At Archbishop Holgate’s School every student is known as an individual and is cared for by their Form Tutor, Head of Year and Pastoral Support Worker. If you need to discuss anything to do with your child please contact your child’s Pastoral Support Worker initially, via 01904 411341 or email, who will be able to help with your query. This might involve your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year as required.

Year 7 Pastoral Team

Miss Kincell
Head of Year

Miss Greenhalgh
Pastoral Support Worker

Form Tutors

  • Ms Bhogal (7Bl)
  • Miss Adams (7CAd)
  • Miss Chambers (7Ws)
  • Mr McPaul (7CMp)
  • Mrs Conway (7Cy)
  • Miss Gray (7Gr)
  • Mrs Halifax (7Hf)
  • Mrs Harvey (7Hv)
  • Mr Martin (7Mr)
  • Mr Thompson (7NTh)
  • Mr Norris (7WNo)

Year 8 Pastoral Team

Mr Arthur
Head of Year

Mr Deamer
Pastoral Support Worker

Form Tutors

  • Miss Barrett/Mrs Freeman (8ABt)
  • Miss Dixon (8Di)
  • Mr Hepplestone (8JHe)
  • Dr Paul/Ms Ramsay (8Pl)
  • Miss McDonald (8KMd)
  • Mrs Deacon (8MDn)
  • Miss Hepplestone/Mrs Paver (8MHe)
  • Ms Lion (8MLn)
  • Mrs Amos (8NAm)
  • Mrs Price (8Pi)
  • Mr W Bryan (8WBn)

Year 9 Pastoral Team

Mr Avery
Head of Year

Miss Clark
Pastoral Support Worker

Form Tutors

  • Miss Moore (9BMo)
  • Mr Brannigan (9Br)
  • Miss Allard (9CAl)
  • Mr Morrell/Mrs Parkinson (9EMl)
  • Mr Goldsmith (9Gs)
  • Mr Hunt/Mrs Beard (9Hu)
  • Mr Knox (9Kx)
  • Mr McBride (9Mb)
  • Miss Stocks (9MSt)
  • Miss Milner (9SMr)
  • Mr Webb (9Wb)

Year 10 Pastoral Team

Miss Turvey
Head of Year

Mr Stevens
Pastoral Support Worker

Mrs Stead
Pastoral Support Worker

Form Tutors

  • Mrs Dugdale (10BDu)
  • Mr M Bryan (10By)
  • Miss Montagu (10EMo)
  • Mr Mansfield (10IMa)
  • Mr Limbert (10JLi)
  • Mrs Robertson (10ERo)
  • Miss Brown (10LBr)
  • Mr Pennock (10MPe)
  • Mr Gibson (10RGi)
  • Ms Metcalf (10RMe)
  • Mr Williams (10Wa)

Year 11 Pastoral Team

Mrs Avey
Head of Year

Mrs Mennell
Pastoral Support Worker

Year 11 Form Tutors

  • Miss A Cooper (11ACo)
  • Mr Appleyard (11Ap)
  • Miss L Cooper (11Cr)
  • Mr Clements (11DCl)
  • Miss Darlington (11Dn)
  • Mrs Holmes/Miss Redman (11Hm)
  • Miss Leplátre/Mrs Evans (11Lp)
  • Mr O’Brien (11Ob)
  • Mr MacFarlane (11SMf)
  • Miss Daswani (11ZDa)

Year 12 Pastoral Team

Miss Cox
Head of Year 12

Mrs Walton

Form Tutors

  • Dr King (12BKi)
  • Mr Shaw (12GSw)
  • Miss Gavin (12HGa)
  • Mr Lever/Mrs Kitney (12Lv)
  • Mr Nicholson (12Nc)
  • Dr Osman (12Os)
  • Mrs Dobson (12/13Db)

Year 13 Pastoral Team

Mr Charlton
Head of Year 13

Mrs Walton

Form Tutors

  • Miss Lawrenson (13ALa)
  • Miss Balmer (13Bm)
  • Miss Day (13Da)
  • Mr Handley (13Ha)
  • Mr Skelton (13Sl)
  • Mr Young/Mr Gladstone (13Yg)
  • Mrs Dobson (12/13Db)


Mrs Hirst
Intensive support worker

Miss Ashcroft
Attendance Officer