Curriculum Aims and Intent

The curriculum at Archbishop Holgate’s School has been carefully constructed in order to provide opportunities for students to develop socially, morally, spiritually and culturally, alongside maximising the achievement in a broad and rich suite of qualifications that combine the academic rigour of traditional qualifications alongside vocational learning.

Click the following link to find out more about the intent of our curriculum: AHS Quality of Education Intent Overview

The curriculum and combination of qualifications offered to students has been constructed with the local labour market needs and our fully comprehensive intake of students in mind. All students are known and supported regardless of individual needs, background and starting points, as we work to help them realise their future aspirations together.

Archbishop Holgate’s school is an exceptionally high-performing comprehensive school that recognises and nurtures pupils who present a range of skills, knowledge and talent.

The AHS course offer to meet the skills’ GAPS and shortages identified in the local labour market information provided by the City of York Council.

Key areas include:

Construction, Infrastructure and Rail

(5% of all jobs in York – 11% jobs growth to 2030)

Digital, IT and Technology Economy