We recognise the importance of consistent exam routines, so that students know exactly what to expect and we can diminish, as much as possible, any exam related anxiety that students might have.  In order to support students, we have the same expectations of all mock exams in KS4 and KS5 and all ‘real’ public GCSE exams.  Students have a mock assembly and an exam assembly that detail these expectations and we also communicate these to parents each year with a letter.
Exam Expectations:
  • Your time keeping is extremely important during exam season
  • You should aim to be in school each day by 08:35am (before real exams, breakfast is provided in the Courtyard Cafe)
  • You will continue to attend form time each morning and will be brought down to the Sports Hall by your form tutors, ready for a prompt start to all morning exams
  • Equipment is your responsibility
  • You must have a clear pencil case
  • You must have at least two pens (black), pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler
  • For your maths calculator paper, you must have a calculator!  Please note – if any student is struggling with exam equipment, they should see their year team who will support them
  • For an exam starting Period 1 you will be registered and then you will go down to the Sports Hall
  • You will need to find your candidate number on the seating plan. You must learn your candidate number.
  • You will then line up in silence.  You were brilliant at this during the mocks.
  • Once everybody is silent, there is no more talking until after the exam
  • You will enter the hall row by row and in silence
  • You need to be in full school uniform: School trousers, not jeans; school shoes, not trainers; white shirt; tie; blue jumper
Mobile phones
  • All mobile phones are switched off and in bags
  • Watches are not allowed and must also be in your bags
  • You will face forward and not communicate with any other pupil in the exam hall
  • Instructions will be delivered from the front. Please listen carefully
  • If you require assistance, please put your hand up and somebody will come to you
  • ANY breaches– the usual consequence is disqualification, either for you or the whole exam, and so abiding by these rules is really important
Missing exams
  • Missing an exam is highly unusual
  • Illness will not usually be a reason for missing an exam
  • If you are absent from an exam at 9:00am, the following will happen:
  • We will contact your parents to find out where you are
  • We will send a letter to your house about the missed exam.
  • If you fail to attend an exam, you run the risk of missing out on the reward trip at the end of the year.