“For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

Archbishop Holgate’s is committed to developing the life chances of all students, and aims to encourage and inspire them through a comprehensive programme of CEIAG. Students participate in a range of activities which include learning about themselves: their personality, strengths and qualities. They will begin to explore different career options in the modern world and gain an awareness of how they begin to research and plan various career paths.

Our aims for CEIAG are embedded within the school development plan, linked into every department area and are an intrinsic part of the work we do to inspire and motivate students to achieve their very best. In addition to encouraging students to think about and plan their future pathways, our CEIAG provides an invaluable opportunity for us to motivate and inspire our young people to really fulfil their potential, it is for this reason that CEIAG is embedded within every key stage, across every subject. As a learning community, we are fully committed to providing the students in our care with the very best educational opportunities. We are committed to guiding the students in making the best choices with regards to their personal, social and educational development. We want all our young people to make informed choices and be equipped to make wider contributions to our local community and therefore adhere to section 42b of the Education Act of 1997 (commonly referred to as the ‘Baker Clause’). Our policy promotes equality of opportunity, celebrates diversity and challenges stereotypes.

All year groups will meet with employers and other outside agencies to gain independent and impartial advice about the options which are best suited to them as individuals. As part of Careers Advice, Guidance and Development, all students receive high quality impartial careers guidance, which help them to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations. Students have access to the internal L6 Careers Advisor and pathway meetings with senior leaders. The careers curriculum is enriched through external support with employability embedded into the curriculum across all key stages.

Post-16 Pathways

We are pleased to confirm that the 2023-24 Post-16 Pathways – a guide for young people, parents and carers on next steps after year 11 is now available on the City of York Council website.

Please take some time to look through it and discuss with your child:



Get in touch

We would love to hear from you if you are:

  • a former student who would be interested in talking to students about careers.
  • a local employer who would like to offer work experience opportunities or would be interested in being involved in careers events at school.
  • a parent who would like to leave feedback about our careers programme and education.