Welcome from our School Captains

Sophia Nicolle and Zahra White

As School Captains, we are proud to represent such an outstanding school and sixth form. 

Archbishop Holgate’s is outstanding because of everything it represents; its commitment to its values of Justice, Compassion and Forgiveness and Trust creates an environment where students can develop confidence and grow in their abilities. Our outstanding grades undoubtedly reflect the quality of teaching, support and guidance that the students receive. 

For the first year ever, we are assisted by two deputy captains; we are incredibly grateful for their support and guidance. They help us in promoting the qualities of the school, organising events, and providing efficient communication between us and our student leader teams. As captains, we lead a team of over 50 student leaders. Our student leaders are divided up into different groups, these include: Communication, Charity, Cohesion, Student News, Student Voice and Chaplaincy. Each team meets on a weekly basis to discuss how the specific aims of each group can be embedded into our upper and lower school community; their close collaboration creates a strong foundation for change and improvement allowing for students to feel heard and well represented. The student leaders work incredibly hard to ensure that there is effective development within the school – whilst equally maintaining and improving the systems previous leaders have implemented. They also offer invaluable support to the lower school years by giving up their time to pair read with younger students and also through the mentoring program where younger pupils are nurtured and guided by our student leader role models. 

So far this year, our Charity team have organised a multitude of bake sales in support of a range of different charities, the Communication team have organised voting and participation in the nationwide ‘Make Your Mark Campaign’. Our Student News group has produced and published many editions of the ‘Achievers’ newspaper, which has thrived in the school community and is an element of our student leader team we are very proud of due to the fact it’s a new initiative which was implemented at the beginning of this school year. It is inspiring to see such engagement and determination within the student body; we are so honoured to work alongside such dedicated individuals who impact the school in such a positive way.

Archbishop Holgate’s undoubtedly provides incredible opportunities for every individual within our school community, this is shown through the school’s dedication when running extra-curricular clubs, programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and a variety of trips which cater for the wide range of students that come to Archbishop Holgate’s School. Main school students participate in the exciting ‘Arts Award’ programme, broadening their horizons and allowing for a break from the bustle of main school life. The award involves practising a range of different artistic skills, the sessions include exploring the art of design and technology, food technology, music, modern foreign languages and many more creative subjects. Furthermore, our newly formed reward scheme within the school is one we are very proud of: the ‘Merit Mart’. Here, students can exchange the merits they achieve in class for a range of different prizes – it is well loved amongst the pupils of our school. All of these opportunities provided enriching and interesting experiences that have helped shape us as students and as people in the real world.

Archbishop Holgate’s consistently endeavours to make each and every student a well rounded individual who strives to be the best they can be in our compassionate, inclusive school community. We are both truly thrilled to represent our school and the Christian values it embodies – we feel sincerely privileged to call ourselves School Captain’s of Archbishop Holgate’s Church of England Academy.