Mr A Green-Harding
Head of School

Dear parents and carers,

This week starts with the mock examinations for Year 10 students who have worked incredibly hard in the lead up to these assessments. The students have shown a strong commitment to their studies which will inevitably place them in a good position for these 10 mock examinations, which serve as key academic benchmarks.

Over the first half of the week our Year 7 students will take part in the trips to Flamborough Head as part of their Geography studies. This is a fantastic trip in which students will learn about coastal features and the tourism industry within this area.

The week rounds off with our Year 13 Prom which takes place on Friday at the Hilton. We are all very much looking forward to wishing our students celebrating their time with us at Archbishop Holgate’s School and wishing them farewell ahead of their next steps.

As a school we are making preparations for our off timetable enrichment week which commences in the final week of term. Please keep a careful watch on parent pay for details regarding the rewards trips that take place in that week. Alongside this, your child will have received an enrichment week booklet highlighting all of the fantastic activities that are available during this week and in particular on the Friday. Please look at this booklet with your child at home as there are some notes on what equipment and clothing they might need for some of the activities (e.g. coming into school in sportswear if they are doing a sporting activity on one of the days).

Finally, I do need to highlight that unfortunately there will be further Industrial Action taking place on Wednesday 5 July and Friday 7 July. We will write to you shortly regarding details for these two days of strike action.


Health and wellbeing is an important part of life at Archbishop Holgate’s School, in order to read the wellbeing newsletter for this week – please click here.

Head of Year Awards

Year GroupNameFormReasonLink to School Values
Year 7 Numan Ahmed7CSTFor living the school values every day and always doing the right thing. Well Done!Individual Liberty
Year 7 Holly Williams7CYFor living the school values every day and always doing the right thing. Well Done!Individual Liberty
Year 8 Lily Jackson8ECoWell done for your fantastic performance in the Girl’s Football county cup!AHS Journey – ‘Opportunities’
Year 8 Meyra Mehmed8MSrWell done for your fantastic performance in the Girl’s Football county cup AND for being girl of the match scoring a hat-trick!AHS Journey – ‘Opportunities’
Year 8 Lucy Norman8ECoWell done for your fantastic performance in the Girl’s Football county cup!AHS Journey – ‘Opportunities’
Year 8 Grace Slack8BSlWell done for your fantastic performance in the Girl’s Football county cup!AHS Journey – ‘Opportunities’
Year 8 Elinor Bevan8ERsWell done for your fantastic performance in the Girl’s Football county cup!AHS Journey – ‘Opportunities’
Year 9 Lowri Spruce9CrA model student who consistently lives the school values.AHS Journey – ‘Understanding Yourself and Others’
Year 9 Holly Hunter9NThFor being a kind, compassionate and supportive friend.AHS Journey – ‘Understanding Yourself and Others’
Year 10 Russell Broadbent10ABtFor just being consistent, hardworking, well behaved and reliable. Living our school values into being.AHS Journey – ‘Responsibility and Resilience’
Year 10 Harley Young10KMdFor just being consistent, hardworking, well behaved and reliable. Living our school values into being.AHS Journey – ‘Responsibility and Resilience’
Year 11 All of you!Year 11Well done for completing your GCSEs (for the majority of you!) Those that still have a few left next week – one last push and the we can celebrate!AHS Journey – ‘Next Steps’
Year 12 Ben Rowan12HGaFor amazing teamwork and helping members of the team that were struggling on the protective service expedition.Compassion
Year 12Regan Nicholas12 EDnFor amazing teamwork and helping members of the team that were struggling on the protective service expedition.Compassion

Year team messages to parents and carers

Each week, the pastoral year teams will communicate any key messages, successes and upcoming dates to be aware of in this section of the parent bulletin.

A message from the Sixth Form pastoral team

Y13 Key Dates:

  • Prom – Friday 23rd June Hilton, York
  • A Level Results – Thursday 17th August (invites have already been sent)

BTEC Stand-Down
For our Year 13 BTEC students that have not yet completed their coursework and been signed -off, they must attend school each day to their timetable BTEC lessons and when not in a timetabled lesson we have a planned study space for them to continue working on their coursework to meet our very tight deadlines before we submit final marks. Students that do not meet the deadline will not be able to claim their qualification this year. It is important that they continue to attend.

REMINDER A Level Exam Timetable
Please find below the next week’s timetable of exams. The rest of the timetable will follow each week.

  • Students arrive 15 mins before the exam start time.
  • All students go to Black Square to check the seating plans and then go to their location.

Possible locations:

  1. Sports Hall
  2. Drama Studio
  3. SFS
  4. SF Library
  5. SF Café
Monday 19 JuneFrench Paper 2
Computer Science Paper 2
2hr 30m
SF Library
SF Library
Chemistry Paper 2
RE Paper 2
SF Library
SF Library
Tuesday 20 JuneMaths Paper 32hrSF Library
Wednesday 21 JuneBiology Paper 32hrCafé
Thursday 22 June
Friday 23 JuneChemistry Paper 3
RE Paper 3
SF Library
SF Library

Y12 Upcoming dates

  • Hull University Trip – 28th June: Please ensure you register for the event through the Google Classroom link
  • Oxford University Trip – 28th June: Reply slips to Mr Gladstone asap please
  • A Level Mock Exams – wc 3rd July
  • Y12 Enrichment Week (off timetable) – wc 10th July
  • Y12 UCAS Evening – 11th July
  • Y12 Work Experience (not in school) – wc 17th July: All placements should now be on Grofar platform

REMINDER Yr 12 Competitive Admissions Test Tuition

BMAT Group 1Mon 15th May 11:15-12:15pmMon 22nd May 11:15-12:15Mon 5th June 11:15-12:15pm
BMAT Group 2Thurs 18th May 12:55-13:55Thurs 25th May 12:55-13:55Thurs 8th June 12:55-13:55
UCAT Group 1Weds 14th June 2-3pmWeds 21st June 2-3pmWeds 28th June 2-3pm
UCAT Group 2Weds 17th May 2-3pmWeds 24th May 2-3pmWeds 7th June 2-3pm
MATWeds 14th June 13:45-14:45Weds 21st June 2-3pmWeds 28th June 2-3pm

Year 12 End of Year Assessments Timetable
Students are entering the first of two weeks worth of revision lessons in their A-Level subjects. End of Year Assessments takes place in the week beginning July 3rd. Students have had useful revision strategy materials shared with them on the year group Google Classroom and have been encouraged to speak with subject staff for additional strategies. It is expected that revision at home will have begun by now.

Monday 3rdTuesday 4thWednesday 5thThursday 6thFriday 7th
Morning 8:55
Period 1 & 2
English Literature 2hrs
Geography 1hr 30m
Religious Education 2hrsBiology 2hrs
Computing 1hr 30m
Politics 2hrs
Physics 2hrsChemistry 2hrs
Media Studies 1hr 30m
BREAKSports HallSports Hall and Exams 1 & 2Sports Hall & Exams 1Sports Hall & Exams 1 & 2Sports Hall
Midday 11:15
Period 3 & 4
History 2hrs
Theatre Studies 2hrs
Sociology 2hrs
Further Maths 2hrs 30m
Psychology 2hrs 30mEnglish Language 2hrs 30m
Music 2hrs
Mathematics 2hrs 30m
LUNCHSports Hal & Exams 1Sports HallSports Hall & Exams 2Sports Hall & Exams 2Sports Hall

Medical Appointments

We understand that it is not easy to get a doctor or dentist appointment currently. However, we do ask that whenever possible these appointments are made outside the school day to minimise the impact on your child’s learning. Due to the increasing number of missed lessons due to medical appointments, we are now asking for formal evidence of these appointments.

A message from the Year 11 pastoral team

Another superb week for Year 11, with the vast majority of the students finishing their exams this week. They were overjoyed to be finished and I am really proud of how hard they have worked over this marathon exam season. I know the students of Further Maths and Food Technology still have exams next week, but I would like to say the conduct of the Year group throughout this period has been superb. I am sure we will all be celebrating some really positive outcomes in the summer on results day.

Myself and Miss Stocks went to visit the Prom venue this week, to see how the preparations for the event were going. I am really excited about the venue at the racecourse, and I’m sure the students will have a well deserved celebration for all the hard work they have put into their exams. We have hired an official photographer for the evening, but parents are more than welcome to have photographs as they drop the student off on their way into Prom. If you have any questions or concerns before the event, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the Year 11 pastoral team and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

As this is the last parent newsletter piece I will be writing, I wanted to mark the occasion by saying a few thank you’s. Firstly, I want to thank the students, who have been an absolute pleasure over the last three years. It has been a real privilege to see you become the fantastic young people you are today and I am very proud to have been a small part of that. I know that we have a vast number of musicians, athletes, actors, academics and artists in the year group, but whatever you find yourself doing in the future I know you will be a success.

I hope to see you all back for the sixth form, but I wish you every success for the future regardless of the path you choose. I would also like to take his opportunity to thank the parents, who have been brilliant to work with. I have really valued the open and honest communication we have had and I think this has played a significant part in the success of the year group. Finally, I ‘d like to thank the amazing pastoral team I have had the pleasure to work with over the last few years, who have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety, wellbeing and academic success of the students in year 11.

I look forward to catching up with parents properly at prom and on results day in August, where I am sure we will all be celebrating the success of the students. However, in the meantime if there are any questions you have or require assistance in any way, then please feel free to get in touch. 

As parents may be aware, we operate a uniform shop at school and would gladly appreciate any and all donations of uniform that is no longer needed.  Equally, if your child has revision guides/resources that they no longer need we would also gratefully receive any of these.  Any donations families want to make can be dropped off in reception. 

A message from the Year 10 pastoral team.

It has been a real pleasure to see how well Year 10 have stepped up to their mock revision over the last few weeks, lots of our year group have taken on board the advice given in form time and in our Acts of Collective Worship and it is clear they want to do well. I just want to say before the mocks start I am extremely proud of their effort they have put in and more importantly they should be proud of themselves, I am certain we are going to have a successful few weeks.

Therefore a few reminders for mocks starting next week (Monday 19th June for two weeks):

  1. We ask families for 100% attendance, in full school uniform and on time to make sure we can spend time with our young people getting them ready to go in for their exam.
  2. They have the correct equipment, clear pencil case, two black pens, two pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, protractor, compass, scientific calculator (they don’t need this until Thursday’s maths exam).

Mock exams are a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and even just get a good understanding of how the exam process works, I am really looking forward to seeing our young people shine.

Furthermore please click here for the presentation from the mock information evening that myself and Miss McDermott delivered.

As I have previously mentioned, we have been giving rewards for students doing independent revision including rewards for attending 5 sessions, I have given lots of these out this week which has been fantastic.

Furthermore on Wednesday P5, the top students who had attended the most revision sessions had pizza, ice cream and a game of rounders on the field, to celebrate their effort in revision for their mocks, the students were as follows:

Lewis Gray 10SLa
Oscar Pearson 10MHe
Mia Bell 10KMd
Imogen Dean 10ABt
Madison Lees 10ABt
Ed Candlin 10ABt
Clementine Ensor 10ABt
Iza Fisher 10EWr
Ella-Mae Norman 10KMd
Thomas Leonard 10JLi
Jasmine Lowe 10ABt
Russell Broadbent 10ABt
Cynthia Lakos 10EWr
Archie Prescott 10ABt
Emily Barber 10KMd
Imogen Brewer 10Ha
Eloise Burn 10SLa
Joseph Coyle 10ABt
Poppy Hearld 10ABt
Leah Imran 10EWr
Lola Keogh 10ABt
India Reynolds 10ABt
Keira Sharp 10KMd
Ibrahim Katesh 10JLi
Katheryn Seavers 10Pl
Luke Richardson 10RDn

I just wanted to say spending time with these students was a real pleasure, it truly was a joy and makes me so proud to be Head of Year 10. Mr McPaul and I had a fantastic time and I got great pleasure in my team beating Mr McPauls at rounders (unfortunately for him I will never let him forget it)!

Good luck Year 10 for next week, I am sure you will all have a fantastic few weeks of mocks.

Another thing to mention is the rewards trip in the last week of term to Alton Towers, linked to good behaviour and attendance in the mocks, permission and payment is done online through ParentPay – if you are struggling to access this please contact reception and they can ask finance to resend details on how to login for you. I know the year group are already looking forward to enrichment week and the trip to Alton Towers, it will certainly be a fun well deserved day!

If you have any queries regarding your young person in Year 10, then please do get in touch by emailing myself (, Mr McPaul ( and/or Mrs Robinson ( or calling main school reception and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you – Miss Deacon

A message from the Year 9 pastoral team

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate Year 9 on their recent assessment week. They displayed great resilience and dedication, especially considering the warm weather conditions. Well done to all the students for their hard work and commitment.

With the weather being so warm at the moment we encourage students to take precautions when outside at lunch and break. We would encourage them to wear sun cream, a hat, to cover up from the sun as much as possible, drink plenty of water throughout the day and to seek shade when outside if they become too warm.

We would like to remind you that the sign-up for the Drayton Manor trip is open via Parent Pay. This trip is a reward for all the hard work that students have done throughout the year and we would love as many students as possible to attend the trip. This exciting outing is a fantastic opportunity for the students to have a memorable day and create lasting memories. We encourage you to secure your child’s spot as soon as possible.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that enrichment week is just around the corner. Booklets containing detailed information about the activities planned for each day have been distributed to the students this Friday. Enrichment week promises to be an exciting time for the students, providing them with unique learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

We appreciate your ongoing support and involvement in your child’s education. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Year team.

A message from the Year 8 pastoral team

The half term is well underway now and students have been enjoying the lovely weather this week! It has been great to see students playing with the sports equipment at breaks and lunchtimes or having some quiet time in the shade in the courtyard cafe or the libraries. The weather is now very hot so we encourage students to come to school with a sun hat and sunglasses to wear between lessons and at social times as well as sun cream and enough water bottles to fill at breaks and lunchtimes to keep them hydrated throughout the school day. Students are still expected to wear their ties with top buttons done up at this stage but are no longer required to bring their red jumper into school. Thank you for your ongoing support with our uniform rules.

There is a buzz around school as we look towards the final week of term and enrichment activities! If your child is going on one of the languages trips abroad, you should have attended a parent meeting earlier this week giving you information about itinerary, packing list and what to expect on the trip. If your child is not going on one of these trips, they will have received an enrichment week booklet with a detailed list of the activities they will be taking part in during the last week of term. As with last year, these activities are a mixture of sporting activities, creative activities as well as a personal choice of three different one hour sessions on the final Friday. Please do look at this booklet with your child at home as there are some notes on what equipment and clothing they might need for some of the activities (e.g. coming into school in sportswear if they are doing a sporting activity on one of the days).

If students are in school that final week, they will also be going to Flamingoland on the Tuesday. We are asking that parents cover the cost of the theme park as school are paying for the coaches to transport students there. If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium support, we are asking that you give a contribution towards this. Please make sure you do fill out Parent Pay as this is where we are gaining consent for your child to go on the trip. Any problems or queries, please do let us know.

Finally, I would like to point you in the direction of our longer year 8 segment in the newsletter this week which goes into more detail about some of the successes and achievements we have had this year and includes some lovely pictures of our students at the year 8 disco.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch with reception who can put you in touch with our team and a polite reminder that if you would like to see our team in person, you must make an appointment with reception first.

A message from the Year 7 pastoral team

We have had a lovely week with year 7 in the sunshine. It has been lovely to see students independently managing their routine with a full week of lessons. As the weather is getting warmer, please ensure your child is well equipped for the heat. We recommend students wear sun cream every day, wear a cap/hat where appropriate and bring a bottle of water every day. There are hydration stations around school where students can refill bottles throughout the day.

This week students received their parents evening letters and appointment sheets. They were spoken to by the year team about how to manage and book their own appointments. This is a great way for students to learn independence, confidence and organisation. If you feel your child may need support with this, you cannot come to parents evening or have any questions about it please contact the year team via main school reception.

Students also received their enrichment week booklet on Friday. They need to choose 3 activity choices from the list for their Friday options on the last day of term. These are allocated on a first come first served basis and students are asked to pick 2 reserves. Students can hand these to the year team, form tutor or to main reception.

Finally, it is hard to believe that we are reaching the end of the year. The year group continue to do themselves proud and keep high standards. We are very proud of them. As always, if you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact the year team.

Well Done to our Students of the Week:
7ASU – Izzy Carter – for being an excellent and articulate presenter of the News!
7CMM – Isabel Thomas- For shining when representing the school this fortnight in Athletics. Brilliant stuff!
7PI – Lily Croft – a fantastic first year at AHS. Very well done Lily!
7HV – Sofia Boudjema- For bringing in your joke cards, we loved them!
7MPE – Luca Temple – for being a fantastic member of 7MPE. Well Done!!
7CST – Maisie Bennett- For having a great half term so far and for contributing in form time discussions. Well done Maisie!
7MLN – Oliver Duffil – For always being polite and cheerful, thanks for being such a positive pupil!
7JHE – Gabriel Lewis – for holding himself to high standards!
7BL – Penny Adlam-for always being organised and punctual to lessons. Attendance has also been great. Keep it up!
7ZBL – Lily Owen-Wright – for fantastic attendance, punctuality and lots of positives! Well done.
7CY – Jonno Hall-Mckenzie for always living out the school values. You have had a fantastic year so far. Well Done!

Well Done to our two Head of Year Awards:
Numan Ahmed 7CST – For living the school values every day and always doing the right thing. Well Done!
Holly Williams 7CY – For living the school values every day and always doing the right thing. Well Done!

Word of the week

The word of the week for week commencing 19 June is:


Adjective: not yielding in strength, severity or determination

“The heat was unrelenting”

Collective Worship

This coming week is Refugee Week in the UK and our form tutor collective worship is inspired by this theme. We will consider a number of factors surrounding this issue and look at some of the realities of being a refugee. Our daily quotes are all on the theme of our response to refugees..

“I was a stranger and you welcomed me”
Matthew 25: 35, The Bible

“A refugee is someone who survived and who can create the future.”
Amela Koluder, Norwegian author

“You should act toward the stranger who lives among you as you would toward one born among you. Love him as you love yourself.”
Leviticus 19: 34, The Bible

“We have a legal and moral obligation to protect people fleeing bombs, bullets and tyrants, and throughout history those people have enriched our society.”
Juliet Stevenson, English actress of stage and screen

“Do not mistreat or oppress a foreigner, for you were foreigners in Egypt.”
Exodus 22: 21, The Bible