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Staff List

Mrs Amos | PE
Mr Arthur | History, Head of Year 8
Mrs Appleyard | RE, ITT Coordinator
Mrs Armes | MFL, Project
Mr Appleyard | Subject Leader: IT & Computing
Mrs Avey | PE, English, Head of Year 9
Mr Avery | Associate SLT: Homework, Head of History
Mrs Beard | PE
Ms Bhogal | Maths
Miss Balmer | English, English Teaching & Learning Lead
Mr Brannigan | Head of Core PE
Miss Brown | English
Miss Battison | 2 I/c History, Head of Politics
Mr Bryan | Work Skills, IT, Health & Social Care, History Nurture
Mrs Crabtree | Head of Maths
Mrs Clarke | Geography
Miss Chambers | English, PP Lead
Mr Charlton | Head of Business, BTEC Quality Nominee
Mr Clements | English
Miss A Cooper | Maths, PP Lead
Miss L Cooper | 2 i/c English
Mrs Conway | Head of Design & Technology
Miss Day | Science
Mrs Dobson | Work Skills, Health & Social Care, RE
Mr Dodson | 2 i/c Maths
Miss De Lashley | Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form, Psychology
Miss Dixon | MFL, PP Lead
Mr Daly | Headteacher
Miss Darlington | Head of Drama & Theatre Studies, English, TLT
Mrs Edmondson | English, Head of Year
Mr Evans | Head of Science
Miss Evans | English
Mr Furniss | Deputy Head: Care, Support and Administration, ICT, Maths
Mrs Freeman | Science, Teaching & Learning Team
Miss Gavin | Health & Social Care, Social Sciences
Mr Gibson | Head of MFL
Mr Green-Harding | Deputy Head: Curriculum, Assessment & Target Setting, Science, Maths
Mr Gladstone | SLT Operations Support, IT & Computing, Engineering
Miss Gray | Head of Physics
Mr Goldsmith | Head of Exam PE, Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Mr Handley | Science
Mrs Halifax | Art, Food, Health & Social Care
Miss Hollinger | Subject Specialist RE
Mrs Hopkinson-Kearney | Business Studies
Miss Holmes | 2 i/c RE, PSHCE Lead, PP Lead
Mrs Holmes | English, Theatre Studies
Miss Harper | Head of RE
Mr Hunt | Maths
Mrs Harvey | Head of Textiles
Mrs Kellett | Social Sciences, Child Care, Health & Social Care, RE
Miss Kincell | History, Applied Law, Teaching & Learning Team
Dr King | Maths, Responsibility for AG&T
Mrs Kitney | Head of Vocational Learning
Mr Knox | History, KS5 History Coordinator, PP Lead, Teaching & Learning Team
Mrs Lambert | Assistant Head: School Community, RE
Mrs Lancaster | Music
Miss Lawrenson | Design & Technology
Miss Leplâtre | MFL
Mr Lever | Lead Practitioner Science
Mr Limbert | Chemistry
Mr McBride | Acting Head of Maths
Mrs McHugh | MFL
Miss McDermott | Deputy Head: Teaching, Learning and Student Progress, History
Mrs McMurdo | Assistant Head: Curriculum Support & Enrichment, Head of English
Ms Metcalf | Subject Specialist English
Mrs Morrison | Head of Music, School Performance & Production Coordinator
Mr Martin | Head of Food
Mr Nicholson | Art, Sixth Form Academic Enrichment Coordinator, Project, Teaching & Learning Team
Mrs Newton | Primary Liaison
Mr Nihill | RE, Lay Chaplain, linked to SLT
Miss Nicol | SENDCo, PE

Mr Norris | Science

Mr O’Brien | Science, PP Lead
Dr Osman | Head of Chemistry
Mrs Paver | History
Mr Pennock | Subject Specialist Maths
Mrs Price | 2 I/c Maths
Mrs Parkinson | ICT, Design & Technology
Dr Paul | Head of Geography
Ms Ramsay | Subject Specialist Geography, PP Lead
Miss Redman | ICT
Miss Robilliard | Maths
Mr Skelton | Lead Teacher of Applied Law, Social Sciences

Mr Stevens | Cover Teacher
Mr Thompson | Science
Miss Turvey | RE, Geography, PE, Charities Coordinator, Head of Year 11
Mr Webb | Science
Mr Wood | PE
Mr M Williams | Assistant Head: Pastoral Care, English, Media
Mr R Williams | Science
Miss Woolerton | Associate SLT: Reading, Acting Head of English, Lead Practitioner English
Mrs Weston | Science (responsibility for KS3)
Mr Young | Associate SLT: Exam Readiness, Head of Social Sciences

Mr Allcock | School Assistant
Mrs Allatt | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Miss Ambler | Assistant Data Manager
Mrs Breare | School Assistant
Mrs Briggs | Finance and HR Officer
Miss Burgess | Finance Assistant
Mr Calvert | Pool Manager
Mrs Cantrell | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Mrs Christian | Inclusion Centre Manager
Mrs Chappell | Pastoral Support Worker Year
Mr Clements | Music and Media Technician
Mrs Cobb | Art/Food/Textiles Technician
Mrs Cox | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor, EAL
Mr Deamer | Pastoral Support Worker Year 10
Mr Davies | School Games Manager
Revd Deo | School Chaplain
Mr Duxbury | Finance Director, linked to SLT
Mrs Freer | School Assistant
Mrs Forth | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Mrs Gibson | School Assistant
Mrs Hall | Reports & Data Support
Mrs Halligan | School Assistant
Ms Hirst | Education Welfare & Attendance Officer
Mr Johnson | Finance Apprentice
Mrs Labonte-Hazlewood | Reprographics Technician
Mr Jenner | School Assistant
Ms Kurdziel | Science Technician
Miss Lawrenson | D&T Technician
Mr Lund | Site Manager
Mrs Leonard | Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Miss Manning | School Assistant
Mrs Mennell | Pastoral Support Worker
Mr Medley | Senior Site Manager
Miss Murphy | School Assistant, Librarian
Miss Nicklin | School Assistant
Miss Robinson | Careers Advisor
Mr Reynolds | Network Manager
Mrs Robinson | Office Manager
Mrs Stainsby | Designated Safeguarding Officer, linked to SLT
Mrs Stead | Pastoral Support Worker Year 7
Mrs Smith | PE Assistant
Miss Smith | School Assistant
Mr Smith | School Assistant
Mrs Sharp | School Assistant
Mr Sheridan | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Mrs Sissons | Head’s PA
Mr Stone | School Manager, linked to SLT
Mrs Tomlinson | Student Support Room Manager
Mrs Thompson | School Assistant, BSL Signer
Mrs Testa | Science Technician
Mrs Towse | Exam Invigilator
Mrs Walton | Sixth Form Supervisor and Administrator
Miss Whaite | SIMS/Data Manager
Mr Waters | Senior Technician
Mrs Wheatley | School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Mrs Williamson | Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mrs Wise | BSL Signer
Miss York | School Assistant

Mr Capper | Head of Teaching School, NQT Coordinator, PE
Dr Bailey | Primary CPD Consultant/Trainer
Miss Bluck | Primary School Expert Practitioner
Mrs Thompson | Administrator
Mrs Battersby | Admin Assistant

Mrs Powley | MAT Primary Education Support
Mrs Bowling | MAT Operations Manager
Mr Chapman | MAT Estates & Facilities Manager
Mrs Drummond | MAT Cleaning Manager
Mr Deamer | MAT Communications Officer
Mr Fletcher | MAT Schools Business Manager
Miss Robson | MAT Accounts Assistant

Mrs Smith | Cleaning Supervisor
Ms Calvert | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Corner | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Davison | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Dunford | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Eaton | Cleaning Assistant
Mr Graves | Cleaning Assistant/MAT Mobile School Cleaner
Mrs Horton | Cleaning Assistant
Miss Lancaster | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Ravenhill | Cleaning Assistant
Mr Rusby | Cleaning Assistant

Mrs Thornton | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Webster | Cleaning Assistant

Miss Webster | Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Williams | Cleaning Assistant

Mr Richardson | Catering Manager
Mrs Terry | Assistant Cook
Mrs Creaser | Assistant Cook
Mrs Hamilton | General Kitchen Assistant
Miss Houseman | General Kitchen Assistant
Miss Lancaster | General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Papaoikonmou | General Kitchen Assistant
Miss Price | General Kitchen Assistant
Ms Sharples | General Kitchen Assistant

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