Archbishop Holgate’s welcomes students from across the city, from East Yorkshire and further. We have students who come from over 30 different primary schools and are very lucky to have excellent transport links, which cater for the needs of all our students.


If your child walks, please can you ensure, they use the pelican crossings (if appropriate) and are dressed appropriately for the weather.


We are blessed with cycle lanes just outside of the school and we have bike parks, where students must use a secure lock. Again we do stress the importance of students being responsible and following the highway code. All students should wear cycle helmets and florescent clothing.


We have excellent service from a wide range of bus routes. The latest timetables are below:

BusRouteMore Information
No 10Poppleton – York – Stamford Bridge
Via Leeman Road and Dunnington
Timetable | Route
No 8City Centre – Grimston BarTimetable | Route
A43City Centre – Heworth – Archbishop Holgate’s SchoolTimetable and Route
747Pocklington – Archbishop Holgate’s School – City Centre (East Yorkshire)Timetable and Route
A41Bishop Wilton/Fangfoss/Full Sutton – Archbishop Holgate’s SchoolTimetable and Route
A42East Cottingwith – Pocklington – Sutton on Derwent – Archbishop Holgate’s SchoolTimetable and Route
748Low Catton – Stamford Bridge – Archbishop Holgate’s SchoolTimetable and Route
ARCO1Stamford Bridge – Archbishop Holgate’s SchoolTimetable and Route

Useful Contacts

First York
Call: 01904 883000

Call: 08712 002233

York Pullman
Call: 01904 622992

East Yorkshire
Call: 01824 592929

For queries regarding bus services, please contact school on 01904 411341.


We do ask if parents do decide to drive their child to school that for health and safety reasons they DO NOT drive on to the school site, before or after school when it is very busy. We would also ask that you drop off your child a suitable distance from the school and do not pull up on the double yellow lines.