As a school community we pride ourselves on the fact that our students are happy and enjoy the experience of learning with us in all kinds of ways. As an outstanding school we realise that achievement comes in many different forms and we are committed to ensuring that all students have every opportunity to flourish, grow in confidence and make the most of their individual gifts and talents.

By recognising achievement in a variety of different ways, we as a school community aim to create a positive and motivated atmosphere, within which students can take pride in what they do. We believe that through formal recognition of achievement, positive attitude to learning or community mindedness, students will work harder and take more pride in themselves and their community during their ‘Journey’ through school.

Our rewards system is based around three strands: “Merits”, “The Head of Year Award” and the “Values Award”. All pupils have the opportunity and the capacity to achieve these throughout their school career.


In Key Stages 3 and 4, pupils receive merits. Students can receive merits for…

  1. Strong, positive contributions to lessons
  2. Effort which exceeds expectations in lessons
  3. Homework which demonstrates excellent effort

The top performing pupils will also receive letters of praise or attend celebration events with the Headteacher and HOY, as decided by the Head of Year.

All AHS staff have been issued with a stamp, and these are issued in the student’s planner. All merits are then recorded once a fortnight by the student’s form tutor.

Formal recognition of merits

NameTrigger PointRewardPresented
Bronze75CertificateForm Tutor
Silver150CertificateHead of Year
Gold225CertificateHead of Year
Platinum300CertificateHead of Pastoral
Special Commendation400CertificateHeadteacher


Students will receive each of these awards when they reach a certain threshold. These awards will be publicised in Acts of Collective Worship, in the school newsletter and certificates will be sent home to parents to celebrate their achievements.

There will also be a termly rewards experience at the end of each term. Students will need to receive at least 30 merits in a term in order to be eligible for the reward. However, attendance at these experience remains at the discretion of the relevant Head of Year. Dialogue with parents will be established early if a student is at risk of not being able to attend for whatever reason.

The Head of Year Award

The Head of Year Award is a separate award to merits. This is issued weekly to a boy and girl from each year group (Years 7-13). This is intended to recognise and reward excellent work and effort. It is not given on academic achievement but effort and commitment. Through suggestions by teachers, Heads of Year will select two pupils to receive these awards. Each recipient of the “Head of Year Award” will receive a letter home and a gift voucher. This will also be publicised on the “Head of Year Award” board and in the school newsletter.

Values Award

The Values Award, much like the Head of Year Award, will be based on nominations by staff. However, this will be awarded at the end of each academic year to those who have demonstrated a significant contribution to the core values of the school (Justice, Compassion, Forgiveness and Trust).