For the foreseeable future, all parents’ evenings will be delivered virtually using the Google Meet platform. Prior to each parents’ evening, students will be given an appointment sheet to book appointments with each of their teachers.

On the evening you will need to log into your child’s Google Meet account by going to and pressing the sign in button in the top right hand corner:

Once signed in, click on the 9 dots and then open Google Meet.

With Google Meet open you will see all of your child’s booked appointments listed. You will need to start each appointment individually by clicking on the slot at the correct time.

When the appointment has been opened you then need to press the join now button:

You can access Google Meet using any device that has a camera – this could be a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Whichever device you use, please ensure you have logged into your child’s Google account and not a personal account.

Your appointment slots are 5 minutes long. Each teacher has many other appointments and so for this reason we cannot extend appointment times. If an additional appointment is needed the teacher will contact you by phone at a later date.

If you have any queries regarding how to access Google Meet, your child’s login details or how to access from different devices, do contact us via email