“The leadership team is extremely high calibre, led by a passionate and inspirational Headteacher. There is a real sense of openness, wisdom, and insight in their practice, which enables everyone in the Academy to feel valued and therefore to flourish.”


Maximum Achievement for each student at all levels

Achievement comes in many different forms and collectively, as a school community, we take great pride in our individual and collective success. We firmly belive that all our students can be successful and make the most of their gifts and talents.

Whole School

At the last Inspection:

  • SIAMs – the Diocesan inspectorate – has graded us Outstanding in all areas (2018)
  • Ofsted graded us as Outstanding in our last inspection and since then we have had Ofsted visits in history (2018), sixth Form (2017) and Design & technology which have all since formed best practice case studies

The Department for Education has afforded us both:

  • National teaching school status (Pathfinder Teaching School)
  • National support school status

Quality of Teaching and Leadership

The Headteacher alongside other senior leaders share expertise with other schools locally and nationally.

“The school’s work as a national Teaching School is also recognising the central importance of sharing expertise around what makes for effective pedagogy.”


Academic Excellence

  • Post 16 performance that consistently places the school in the top 10% nationally for A Level and Vocational performance.
  • Twice in the last five years A Level performance has been in the top 1% nationally.
  • Performance at GCSE is outstanding, the three year averages for performance at Ks4 place the school as being well above national averages across key performance indicators.
  • The  2017 Progress 8 score of  +0.53 and the 2018 Progress 8 score of +0.60 were among the strongest nationally

Examples of Student Achievement

  • Scholarships to Oxford and Cambridge University, as well as successful applications onto medical, veterinary and dentistry degrees.
  • Engineering case study on digital tools presented to a European conference.
  • Students speaking on a national level about the Technical Baccalaureate.
  • 800 successful Archbishop of York Young Leaders.
  • Musical best practice from Archbishop Holgate’s has been shared with other schools through the Royal College of Music.
  • Business students win ‘The Big Deal’ and a trip to New York.
  • Successful School Shows (Grease) and drama productions each year.
  • York Rotary Young Chef champions.
  • Year 7 Solar Boat Challenge

Latest Inspections

  • SIAMS – The Diocesan Inspectorate – has graded us Outstanding in all areas (2018).
  • Ofsted graded us as Outstanding in our last inspection and since then we have had Ofsted visits in History (2018), Sixth Form (2017) and Design and Technology which have all since formed best practice case studies.
  • Of 1305 Ofsted Parent View responses 98% of parents agree their child is well taught and 97% say their child makes good progress.

Other school accolades

  • RE Gold Award
  • C&K Careers Gold Award
  • International Schools Award
  • Design Mark for Engineering
  • Sport England Sports mark
  • Speaker’s School Council Award (Student Voice)