We are proud of the academic support we have in place for students and are confident that we are well-placed to support them on their academic journeys.  Support includes:
  • A recognition that the most effective academic support comes from high quality lessons.  We prioritise this absolutely and are confident that in investment in staff training, lesson resources and curriculum ensures that excellent lessons are the norm
  • Assessment weeks for each year group, calendared every year, with revision resources we teach students how to use effectively
  • A revision skills programme from Year 7 onwards, that aims to support the development of effective revision over a five year period
  • A full study skills programme for Year 11 students, to ensure that they are fully prepared for their exams
  • A commitment to carrying out all KS4 and KS5 mock examinations in exam board conditions, to ensure that students gain the necessary practice and confidence
  • A range of interventions including one-to-one English and Maths, Phonics intervention, PM registration intervention (KS4) and P6 sessions (KS4 and KS5)
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