Building on our excellent Sixth Form results last week we are delighted to say that our Year 11 students have also performed exceptionally, across the full range of reformed GCSE qualifications. Last year’s student progress was outstanding, in the top 10% nationally and the strongest locally. We are delighted that early analysis indicates 2019 results are even stronger and will be amongst the very best results nationally for progress and attainment.

88% of all our students passed their English GCSE, 83% of our students passed their Maths GCSE, with 80% of our students achieving a pass in both English and Maths, a superb achievement given the rigour of these qualifications.

Furthermore, 29% of all our GCSE entries were graded 7 or above, highlighting some exceptional performance across a range of academic subjects, with one-quarter of our students achieving at least 5 or more of these very best grades.

We are delighted to say that our Year 11 students have performed exceptionally well across all subject areas. Indeed 59% of the year group secured at least one grade 7/8/9/A* or Distinction*, which they should be extremely proud of.

Special mention should also be made to the 26 students who achieved 9 or more A, A*,7, 8 and 9 grade qualifications including:

Samantha Atkinson
Laura Bettles
Joshua Carr
Sophie Eastwood
Emily Etty
Mia Fairburn
Eliza Gladstone
Dominic Harrold
Madia Harvey
Bobby Lamb
Bailey McBride
Siobhan Osman
Edith Pearse
Thomas Pinder
Joseph Pipe
Olivia Stevens
Joshua Tobin
Madoc Wade
Harriet Watkins
Katy Weld

At Archbishops 98 students (45% of the year group) achieved a grade higher than national performance across all of their GCSEs.

We also look forward to the Progress 8 score for this cohort which should be extremely impressive, building on the +0.53 in 2017 and +0.60 in 2018 which placed Archbishop Holgate’s in the top 10% of schools nationally.

Andrew Daly, Headteacher said: “I would like to thank all our staff, our students and their parents for their hard work and commitment to the school, which has rightly been rewarded with excellent grades for themselves but also record results for the school.”

Alexis Green-Harding Deputy Head said: “These results are a testament to all the hard work and dedication of both staff and students. As the government continues to introduce increasing rigour in GCSE standards it is really pleasing to see our students leading progress nationally.”

Hannah Turvey, Head of Year 11 said: “GCSE results day is the pinnacle of eleven years of education and it has been a joy and privilege to share the last five of those years with our Year 11 students at Archbishop Holgate’s. The diligence, resourcefulness and hard work of our students (and staff) has been reflected in their individual results and shared today with staff, students, parents and friends through tears, laughter, delight, relief and a sense of a job well done. As our students journey forward to sixth form, apprenticeships or work I hope they will take with them the school values of justice, compassion, forgiveness and trust and endeavour to make their family and community proud. We wish them every future success and all the best.”