Archbishop’s prides itself on the wide range of trips and visits both locally and internationally that play a vital part in enriching the curriculum and giving our students valuable life experiences that will linger in their memories long after they’ve left school.

This begins in Year 7 where the whole year group go on a residential to Bewerley Park to help foster a sense of community and begin to develop skills for life that we believe are essential to their development as well-rounded individuals.

Regular European and international trips also take place from Year 8 onwards. Students regularly get the option to visit France and Germany, as part of the MFL and Technology curriculum, as well as Italy to help develop their artistic skills and geographical knowledge and understanding.

We also host an annual ski trip and visit to Auschwitz in conjunction with the Holocaust Education Trust, as well as those once in a lifetime visits, which have seen us travel further afield to India, Kenya, Vietnam, South Africa and the United States.

We wholeheartedly believe that educational visits can enrich learning. Our trips and visits are reviewed and planned on an annual basis to provide opportunities for students to go ‘beyond the formal curriculum’. Each year parents receive a ‘Key Dates’ document which includes all pre-planned events for the year, including trips.

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Below are just a selection of the trips that happen.