1 A (Study) C B A B
2 B RE Enrichment D A FREE
3 B D (Study) C D C (Study)
4 Study+ D C B (Study) D
5 A A Enrichment B Volunteering
6 Intervention Intervention Intervention Intervention Intervention

16-19 Study Programme Requirements

Our guided learning hours are structured to provide the best opportunity to maximise students potential and goes substantially beyond the minimum government requirement.

  1. Substantial Level 3 qualifications through either A Levels or BTECs, that challenge students and prepare them for future progression
  2. English and Maths where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4
  3. A dedicated period of work experience for all Year 12 students to give students the opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working conditions
  4. Additional other non-qualification activity to develop students’ character, broaden skills, attitudes and confidence, and to support progression, as highlighted in our Enrichment Programmes.

All our Year 12 students start on four subjects. Each student accesses four hours of taught lessons and an additional supervised study per subject. This provision is further enhanced through compulsory additional activities for all students, including enrichment, volunteering and RE Young Leaders.

Per week
Level 3 Qualifications 16 hours
Supervised silent study 5 hours
RE Enrichment 1 hour
Enrichment and volunteering activities 2 hours
Total planned hours per week 25 hours
Total planned hours for Year 12 (39 weeks) 936 guided hours

All Year 13 students access 5 taught lessons per A Level or Extended Certificate qualification. Diploma subjects access 9 hours each. In addition to this, students also have a number of timetabled supervised study periods and the Extended Project Qualification, depending on their chosen pathway of either three or four subjects in Year 13.

Per week
Level 3 Qualifications 20 hours/15 hours
Supervised Sixth Form Study (3 qualifications/4 qualifications) 6 hours/3 hours
Extended Project Qualification (For those on 3 qualifications) 2 hours
Total planned hours per week 23 hours
Total planned hourd for Year 13 (39 weeks) 1014/741 hours

The average guided learning hours per student is 23 hours each week, which is substantially above the minimum planned hours of 540 hours over the year.