Our staff, our students and our achievements as a school community

We are a school that knows itself well, a school with clear strategic direction and a strong vision for the future, a school that is committed to continuous improvement and a school that is driven to ensure that each individual young person in our care receives the very best education possible. As part of our mission to be deeply Christian we embrace excellence and academic rigour, but this is set within a wider framework to ensure a rounded approach to personal development, rooted in worship, service and community. We have excellent students and brilliant staff, colleagues who are committed to ensuring that the young people in our care achieve and succeed and make the most of their individual gifts and talents.

Achievement comes in many different forms and Archbishop Holgate’s is a flourishing school signified by outstanding examination results, sporting and musical achievements, a wide and varied programme of extra-curricular opportunities and whole school celebrations for the entire school community. Collectively, as a staff, we enrich our students in many different ways and when they leave Archbishop’s they do so as well-rounded young people with the skills, qualities and relevant qualifications to help them shape their own futures and also to benefit the communities they serve.

Whilst we will always strive to improve further, it is important that as we take time to pause and celebrate levels of success that are not usual. Prior to the pandemic official outcomes across the school were exceptional.

As a school we have never been more successful in terms of KS4 and KS5 results. Our Post 16 results are historically within the top 10% or better nationally. The key headline measures for our 2023/24 Post 16 Results are as follows:

  • 54% of all grades were A*-A/Distinction*-Distinction (41% A*/A Distinction*)
  • 97% of all students achieved at least one A*-B at A Level or equivalent
  • 77% of entries were A*-B or equivalent
  • 100% of grades were A*-E or equivalent

At GCSE, the 2023 results confirmed a seven year trend of outstanding Progress 8 scores, which have placed the school in the ‘well above national’ benchmark for the DfE measure of school performance. This is an extraordinary achievement. The 2023 Progress 8 measure was +0.50, which means that on average pupils achieved half a grade higher in their GCSE qualifications when compared to national performance.

Progress of our disadvantaged students (as well as all other groups of learners) at both Post 16 and GCSE are excellent. At GCSE a Progress 8 score of +0.06 is strong evidence that all students thrive at Archbishop’s.