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Schools admission arrangements consultation

Our Schools admission consultation is open between 7 October and 29 November 2019.

We invite your comments on school documentation in the City of York area including:

  • draft admissions policies
  • published admission number

The documents detail how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2021-2022 school year.

Complete our online survey

The consultation is a joint exercise between all admissions authorities in York, including:

  • the City of York Council on behalf of Community and Voluntary Controlled schools
  • governing bodies of Voluntary Aided schools
  • Academy Trusts of (single) Academies
  • the trust board, and local governing committees, of Multi-Academy Trusts

Following consultation, all admission authorities must formally ‘determine’ their admission arrangements by 28 February 2020 in line with the School Admissions Code.

Admission Policies

Archbishop Holgate’s School Admissions Policy: Draft_Y7_Admissions_Policy_2021_2022

The planned number of places (PAN) for Year 7 in September 2021 is 300.

Archbishop Holgate’s Sixth Form Admissions Policy: Draft_Sixth_Form_Admissions_Policy_2021_2022

Archbishop Holgate’s is an extremely popular school and one that takes students from a wide geographical area both in York and beyond.  Last year our intake included young people from 40 different primary schools, some deep in the East Riding.  We have 30% Foundation places and 70% community places.

How do I enrol my child at Archbishop Holgate’s?

If your child is at a York primary school

You can request a place at Archbishop Holgate’s through City of York Council  The application form should be returned to the Council on line.  It is important that you express a preference for Archbishop Holgate’s on this form, and that you return the form by 31 October.  You will hear in March which secondary school is offering your child a place.

If you are applying for a Foundation place, you also need to complete a Supplementary Information Form signed by your minister of religion.  Details of the criteria for Foundation places are set out in the school’s Admissions Policy.  Copies of all these documents can be obtained from the school.  Please return the Supplementary Information Form directly to the Admissions Secretary at Archbishop Holgate’s, by 31 October.  For a Community place you need to take no further action.

If your child is at a primary school outside York

The application procedure is as above.

If your child is at another secondary school, or if you are moving into the area

Please contact School Services at City of York Council,
West Offices, Station Rise, York, YO1 6GA
Telephone: 01904 551554

Well over half our students come to Archbishop Holgate’s from outside the school’s designated catchment area, and their applications are warmly welcomed. Foundation places are offered on faith grounds to members of Christian churches and other major world faiths.  Community places are offered to those seeking a school with a Christian tradition, with priority first to siblings, second to students living in the area normally served by the school, third to those with the closest safe walking route.  As part of enrolment, students complete an Admission Form.  Students and parents also sign an Acceptance Form, based on the school’s aims, and marking the beginning of a partnership between home and school.

Admissions checklist

  1. Find out about the school – from the Prospectus; from visiting the school on our Open Evening on Thursday 3 October; from this website; or from personal contact.  Decide whether you can commit to the aims, values and ethos of the school.
  2. Find out about the school’s admissions procedure – see especially pages 1 and 2 for specific criteria.  It should be noted that for September 2019 the number of places available for admission into Year 7 is 270 (30% Foundation and 70% Community places).
  3. Find out about the Local Authority’s admissions procedure – from A Guide to Parents (City of York Council) or Secondary School Admissions (East Riding of Yorkshire Council).
  4. Complete an Archbishop Holgate’s School Supplementary Information Form to apply for a Foundation place – on-line application is not possible.  Forms are obtainable from the school and are returned direct to the school.  Supplementary Forms must reach the school’s Admissions Secretary by the last day of December.
  5. Inform the Local Authority – Complete and return the Common Application Form for your Local Authority.  Instructions are issued by the LA.  Forms are returned to the LA.

If you need further information – please be in touch with the Admissions Secretary, Mrs Sissons.  She will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and will do all she can to help.

Admissions – key dates

3 October – This is the date of Archbishop Holgate’s School Open Evening which starts at 6.30pm.  Parents travelling by car are encouraged to aim to arrive by 6.15pm to give ample time for parking.  The evening is always very busy.

31 October – Latest date for parents to complete the secondary school choice preference sheet for their Local Authority.  Foundation application forms (with reference form where appropriate) are sent directly to the Admissions Secretary at Archbishop Holgate’s School.

1 March – Parents are informed about secondary school allocations.

If you need help or advice…

Information about admissions in York is available from School Services, Telephone: 01904 551554 or Email: Alternatively, please ring our Admissions Secretary (01904 411341), who will be very happy to explain the procedures to you.

Although the information on this website is correct at the time of posting, this information is continually being updated.  Parents seeking up-to-date information on particular points are asked to check with the school.  Meanwhile we will keep parents informed of new developments.  We aim at all times to work closely with parents in providing the best possible education and opportunities for the students of Archbishop Holgate’s School.

Admission arrangements for 2019-20 entry

Between 16 October and 1 December 2017 all admissions authorities for schools in York jointly conducted a consultation on admission arrangements for the admissions rounds for entry in September 2019.

The closing date for comments was 1 December 2017. After considering any comments received, the MAT Board, in its role as an admission authority, then formally set (‘determined’) these arrangements on 1 February 2018.

Please follow the links below to view our Admissions Policies.  Our published admission number for Year 7 is 270.


School Admissions Policy 2019/20
Sixth Form Admissions Policy 2019/20

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