What can I do as a parent to support my child with… Hearing Impairment needs?

Equipment and maintenance of aids

  • Check that my child’s hearing aid batteries are working and that their tubing is clear of wax and condensation
  • Ensure they have spare hearing aid batteries in their school bag should they need to change them throughout the day
  • Ensure all equipment is charged and in their school bag

Understanding in lessons / Homework

  • Check my child’s understanding and pronunciation of key vocabulary from lessons to ensure they haven’t misheard or misunderstood
  • Ensure my child understands what they have been asked to do for their homework
  • Ensure my child has a quiet, acoustically friendly space to complete their homework

Contact with school

  • Ensure school and my child’s Teacher of the Deaf are kept up to date with any changes or fluctuations in my child’s hearing 
  • Keep school and my child’s Teacher of the Deaf up to date with outcomes from any audiology appointments they may have
  • If I am worried about anything speak to the SEND team or my child’s Teacher of the Deaf

What can I do to support myself with my…Hearing Impairment needs?

The night before school / on a school morning

  • Check that my hearing aid batteries are working
  • Take spare hearing aid batteries to school in case they run out through the day (Miss Manning, Miss Holmes and Mrs Rose can help me change them if I need help)
  • Charge my radio aid / roger pen the night before school so it is ready for the next day
  • Check I have all the equipment I need for the day before I set off to school, including my radio aid / roger pen

During the school day

  • If my hearing aid batteries run out during the school day I can change them myself or go to see the SEND team
  • Make sure I am looking at the teachers when they are speaking to help me lip read
  • If I can’t see the teacher or hear the teacher properly I can tell the teacher and ask them to make a change to help me
  • If I have missed or misunderstood any vocabulary words I can ask the teacher to clarify
  • I can check pronunciation and key words with my peers 

If I am worried

  • Speak to Miss Manning, Miss Holmes or Mrs Rose if I have any questions or worries day-to-day
  • Speak to my Teacher of the Deaf if there are any arising issues
  • There are many other children at Archbishop Holgate’s with Hearing Impairments and they can be a great support

What are we doing as a school to help students with… Hearing Impairment needs?

Before the student arrives at Archbishop Holgates

  • Meg Holmes, the school’s SENDCo, attends the student’s last EHCP / MSP review of Year 6 to ensure a smooth transition to secondary school
  • Students with hearing impairments will get the option of a second, quieter transition visit to Archbishop Holgate’s in a small group
  • The school’s SEND team meet the student’s Teacher of the Deaf to discuss plans for transition and how best to help students in lessons

During the school day

  • Students are sat in the classroom where they have a clear eye line to the board and where they are able to lip-read. The exact placement will be different for each student depending on their needs and preferences.
  • Year team pastoral staff have spare hearing aid batteries if required
  • Teachers wear radio aids / roger pens if needed. This is guided by the Deaf Hearing Support Team.
  • Some signed support in lessons if needed
  • Regular communication with the Deaf Hearing Support Team

Upskilling staff

  • Staff receive regular deaf-awareness training from the City of York Council’s Deaf Hearing Support Team
  • The SEND team are in regular contact with the DHST at CYC
  • Staff are signposted to online CPD and webinars from the National Deaf Children’s Society

Key websites for more information: