Our school uniform expectations from September 2022

School Shoes

  • School shoes need to be smart, black, leather like or leather shoes with no obvious colouring, patterned designs or metallic bars on the shoes. The wearing of trainers is strictly prohibited in school.
  • Students who wear the wrong type of shoe to school will be sent to reception to change their shoes.
  • Upon return to reception, shoes will be thoroughly disinfected ready to be worn again.

We have thought very carefully in terms of our commitment to poverty proofing when it comes to footwear. As a result, for the time being, branded school shoes will be allowed for students in Year 8 and above if students already own these and would be wearing them next year. We hope that this will help families at this difficult time.  

However, students in Year 7 will be expected to arrive at school in non-branded shoes in September 2022 and we would ask families in all year groups to buy non-branded shoes when the time comes to replace them. Please be aware that by September 2023 all students will be expected to be in non-branded shoes.


  • Trousers and skirts will remain unbranded due to/in line with our continued commitment to poverty proofing uniform.
  • Leggings, jeans, short skirts and bodycon skirts do not meet the school’s uniform standards. Any student wearing these items will be asked to change into uniform provided by school.
  • School skirts should sit just above the knee.
  • Trousers and skirts will be purchased by school to offer students the chance to change, should they arrive to school in inappropriate uniform.


  • Two plain studded earrings will be allowed, no more. A single plain nose stud will be allowed; however, this must not be in excess of 0.5mm.
  • In the case of new piercings, students must wear a plastic temporary stud until they are able to wear the smaller nose stud.
  • Any additional jewellery will be confiscated by any member of staff who sees the student wearing it. It will then be handed into main reception.  Students will no longer be allowed to ‘put away’ their jewellery.
  • Students can collect their item of jewellery from main reception at the end of the school day.
  • Please note that nose bars, nose rings and septum piercings are strictly prohibited.


  • Makeup is not allowed to be worn at school. This includes false eyelashes, painted nails and eye makeup.
  • Students will be provided with makeup wipes to remove any obvious signs of makeup. Students with painted or acrylic nails will be asked to remove them at reception.


  • Hoodies are not to be worn around school, or at break and lunchtime. A ‘hoodie’ is classed as a hooded jumper or an item of clothing that resembles a jumper-like garment.
  • Should a student come to school in a hoodie, parents will be contacted and asked to provide an alternative item of clothing for their child and an agreed deadline will be put in place. Should the student continue to wear the hoodie to school, it will be confiscated from the student and an AHS school jumper will be offered as a temporary alternative.

From September 2022 we are happy for our students to wear the AHS Hoodie to and from school, however students will not be allowed to wear them in lessons.


  • Students who attend school without a tie will be lent one at main reception. The students name will be taken and they will be expected to return the tie at the end of the school day.
  • Parents of students who do not return ties will be contacted by school in order for the tie to be returned. Lost or damaged ties will be charged at a price of £7.
  • Students will be able to purchase a tie at the price of £7 from reception at any time.


It is also essential that all students bring a school bag each day and have their planner with them. The planner is viewed as part of our school uniform.

Lower School Uniform

Upper School Uniform