We are extremely proud of the wealth of opportunities we provide for students to go ‘beyond the curriculum’, which exist to enhance their personal development and support their cultural and social awareness, so that can flourish into well-rounded individuals. This underpins our commitment to values, care and achievement. Below are examples of the types of experiences we can engage with, as well an example of our Extra-Curricular Timetable, which changes every term.

Sporting Opportunities
Outdoor Adventure
Arts and Crafts
Hobbies and Interests
Performing Arts
Enrichment Week
Trips and Visits
Young Leaders

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Opportunities

Extra Curricular Timetable

We are very proud of our commitment to providing a wide-ranging and varied Extra Curricular Programme here at Archbishop’s. Understandably, our usual timetable has had to be reduced because of Covid-19 for the Autumn Term at least. The document below details what we can safely offer before half-term – we hope to add more activities from November onwards. We will continue to revise and refresh the programme throughout the year and ensure both students and parents/carers are kept informed about what’s on offer.

Music Concerts

Each year there is always a wide selection of opportunities to perform, these include:

  • Carol Service in the Minster
  • School Show
  • Summer Concerts

Why not see the virtual summer concert we held during lockdown: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnu3JY_YC5XQV-3TiA81HYviAmy8l7Seb