At Archbishop Holgate’s School every student is known as an individual and is cared for by their Form Tutor, Head of Year and Pastoral Support Worker. If you need to discuss anything to do with your child please contact your child’s Pastoral Support Worker initially, via 01904 411341 or email, who will be able to help with your query. This might involve your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year as required.

Year 7 Pastoral Team

Miss Cooper
Head of Year

Mrs Halifax
Assistant Head of Year

Miss Powell
Assistant Head of Year

Year 7 Form Tutors

7ASuMiss Sutcliffe
7BlMs Bhogal
7CMmMr Meacham/Mrs Armes
7CyMrs Conway
7CStMiss Sargent/Mrs Halifax
7JHeMr Hepplestone
7HvMrs Harvey
7MLnMs Lion
7MPeMr Pennock
7PiMrs Price
7ZBlMiss Bignall/Mrs Armes

Year 8 Pastoral Team

Miss Chambers
Head of Year

Miss Waines
Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Reeder
Assistant Head of Year

Year 8 Form Tutors

8BDuMiss Dugdale
8ByMr Bryan
8CBrMiss Brown
8DTkMr Tilbrook/Mrs Amos
8ERoMrs Robertson
8ERsMiss Rogers/Mrs Amos
8LAyMiss Arksey/Mrs Holmes
8MSrMiss Sinclair/Mrs Holmes
8RGiMr Gibson/Miss Waines
8SBLMrs Beddall/Miss Waines
8SMfMr MacFarlane

Year 9 Pastoral Team

Mrs Avey
Head of Year

Mr O’Brien
Assistant Head of Year

Mrs Mennell
Assistant Head of Year

Year 9 Form Tutors

9ApMr Appleyard
9CrMiss Cooper
9DBsMrs Binns/Mrs Appleyard
9ECeMiss Chase
9EvMiss Evans/Mr O’Brien/Mrs Edmondson
9CBEMr Bainbridge
9JDLMrs Doyle/Mrs Appleyard
9KCeMrs Cockle
9LpMiss Leplâtre/Miss Kellett
9NThMr Thompson
9WNoMr Norris

Year 10 Pastoral Team

Miss Deacon
Head of Year

Mr McPaul
Assistant Head of Year

Miss Clarke
Assistant Head of Year

Year 10 Form Tutors

10ABtMiss Barrett
10DiMrs Dixon/Mr McPaul
10EWhMiss Wheater
10JLiMr Limbert
10HaMr Handley
10KGnMiss Galvin
10KMdMiss McDonald
10MHeMiss Hepplestone
10PlDr Paul/Ms Ramsay
10RDnMiss Dowlen
10SLaMrs Lambert/Mr McPaul

Year 11 Pastoral Team

Mr Avery
Head of Year

Miss Stocks
Assistant Head of Year

Miss Johnstone
Assistant Head of Year

Mr Deamer
Assistant Head of Year

Year 11 Form Tutors

11BrMr Brannigan
11BsMiss Battison
11CFrMiss Freeman/Miss Stocks
11GsMr Goldsmith
11HuMr Hunt/Mrs Beard
11KPeMiss Parsloe
11KxMr Knox
11PsMrs Parkinson/Mrs Crabtree
11SMrMiss Milner
11WaMr Williams
11WbMr Webb

Year 12 Pastoral Team

Mr Charlton
Head of Year 12

Year 12 Form Tutors

12GSWMr Shaw
12HGAMiss Gavin
12LvMr Lever
12RMrMrs Mullenger/Mrs Dobson
12NcMr Nicholson
12OsDr Osman
12SWrMr Walker/Mrs Dobson
12EDnMiss Deighton/Mrs Kitney

Year 13 Pastoral Team

Mrs Williams
Head of Year 13

Year 13 Form Tutors

13BKIDr King
13DaMiss Day
13DdMr Dodson/Mrs Dobson
13GlMr Gladstone
13JJyMiss Jennaway
13SlMr Skelton
13SReMiss Redman

The support team

Gaynor Stainsby
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sam Stead
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Lucy Ashcroft
Attendance Officer

Gail Hirst
Educational Welfare Officer

Sarah Garton
School Counsellor

Lauren Plowman
School Nurse

Richard Nihill
Lay Chaplain

Revd. Mark Poole
Ordained Chaplain