!

Well done to our Students of the Week:

ANn: David-thomas Baker

ASu: Manon McNulty

7BL: Toby Coyle

7Cy: Lily Speak

7Gr: Dominic Charlesworth

7Hf: Joe Molloy

7Hv: Tilly-May Hope

7MLn: Dexter Dowson

7PMe: Bryan Biji

7Mr: Sid Smith

7SMf: Tobey Burrows

Library Newsletter:

you have borrowed, and, very importantly, have returned books. Those of you who called in will know that we celebrated Roald Dahl Day all week. There was so much to join in with, colouring pages, quizzes, crosswords and a writing competition.We all think of Roald Dahl as a well-loved author, but he had a very varied and exciting life. He was a spy, ace fighter pilot, chocolate historian and a medical inventor. Not only do we have lots of his fiction books in the library, we also have his autobiography. So, if you want to find out more about him feel free to pop down and borrow a copy. (Quiz 200797. Level 6.1) It is a slightly trickier read than his story books, but you can listen to an extract by clicking on the link:

Thursday saw our first Lunchtime of Calm. It’s hard to believe that we have been back two weeks already, and a relaxing, mindful space was just what we needed. We cranked up the lava lamps, put relaxing music and showed images of the solar system on the white board. We enjoyed colouring in, drawing, word searches and a jigsaw puzzle all lit by fairy lights. We gave away wellbeing booklets and small credit card sized quotes that are small enough to fit in a pocket or pencil case, and made students aware of our wellbeing library bookcase.

Lots of you have left behind your jumpers, PE kits and planners after calling in at break/lunch. I have managed to return all PE kits and planners because they were all named. Please try to write your name on the inside label of your jumper to enable us to get it back to you. All unnamed items will be taken to lost property (reception) after 24 hours.

Thank you for returning your library books. Lots of you have returned books early which is fantastic, especially if the book is part of a series, as quite often other people are waiting to borrow them.

If you have any of your own books that you have read and don’t want to keep. Please be aware that we are always delighted to receive book donations, even ones aimed at much younger students. We either book donated items into the library, use them for classroom readers or sell them at the school fayre.

Please remember to contact the year 7 team if we can support you or your child in any way.

Year 8 – Mrs Avey, Mrs Mennall and Mr Handley

This third week of term finds the Year 8’s having their first discreet PSHE lesson on Monday morning delivered by those who will get to know them best – their form tutor. Following an assembly on Friday which focused on the Year 8 step of the AHS journey, ‘Opportunities’, we are encouraging the Year 8’s to grasp the opportunity to be an ambassador for the school and volunteer to help subject teachers at Open Evening on 28th September. Other opportunities include extra curricular activities, three of which are purely for Year 8: Beginners’ Swimming, Chess club and Science club.

Year 9 – Mr Arthur, Mr Deamer and Mrs Deacon

Year 9 have had a positive start back to the new school year here at Archbishop Holgate’s School and it has been a pleasure to see them settling in. As the new Assistant Head of Year, I have felt very welcomed by our young people in Year 9 into the Year 9 team and I look forward to getting to know them even further.

In this weeks Act of Collective Worship Mr Arthur has focussed on the AHS Journey our young people go on throughout their time in school. On this Journey, things may not always go to plan and there may be challenges along the way at each stage but they will learn lessons and build resilience that will help them be successful in the future, shaping them along the way on their AHS Journey. This continues to link well to our focus in Year 9 of ‘Understanding ourselves and others’ where students are presented with opportunities to develop skills at GCSE, go on enrichment trips and participate in industry days. We hope this will provide new skills for our young people  to develop career aspirations for the future. It has also been fantastic to see the Arts Award start in Year 9 and the creative opportunities it brings. We look forward to seeing these projects develop that the students are working on, and it is lovely to see their passion.

Furthermore, all year groups have extended form time this week for PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic), which is a statuary requirement, where we are going to discuss with Year 9 respectful relationships online and offline: including what do respectful relationships look like? What is meant be sexual pressure and consent? How can we challenge cyber bullying? This is crucial for developing students understanding for themselves as well as in our half term focus of mutual respect where we are encouraging our young people to build trust in an appropriate manner and show compassion towards themselves and others.

Overall we have also had a great start with uniform and it has been lovely to see the Year 9s in the blue jumpers and ties and the high standards they’ve maintained. However, please can I politely remind parents that jewellery isn’t allowed and piercings are to be just one small stud in each ear as well as continuing the standards regarding footwear, ties and skirts and trousers. Students must also ensure they bring their AHS jumpers to school with them every day, regardless of the weather. We want to make sure we continue working with families to ensure uniform expectations are met from the beginning of the year.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first bulletin. As a pastoral team (Mr Arthur, Mr Deamer and I) are really looking forward to the year ahead and I have felt extremely welcomed. Any issues regarding your child in Year 9 please feel free to contact any of us. I am available on or alternatively call main reception.

Year 10 – Mr Avery, Miss Johnstone and Miss Montagu

I’m glad to report that it has been another positive week for Year 10s. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new assistant head of Year 10. My name is Miss Montagu and I teach Geography. This is my third year at AHS, so I know many of the students well already. I am now getting to know the others too and appreciate their openness and willingness to chat. Outside classes, the glorious weather has given many opportunities to have a moment with them while they are enjoying the sun during their breaks and lunchtimes.  I sense that many of them are really engaging in their learning, asking questions and applying their knowledge. In sum, I feel very welcome in the year group and I look forward to meeting parents too in time.

The extra curricular timetable is up and running and I would encourage Y10 to join in as many as activities as they can. Activities range from Fitness, Netball and Badminton to Eco Club.

We were together as a whole year group in our ACW this week. Students were reminded of the importance of maintaining high levels of attendance. There is a clear link between regular attendance and positive outcomes. It is so important that students come to school unless, of course, they are feeling unwell. ACW this week also focussed on the idea that students are on a journey. They may face difficulties but with hard work they will get there. As teachers we are there to help and encourage them alongside their family and friends. I look forward to Year 10 having another successful year in school and being able to support and encourage them through their journey. Should you have any concerns please feel free to contact either myself, Mr Avery ( Head of Year), or Mrs Johnstone (Pastoral Support Worker) and we will be happy to arrange a phone call or face to face meeting in school.

Year 11 – Miss Turvey, Mrs Reader and Miss Chambers 

It has been a real pleasure to support our students through their first full week in Year 11 this week, and we are so proud of the increased maturity and hard work so many of our students have shown in their lessons. It certainly makes our job easier when we receive so many positive reports from teachers in a variety of subjects as to how well Y11 have settled, and our regular classroom drop-ins have exemplified this: an excellent strong start.

There are a few special shout outs to Angelique MarieConnor EvansKelsie GledhillGrace Wilson and Connor Fewster, allof whom have received more than one special mention from their teachers this week for standing out in their classes this week.

We continue to benefit from having a team of highly experienced Form Tutors, several of whom having now supported their students since Year 7, with the Heads of English, Science and Maths respectively all additionally members of the Y11 Pastoral Team this year as extra support. I am also pleased to introduce myself as the new Assistant Head of Year 11 (Miss Jessa Chambers) working alongside Miss Turvey. Having taught many of our Y11s English since they started in Year 7, I am looking forward to supporting them pastorally in their final year. We also have our new dedicated Pastoral Support Worker, Mrs Hannah Reeder and, together, we make an experienced and formidable team.

In addition to this, we also have a lovely new Y11 Head of Year office which can be found on the school’s Main Admin Corridor by the Trophy Cabinet. Its central location in the school means we are best placed for students to access support and sharing a corridor with School Reception, Ms Stainsby’s office and our new School Nurse’s office means we have every means of support at our fingertips.

Since starting back, Y11 have been enjoying the privacy of their new social area and Y11 Common Room: definitely one of the privileges of being in the final year of AHS! As well as having exclusive use of this zone where they can buy food and drinks, Y11 will also have access to the main hall as an additional space from 1:30 each day to provide more space to spead out. We are also eagerly anticipating the completion of three new outdoor gazebos which will be added to the Y11 outdoor social space from late October.

One of the highlights of our return to school has been the return of our Act of Collective Worship which will take place each Friday afternoon. It has felt incredibly gratifying to gather as a whole year group again and it marks a much-welcomed sense of normality this school year. This week, we focused on the next (and, for many, final) stage of our Archbishop Holgate’s School Journey: Next Steps. As well as supporting Year 11 through their all-important GCSE examinations, our priority this year will be to ensure that every child is equipped with the experience and skills they need to secure their goals upon leaving Year 11. These conversations have already begun in earnest in Form times with all students filling out their dreams for the future in their new AHS Journey Passport and beginning (or in most cases, continuing) a dialogue with Form tutors about their ambitions and how they might get there. We will also be looking forward to inviting our Y11 students to Sixth Form Open Evening on 2nd November where they will be able to access a lot more information and get a taster of the facilities we have to offer for our Sixth Formers.

In the meantime, we have hit the ground running for planning for the Y11 Prom (Thursday 23rd June 2022). We would really like our students to have their own democratic input on this and so are offering to set up a Prom Committee whereby students can have their say in planning the event. Students are invited to meet on Thursday after school in EN1 if they would like to take part.

We look forward to another successful upcoming week, in which we hope we will continue to see our students upholding the highest standards of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and school uniform. As role models for the rest of our younger school community, we expect nothing less

If you have any issues regarding your child in Year 11, please do get in touch with Miss Turvey (Head of Year 11), Miss Chambers (Assistant Head of Year 11) or Mrs Reeder (Year 11 Pastoral Support Worker) or contact school reception.

Post 16 – Mrs DeLashley, Mrs Walton, Miss Balmer and Miss Cox 

Upcoming Open Evening

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to showcase the school later this month at the Year 6 Open Evening but we cannot do it without the help of students in the Sixth Form. We need almost all of them to support us that evening. Please encourage your son/daughter to return their reply slips ASAP.

Y12 Start

Year 12 continue to make an excellent start in their lessons and feedback from subject staff has been fantastic. It is important that if students wish to make a subject change that they speak to Mrs Balmer or Mrs De Lashley as soon as possible so that changes can be made in good time. Students who have already had a timetable change must make sure that they catch up on any work missed.


Year 13 PhysicsMiss GrayY13PhysicsIt was great to see year 13 getting ‘stuck in’ with some challenging physics! Great attitude and effort level, thank you!
Ewan WilkieMr ThompsonY13ChemistrySpot on effort working out the mechanisms!
Billy HearldMiss CoxY12PsychologyFor settling in well and being proactive in asking questions
Jessica Firth, Elise Saxton, Jessica Simpson, Dan SaidMiss CoxY12PsychologyWell done for actively participating and sharing ideas in discussions
13C/AP1Miss CoxY13Applied PsychologyWell done for excellent engagement with the topic of addiction. Great Q&A.
Tia HardyMiss MontaguY12GeographyGreat first start in Geography- well done!
12C/Et1Mrs BalmerY12English LiteratureA fab start to A-level Literature!
Alex Kemp/George AtangMrs BeardY13BTEC SportA fantastic start to our Unit 2 exam topic.
Ivy TegetmeierMiss JennawayY12SociologyA fantastic first attempt at a written assessment question and great verbal contributions in class.
Lewis HansonMr WilliamsY13Media StudiesWell done Lewis, you’re proving to be an astute media student with your mature, conceptual answers in class. Mr Williams
Matthew Barber and Kirsty HarrisonY12ERE RSHEThey have shown superb maturity and the ability to empathise with sensitive material, well done!
Izzy LofthouseDr Osman and Mr ThompsonY13ChemistryDropped just one mark in the Y12 EOY exam. Blimey!
Lucy AustinMr GibsonY13GermanGreat start to the year and coming to extra German sessions. Very well done
12A/Fr1Jill ArmesY12FrenchShout out to Y12 french for fantastic engagement in your first few lessons.
James RudlingMr KnoxY12HistoryVery strong start to A-level History! Well done.
George BurtMr KnoxY12HistoryExcellent start to History at A-level. Well done
Wiktoria KwiecinskaMr KnoxY12HistoryA very strong start to History. Keep your confidence up – you’ll done brilliantly!
Gabe SmythMr KnoxY12HistoryYour excellent start has not gone unnoticed. Well done.
Mrs Pi’s Y12 Further MathsMrs PriceY12MathsWell done for completely smashing your first topic on series. Bring on the assessment scores!!!
Mrs Pi’s Y13 Maths classMrs PriceY13MathsBrilliant start to the year with radians. Here’s to me marking fantastic assessments!!!
Rebecca TeasdaleSarah RedmanY12Form timeShown kindness towards a new student and made her first few weeks very enjoyable!
Year 12 PhysicsMiss GrayY12PhysicsWhat an impressive start! Thank you
Grace Martin & Maisie ChiversMiss CoxY12Applied psychologyExcellent contributions and good questioning to develop understanding – well done. 

Collective Worship

This week our Form Tutor Collective Worship looks at how people are important to God and he wants to be like a hedge of protection around us. Looking at, just like the birds and the lilies, he wants to care for us.

Monday – “A God wise enough to create me and the world I live in is wise enough to watch out for me.” – Philip Yancey, best-selling American Christian author
Tuesday – “If God is with us, we have no cause of fear. His eye is upon us, His arm over us, His ear open to our prayer – His grace sufficient, His promise unchangeable.” – John Newton, 18th C. captain of slave ships who later became abolitionist
Wednesday – “You can go to God Most High to hide. You can go to God All-Powerful for protection. I say to the Lord, ‘You are my place of safety, my fortress. My God, I trust in you’.” – The Bible, Psalm 91:1-2
Thursday – “God’s love does not protect us from suffering. God’s love protects us in the midst of suffering.” – Hans Kung, Swiss Catholic priest, theologian, and author b.1928 d.2021
Friday – “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” – The Bible, Psalm 46:1

Extra-curricular Music timetable 2021-22

WB. 20th Sept Wellbeing Newsletter 25