External achievements and accolades for Archbishop Holgate’s School

Achievement comes in many forms and collectively, as a school community, we take great pride in our individual and collective success. We firmly believe that all our students can be successful and make the most of their gifts and talents.

At the last inspection:

  • Ofsted: Outstanding in all areas (October 2021) Read the Ofsted Report
  • SIAMS – the Diocesan inspectorate – has graded us Outstanding in all areas (2017)

The Department for Education has afforded the school both:

  • National Teaching School Status (Pathfinder Teaching School Hub)
  • National Support School Status

2022 Results at Archbishop Holgate’s School

Archbishop Holgate’s School is a high performing, inclusive community in which all students fulfil or exceed their potential. Academic achievement and progress for all learners regardless of prior attainment, gender, SEND and background far exceeds the national average.

At GCSE we now have a long term trend of outstanding Progress 8 scores, +0.53 in 2017, +0.60 in 2018, +0.79 in 2019 and a provisional score of +0.73 in 2022.

+0.53 (2017)
+0.60 (2018)
+0.79 (2019)
+0.73 (2022)

(2022 results are based on school performance data published by the DfE in October 2022).

The Progress 8 performance of students at Archbishop Holgate’s School continues to be excellent and is considerably higher than the national average. Whilst it is not appropriate to make direct comparisons this year, we are extremely proud of the continued progress our students made and the progression this allows.

-0.06 (2017)
+0.15 (2018)
+0.26 (2019)
+0.30 (2022)

Our disadvantaged students massively outperformed other disadvantaged students locally and nationally, a figure of +0.30 representing continued progress for our disadvantaged students. We are particularly pleased that our disadvantaged students’ progress is notably stronger than the average Progress 8 score for non-disadvantaged students nationally (National non-disadvantaged 0.15). Our continued focus on all students as individuals and a whole school disadvatnaged plan has meant that our internal gap has narrowed.

Key Stage 4 Results 2021-22

GCSE Results 2022
Progress 8 Score+0.73
Attainment 8 Score55.73
Percentage of pupils achieving Grade 5 or above in English and Maths56%
Percentage of pupils achieving a Grade 5 or above in English79%
Percentage of pupils achieving a Grade 5 or above in Maths60%
Percentage of pupils entering the English Baccalaureate40%
Average point score of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate4.9 points
Percentage of pupils staying in education or employment after Key Stage 4100%

Key Stage 5 Results 2021-22

A Level average gradeB+
A Level points43.5
Academic qualifications average gradeB+
Academic qualifications points44.0
Applied general average gradeDistinction+
Applied general points40.5
English and Maths progress (These figures will not be published in 2022,  as per DfE Guidance)
English average progressN/A
Maths average progressN/A
Retention (To be updated after DfE figures released)
A Level91.6%
Academic qualifications91.6%
Applied general80%
Technical level55.6%
Students progressing to education and employment (2019-22)92%