From Monday 20th April, staff will start to set work using ‘Google Classrooms’.

In order to give both students and staff time to adjust to the change of using ‘Google Classrooms’ we will be operating for 1 week until, Monday 27th April a dual approach of using the current system of a shared drive and the new Google Classrooms.

What is ‘Google Classrooms’?

‘Google Classrooms is an electronic method where staff can issue lessons to students, including any resources (just like we currently can), but it will also allow for:

  • Students to ask questions about the work straight to their teacher
  • It allows for work to be submitted and marked, with feedback provided.
  • It gives clear deadlines for when work needs to be submitted

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How to get started?

Students need to know their ‘google username and password‘.  We have had to create these for all students, they are different to what they normally use for the school network.

We have emailed all students their google username and password to their school email account.  CLICK HERE for a guide to accessing school emails.

If you are still stuck, you either:

  • Phone: 01904 411341
  • Email:

They can give you your google username and password.

Now follow this simple guide to getting started:

Extra guidance

If you need extra help please try:



How to access other resources?

Until we have ‘Google Classrooms’ fully working and every student is happy, they will be able to access work from a shared drive as before

  1. You need to follow the link below:

DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME or if you have to make sure you are logged out of google.

2. Choose your subject.

3. Choose your Year group

4. Choose your class (if appropriate)

5. Choose the correct week.

6. Click on the resource.  If you have ‘Office 365’ on your computer, download the resource (CLICK HERE to read the guide to how to download Office 365)

Any questions please email:

How to work?

You need to have a nice environment to work in:

  • Create yourself a nice tidy space to work in.
  • Clear away cups, open the window, have good lighting.

You need to have good routines, what about:

  • 8am – Get up
  • 9am – Do your PE lesson with Joe Wicks.  CLICK HERE
  • 10am – Log onto the ‘Home Learning‘ page of the school website
    • Check out the General messages
    • Check out your Year groups specific messages
  • 10.30am – Now it is time to work.
    • Do the work for each lesson you would normally have that day.
    • Remember to have a break every hour (just not too long!)
    • Build in more exercise
    • Build in rewards.

Why not visit our ‘Well-being’ pages to give you ideas about how to best look after yourself?