Building on our excellent Sixth Form results last week I am delighted to say that our Year 11 students have also performed exceptionally, across the full range of reformed GCSE qualifications. Last year’s student progress was outstanding, in the top 10% nationally, and we are delighted that early analysis indicates 2018 results are equally as strong. 86% of students passed their English GCSE and 74%of students passing their Maths, a superb achievement given the rigour of these qualifications. Furthermore over three-quarters of all subjects performed in the top 25% (or better) for student progress. This reflects the strength and breadth of the curriculum and the hard work of students and staff here at Archbishop’s. I would like to thank all our students and their parents for their commitment to the school. For me and the staff it is a great privilege to be part of an outstanding school and to know we continue to make a real difference in the lives of these young people.”

We are delighted to say that our Year 11 students have also performed exceptionally well across all subject areas. Indeed over 60% of the year group secured at least one grade 8/9/A* or Distinction*, which they should be extremely proud of. Special mention should also be made to the 24 students who achieved 9 or more A, A*, 8 and 9 grade qualifications:

L Avey (10)
C Deighton (10)
I Ffrench-Adam (11)
B Goodliffe (10)
W Harpa (10)
M Heather (10)
G Kazakova (10)
R Kearney (10)
R Kearney (10)
B Martin (10)
H Matravers (10)
E Merriam (10)
A Morter (11)
Z Naveed (10)
E Pearse (10)
E Pegram (11)
E Pickering (10)
H Pincombe (11)
N Robinson (11)
J Sinaga (10)
T Stanage (10)
E Ungar (11)
D Usher (10)
Y Wilson-Moss (10)

At Archbishop’s 54 students (over a quarter of Year 11) achieved more than a grade higher than national performance across all their GCSEs. Students making exceptional progress include:

Ellie Myers
Zuha Naveed
Harrison Pincombe
Bryn Martin
Eleanor Pegram
Kevin Fu
Livia Avey
Erika Pearse
Lily Fernandez
Mae Tipping
Toby Stanage
Maia Kazakova Garcia
Rebecca Mardall
Imogen Lewis Ogden
Kitty May
Aasiyah Surve
Natalie Roberts
Thomas Smith

We also look forward to the Progress 8 score for this cohort which should be extremely impressive. I would like to thank all our staff, our students and their parents for their hard work and commitment to the school, which has rightly been rewarded with excellent grades for themselves but also record results for the school.

Alexis Green-Harding Deputy Head says “These results are a testament to all the hard work and dedication of both Staff and students. As the government continues to introduce increasing rigour in GCSE standards it is really pleasing to see our students leading progress nationally.

Miss Francesca De Lashley, Director of Sixth Form says “With our students reaping the rewards of their hard work and commitment, the majority will be looking forward to starting on their A levels or Level 3 BTECs very soon. We are very excited and privileged to be welcoming so many ambitious and hard-working students back into our outstanding Sixth Form. We look forward to supporting them in the next steps of their academic career.

This morning has seen huge celebrations at Archbishop Holgate’s School. Mr Williams, Head of Year 11 said “Both myself and the Year 11 team are incredibly proud of the excellent results achieved by Year 11. The results are a testament to the dedication and commitment each student has shown, not just in the exams but over the last five years at Archbishop Holgate’s School. Each set of results reflects a personal success story for each student and it has been a privilege to celebrate and share their achievements today. These results have been achieved through hard work and the enduring relationships which they have built with the dedicated staff at Archbishops. I know Year 11 are very grateful for all staff have done to support them. These results will provide strong foundations for our students to go on and achieve their potential in whatever they decide to do next. I wish them the very best in the future.

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