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At AHS, we believe there should be no barrier to success. Each child is supported, as an individual, to achieve their personal and academic potential. Our students, even if they face a disadvantage in their life, perform better than all other students nationally. This is due to a personalised approach which places the individual student at the centre of everything we do.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ John 10:10
‘Your present circumstances don’t where you can go; they merely determine where you start.’

10 steps to success for disadvantaged students

1 Excellent Teaching

Teaching and learning is central to success, regardless of circumstances. Students access outstanding teaching daily from subject experts skilled in getting the very best from an individual.

2 The Individual

At AHS, we care for each student as an individual. A dedicated pastoral team for each year will identify and support each student, regardless of their circumstances. We understand the challenges families living in York might face and create individual plans to overcome these.

3 Barriers to learning

Uniform and resources should never be a limit to a student’s success. Pupil premium students will receive support with the uniform, school equipment and revision materials. If a student is struggling to get into school, we can always help and get them back into school.

4 Cultural Experiences

We will ensure all our students, despite their background, have the opportunity to explore a wide range of culture in the UK as part of their wider curriculum, including a two day residential to London and a programme of cultural enrichment city trips.

5 Character and culture

Throughout students’ time in school, we ensure they understand their own potential and how they can contribute to an ever changing world. We aim to show them the choices which are theirs to make. We dedicate extensive time to this in our Year 9 “Character and culture” lessons.

6 Reading

We believe reading is central to success in all aspects of life and is essential in every subject. Students will be supported to read and enjoy challenging texts through the “Reading Ready” programme, including the accelerated reading programme, whole school DEAR time and whole school reading strategies.

7 Careers and next steps

It is sometimes hard to know what you need to do next. Our careers team supports all disadvantaged students with a bespoke package to ensure they have ambitious and rigorous plans throughout their time in school.

8 A challenging and relevant curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to support all students and ensures they access a broad range of subjects which fully prepares them for the future job markets, both locally and nationally.

9 Curriculum support and intervention

We closely monitor and support all our students. If a student is struggling in a particular area, we will offer bespoke, focused intervention as early as possible.

10 Subject Champions

Each department in the EBAC subjects has a designated member of staff who will provide individualised support materials, revision opportunities and intervention for disadvantaged students within their subjects. This offers an extra layer of support for students beyond their classroom teachers.

Pupil Premium was introduced in 2011 to break down barriers to achievement for students from lower income families and those from less stable backgrounds. It is hoped that this funding will level the playing field in education and close the gap between the achievement of the richest and poorest.

At Archbishop Holgate’s School we believe that every student should have every opportunity to succeed and to maximise their potential, regardless of circumstances outside of school. Our ethos of ‘Care, Values and Achievement’ underpin all our systems and structures that are designed to support all our students. Pupil Premium students are supported within the whole school structures but have access to extra resources available to ensure their inclusion into the everyday life of the school and to maximise their academic success. We believe that each student is an individual and that by targeting support we can ensure that any gaps that exist can be closed.

We aim to remove any barriers to learning for our students and ensure every student has the opportunity to maximise their potential. This can take the form of academic intervention; financial support for uniform and equipment; mentoring and bespoke curriculum plans. Further information is outlined in our Pupil Premium Plan.

The school develops positive working relationships with students and parents, in order to ensure that the student is supported and resources are targeted to maximise their academic achievement.


Pupil premium plan 2019-2020 and review of 2018-2019
Pupil Premium Results Analysis 2018
Pupil Premium Plan 2018
Year 7 Catch Up Funding 2019-20

The Pupil Premium strategy will be reviewed in October 2020.

If you think your child may be entitled to Free School Meals please visit City of York Council’s website for more information and how to apply: www.york.gov.uk/info/20071/free_school_meals

If you wish to discuss any aspect of Pupil Premium, please contact Mr Mike Williams, Assistant Head by emailing mwilliams1@archbishopholgates.org or call 01904 411341.