The educational landscape is always under continual reform. 5 years ago we saw the introduction of Every Child Matters, Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning – SEAL, Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills – PLTS, Assessment for Learning – AFL and the Skills Agenda all within months of each other. Coupled with changes to Enterprise, Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education – PSCHE and Enterprise entitlements there was much new territory to focus our minds.

Conscious of how many of these particular foci overlapped and equally conscious of the demands of workload these initiatives created, the Teaching and Learning Team at Archbishop Holgate’s School came together to simplify all of these into one workable model to permeate through all areas of teaching.

The focus started in Key Stage 3, but 4 years on we now have students moving in to Key Stage 4 who have been brought up on a diet of Resilience, Problem Solving, Creativity, Self-Awareness, Working with Others and Communication.

This matrix is held as a model of best practice not only across the city, but also nationally, and has been presented at SSAT conferences.

It is the expectation that each scheme of work and lessons across the school has references to the Skills4Life themes.