We are delighted that the pattern of outstanding performance at post 16 has continued and we are very proud of every child’s achievement. This year has brought another set of excellent results. We are delighted for the young people collecting their results today. Their results are testament to their continued hard work and commitment, resulting in:

  • An amazing 54% of all grades were A*-A/Distinction*-Distinction
  • 97% of all students achieved at least one A*-B at A Level or equivalent
  • 77% of entries were A*-B or equivalent
  • 100% of grades were A*-E or equivalent

Mrs De Lashley, Head of Sixth Form said “This has been an excellent year for our Sixth Form students. These results reflect resilience, commitment and genuine aspiration. They stand as an example to the young people in our school community of what can be achieved through hard work and determination. We are delighted to have supported these young people in taking a step closer to their future aspirations and whilst we will miss them at Archbishop’s, we know that they will continue to enrich the wider communities they are part of. We are absolutely thrilled for the young people collecting their results today. We wish them all the very best for the future and look forward to hearing about all of their successes to come.”

Head of School, Alexis Green-Harding, said: “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students who have received their examination results today. Their remarkable achievements stand as a testament to their commitment, hard work, and steadfast determination. These individuals have not only excelled academically but have also enriched our school community over the past seven years. We are grateful to our students for their contributions, helping to shape our school and making it a special place to belong.

We appreciate the support from families over the years and we wish our Year 13 leavers good luck in their next steps. We offer them our best wishes for the exciting journey that lies ahead and we are confident they will continue to shine in their future endeavours.

Although results days are first and foremost about individual young people and their achievements, I am delighted to say that the overall results for the school remain outstanding and I would like to thank all our staff for the part they have played in this.

Whilst we will celebrate the achievements of all of our students in person today we felt it important to highlight a small selection of students who have received exemplary results.”

  • Reilly Adams: A Biology, A Chemistry, A Maths, A Physics
  • Matthew Barber: A History, A Biology, A Maths
  • Emma Beale: A Chemistry, A Computer Science, A Physics , A Maths
  • Ben Bellerby: A History, Double distinction* Sport, Distinction* Applied Law
  • Ila Bhattacharya: A* Psychology, A Biology, A Chemistry
  • Abbey Driffield: A* Maths, A* Chemistry, A Further Maths, A Biology
  • Finley Ensor: A* History, A* Politics, A* Sociology, A* Extended Project
  • Jake Fewlass: A Maths, A Chemistry, A Biology, A Extended Project
  • Chloe Firth: A* Psychology, A* Geography, Distinction* Applied Law
  • Fenton Griffiths: A* French, A* History, A* RE, A* Extended Project
  • Alexandra Hall: Distinction* Applied Science, Distinction* Applied Psychology, Double Distinction* Health and Social Care
  • Billy Hearld: A* History, A English Literature, A Sociology, A Extended Project
  • Joe Merrison: A* Psychology, A* Sociology, A Re, Distinction* ICT
  • Onett Perera: A* Maths, A Further Maths, A Chemistry, A Physics
  • Aimee Reed: A* Media, A Psychology, Distinction* Applied Law and Distinction* Business
  • Ivy Tegetmeier: A* Psychology, A* Sociology, A English Language, A Extended Project
  • Karen Walters: A* Biology, A* Chemistry, A* Geography and A* Extended Project
  • Ellie White: A* Sociology, A* Media, A Psychology and A Maths
  • Jonathan Wilson: A* Chemistry, A* Maths, A* Physics. A* Computer Science
  • Lento Yamagata: A* Biology, A* Chemistry, A* Maths, A* Extended Project
  • Sophie Warburton: A History, A Psychology, Distinction* Sport, A* Extended Project