Being a Church school, we take our obligation to broaden our students’ religious awareness seriously. Enrichment RE comprises fortnightly lessons, as well as one off-timetable Enrichment RE day, which provide the opportunity for students to explore, discuss and debate the role and impact of religion in contemporary society.

During Enrichment RE students take part in discussions about the influence of faith in our world today. Students’ understanding of a range of faiths will be refreshed, and how they currently, and have previously, influenced the societies in which we live. This course offers a great opportunity to broaden general knowledge, initiate intrigue and allow healthy reflection and debate.

Enrichment RE lessons include:

  • Religion and ethics, including issues such as euthanasia and animal rights
  • Secularisation
  • Religious diversity
  • Religion and government
  • Freedom of speech
  • Law and conscience
  • Religion and psychology
  • Religion, gender, age and personality
  • Planning and organising a Christmas lunch for elderly members of our local community

The Enrichment RE days currently offered are:

  • ‘Being religious in the 21st century’ – students explore key beliefs and the benefits of belonging to a range of world faiths through interactive and experiential learning sessions.
  • ‘God and the Big Bang’ – students meet with world-renowned scientists, also Christian by faith, and engage in interactive and QA sessions, allowing them to develop an understanding of the compatibility between faith and science.

The Enrichment RE programme is delivered by our outstanding RE department who, through their expertise, genuine interest and enthusiasm, deliver a truly enriching experience. The benefits of Enrichment RE are huge; not only does it help students prepare a stunning UCAS application, it also helps prepare students for life beyond school and university.