All Y12 are be timetabled to one hour of Enrichment per week. Students will select from a range of enrichment activities. Students have the opportunity each half-term to select a new option (with the exception of those that have committed to an activity that requires a longer duration or leads to a qualification). The Enrichment Programme is only available to Y12 students to utilise a year where successful transition is essential for Post-16 success. Throughout the year with the addition of enrichment, wellbeing can be nurtured and resilience developed to prepare students for the challenges that Y13 brings.

  1. Arts Award (music)
  2. David Lloyd classes
  3. Debating
  4. Duke of Edinburgh Award (silver)
  5. Green Leaders (environmental action)
  6. Mental Health Champions
  7. Mentoring Peak Geek
  8. Sports (play and teams)
  9. Sports Leadership
  10. Theatre
  11. Work Experience (as well as week completed in Summer term)