We aim to provide the best possible education and opportunities for each student at Archbishop Holgate’s School. As part of this, we aim to foster the development of the whole person, in an environment which is ordered, secure and caring. We aim to create a positive, happy atmosphere, in which students feel safe and are able to take pride in their achievements. We seek high standards in all aspects of school life.

In order to achieve this, we place great emphasis on a disciplined and ordered environment, within which students can give their best – a working environment based on collective responsibility where staff and students work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others.

School Agreement

Every student and parent are asked to sign and agree to follow our school agreement annually.  This agreement is explicit about what is and what is not acceptable, giving clear guidance to all.  CLICK HERE to view our ‘School agreement‘.

Behaviour Policy

We have a clear, consistent Behaviour Policy (CLICK HERE to view it) based on our Christian Values of Justice, Compassion, Trust and Forgiveness.

We ask that all members of the school community are committed to these four Christian Values and to working towards the common goals of caring for others, achieving their full potential and being the best that they can be.

The values that underpin how the school works:


Justice means giving everyone what is right and fair. We act out of concern for each other in our school community and the world in which we live.

Working for justice encourages all of use to have hope for the future.


As a school community we strive to show compassion in all we do, by being sensitive to the needs of   others in our school community and beyond.

We want to share with others the compassion that we, ourselves receive.


Following Jesus’ example forgiveness is at the centre of all we do. Showing forgiveness requires us to have courage and strength, brining us freedom from anger and a sense of peace.

Forgiveness means we take responsibility for what we have done wrong and we desire not to do it again.


Trust is at the heart of all we do and all the relationships that underpin our school community, helping us to live and learn together in harmony. Trust allows us to work together to enrich every member of our community and make the most of our individual gifts and talents.

A summary of how we work together