Miss Barrett – English (NQT)
Miss Adams – English, Textiles
Miss Allard – History
Mrs Amos – PE
Mrs Appleyard – RE, ITT Coordinator (maternity leave)
Mr Appleyard – Subject Leader: IT & Computing
Mrs Armes – MFL, Project (part time)
Mr Arthur – Acting Assistant Head: Personal Development, responsibility for Year 8, History
Mr Avery – Assistant Head: Supporting Students, responsibility for Year 9, History
Mrs Avey – PE, Head of Year 11
Miss Balmer – English, EPQ Lead
Miss Battison – Head of History & Politics
Mrs Beard – PE (part time)
Ms Bhogal – Maths
Mr Brannigan – Head of Core PE
Miss Brown – English
Mr M Bryan – Work Skills, Vocational Learning
Mr W Bryan – RE
Miss Chambers – English, PP Lead
Mr Charlton – Assistant Director Sixth Form, Head of Year 13, Head of Business, Enterprise, BTEC Quality Nominee
Mrs Clarke – Geography, Aspiration Project Lead (part time)
Mr Clements – English, Drama
Mrs Conway – Design & Technology
Miss Cooper – Maths, PP Lead
Miss Cooper – English, 2 i/c English
Miss Cox – Assistant Director Post-16, Psychology, Head of Year 12
Mrs Crabtree – Head of Maths (part time)
Mr Daly – Headteacher
Miss Darlington – Head of Drama and Theatre Studies, English
Miss Daswani – History, Aspiration Project Lead
Miss Day – Science
Mrs Deacon – Geography
Mrs De Lashley – Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form, Psychology
Miss Dixon – 2 i/c MFL, PP Lead
Mrs Dobson – Work Skills, Vocational Learning, RE
Mr Dodson – Shared 2 i/c Maths (part time)
Mrs Dugdale – Art, Food
Mrs Edmondson – Head of English
Mr Evans – Head of Science
Ms Evans – English, KS4 English Lead (part time)
Mrs Freeman – Science (part time)
Mr Furniss – Deputy Head: Care, Support and Administration, IT & Computing, Enterprise
Ms Galvin – Cover Teacher
Miss Gavin – Acting Head of Politics, Health & Social Care, Social Sciences
Mr Gibson – Head of MFL
Mr Gladstone – SLT Operations Support, IT & Computing, Design & Technology, Engineering, TSA CPD
Mr Goldsmith – Head of Exam PE, DofE Award Coordinator
Miss Gray – Head of Physics
Mr Green-Harding – Deputy Head: Curriculum, Assessment & Target Setting, Science
Mrs Halifax – Art, Food
Mr Handley – Science, ITT & School Experience Coordinator
Miss Harper – Head of RE (part time)
Mrs Harvey – Head of Textiles
Mr Hepplestone – RE
Miss Hepplestone – MFL (NQT)
Miss Hollinger – Associate SLT, 2 i/c RE, PSHCE
Mrs Holmes – English (part time)
Miss Holmes – SENDCo, RE
Mrs Hopkinson-Kearney – Business Studies, PTSA Support (part time)
Mr Hunt – Maths (part time)
Mrs Kellett – Psychology, Child Care, Health & Social Care (part time, maternity leave)
Miss Kincell – History, Politics, Project, Head of Year 7
Dr King – Maths, Responsibility for AG&T
Mrs Kitney – Head of Vocational Learning
Mr Knox – Acting Head of History
Mrs Lambert – Assistant Head: School Community, RE (maternity leave)
Mrs Lancaster – Music, EPQ (part time)
Miss Lawrenson – Head of Design & Technology and Engineering
Miss Leplâtre – MFL, Primary Languages (part time)
Mr Lever – Lead Practitioner Science
Mr Limbert – Science, Engineering, Design & Technology
Ms Lion – MFL
Mr MacFarlane – History, PP Lead
Mr Mansfield – PE
Mr Martin – Head of Food
Mr McBride – Lead Practitioner Maths
Miss McDermott – Deputy Head: Teaching, Learning and Student Progress, History
Miss McDonald – Maths
Mr McPaul – Maths
Ms Metcalf – Subject Specialist: English
Miss Milner – Maths
Miss Montagu – Geography, PP Lead
Miss Moore – Music, Primary Music
Mr Morrell – English, RE (NQT)
Mrs Morrison – Head of Music, Textiles, School Performance Coordinator (part time)
Mrs Newton – Music, Arts Award Coordinator, Primary Liaison (part time)
Mr Nicholson – Head of Art
Mr Nihill – RE, Lay Chaplain, linked to SLT
Mr Norris – Science
Mr O’Brien – Science, PP Lead
Dr Osman – Science (responsibility for Chemistry)
Mrs Parkinson – IT & Computing (part time)
Dr Paul – Head of Geography (part time)
Mrs Paver – History (part time)
Mr Pennock – Maths, Lead KS5 Engineering
Mrs Price – Shared 2 i/c Maths
Ms Ramsay – Geography (part time)
Miss Redman – ICT
Mrs Robertson – RE
Mr Shaw – Head of Media, English
Mrs Short – Assistant Head: Curriculum Support
Mr Skelton – Lead Teacher of Applied Law, Social Sciences
Mr Stevens – Cover Teacher, Pastoral Support Worker, Disadvantaged Cultural Experience Coordinator
Miss Stocks – Maths
Mr Thompson – Science, KS3 Science Coordinator
Miss Turvey – RE, PSHCE, PE, Charities Coordinator, Head of Year 10
Mr Webb – Science
Mr Williams – Assistant Head: Acting Director of Post 16
Mr Williams – Science
Mr Wood – PE (Secondment – Sport Lead for MAT Primaries – 4 days pw)
Miss Woolerton – Assistant Head: Director of English, Whole School Reading & Numeracy (maternity leave)
Mr Young – Head of Social Sciences, TSA ITT Lead
Mrs Allatt – School Assistant
Miss Allatt – School Assistant
Mr Allcock – School Assistant
Miss Ashcroft – Attendance Administrator
Ms Barzey – School Assistant
Mrs Breare – School Assistant, Librarian
Mr Calvert – Pool Manager
Mrs Calvert – School Assistant
Mrs Cantrell – School Assistant
Mrs Christian – Inclusion Centre Manager
Miss Clark – Pastoral Support Worker Year 9
Mr Clements – Music & Media Technician (part time)
Mrs Cobb – Food Technician
Mrs Cox – School Assistant, EAL Lead
Mr Davies – School Games Manager
Mr Deamer – Pastoral Support Worker Year 8
Miss Evennett – School Assistant
Miss Fallows – School Assistant
Mrs Gibson – School Assistant (part time)
Miss Greenhalgh – Pastoral Support Worker Year 7
Miss Halifax – School Assistant
Mrs Hall – Reports & Data Support (part time)
Mrs Halligan – School Assistant (part time)
Mrs Hamilton-Lansbury – School Assistant
Mrs Harris – Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Ms Hirst – Education Welfare & Attendance Officer
Mr Jenner – School Assistant
Ms Kurdziel – Science Technician
Mrs Labonte-Hazlewood – Reprographics Technician (part time)
Miss Lawrenson – D&T Technician
Mrs Leonard – Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mr Lund – Site Manager
Miss Manning – School Assistant, SENDCo Support
Mr Medley – Senior Site Manager
Mrs Mennell – Pastoral Support Worker Year 11
Miss Murphy – School Assistant, Librarian
Miss Overton – School Assistant
Miss Reilly-Smythe – Admin Apprentice
Miss Robinson – Careers Advisor (part time)
Mrs Robinson – Office & School Business Manager
Miss Ruiz Garcia – School Assistant
Mr Scott – Student Support
Mrs Sharp – School Assistant (part time)
Mr Sheridan – School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Mrs Skott – Science Technician
Mrs Sissons – Head’s PA
Mrs Smith – PE Assistant
Mr Smith – School Assistant
Mrs Stead – Pastoral Support Worker Year 10, Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Stone – School Manager, linked to SLT
Mrs Testa – Senior Science Technician
Mrs Thompson – School Assistant, Deaf Signer (part time)
Mrs Tipping – Exams Officer
Mrs Tomlinson – Student Support
Mrs Walton – Sixth Form Supervisor and Administrator
Miss Whaite – SIMS/Data Manager
Mrs Wheatley – School Assistant, Cover Supervisor
Miss Willsden – Leadership Support Officer (shared role with MAT)
Miss Worrall – Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Miss York – School Assistant, Librarian
Dr Bailey – Primary CPD Consultant/LITEC
Mrs Battersby – Receptionist/Admin Assistant (part time)
Mrs Thompson – Administrator
Mrs Wright – Primary ITT School Lead
Mr Daly – Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Bowling – MAT Chief Operating Officer
Mrs Briggs – Payroll Administrator
Mr Deamer – Communications Officer
Mr Duxbury – Chief Financial Officer
Mr Fletcher – Schools Business Manager
Mrs Kybett – Governance Advisor
Mr Johnson – Finance Apprentice
Mrs Ray – SENDCo
Miss Reilly-Smythe – Admin Apprentice
Miss Robson – Accounts Assistant
Mrs Stainsby – Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Thomas – Operations Administrator
Mrs Wardell – Finance Manager
Mr Wells – Estates and Facilities Manager
Ms Willsden – Leadership Support Officer
Mr Medley – Assistant Estates and Facilities Manager
Mr Barton – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Chamberlain – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Chapman – Cleaning Assistant
Mr Chilvers – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Corner – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Davison – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Dunford – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Hall – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Horton – Cleaning Assistant
Miss Hyde – Cleaning Assistant
Mr Leonard – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Marsland – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Ravenhill – Cleaning Assistant
Mr Rhodes – Cleaning Assistant
Mr Rusby – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Smith – Cleaning Supervisor
Miss Thornton – Cleaning Assistant
Miss Wanstall – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Williams – Cleaning Assistant
Mrs Calvert – Catering Manager
Mrs Creaser – Deputy Catering Manager
Miss Houseman – General Kitchen Assistant
Miss Lancaster – General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Papaoikonmou – General Kitchen Assistant
Miss Price – General Kitchen Assistant
Mr Richardson – Catering Manager
Miss Robson – General Kitchen Assistant
Ms Sharples – General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Terry – Assistant Cook
Mrs Thompson – General Kitchen Assistant