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York Minster Carol Service

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Every December we celebrate our annual carol service in York Minster. This event has grown in recent years to become a popular community occasion and one of the largest school carol services in the region. This really is one of the best evenings of the year, showcasing our commitment as a Church school and the Values and Care that underpin all we do. The service is open to parents, family, friends, former pupils and members of the public to join us to celebrate Christ’s birth and afterwards have mince pies and mulled wine. In recent years we have been delighted to welcome the Civic Party to join us.

A great deal of planning and preparation goes into the event, not just from the students who participate by singing, reading, acting and dancing, but also by those behind the scenes. Every year it is especially impressive that all the technology on the evening is delivered by a team of students, rather than by members of staff. Most years pupils from Badger Hill, Heworth, Stamford Bridge, Warter, Wilberfoss and a variety of other Primary Schools also participate too. Our annual Carol Service in York Minster is another important sign of our origins as York’s cathedral school and the continuing link between the Church and Archbishop Holgate’s.

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