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With so many opportunities such as going out into the working world, training as an apprentice, going to college or joining the forces it may seem overwhelming, especially at your young age, to make such a huge decision regarding your career and life. Studying Level 3 BTEC qualifications is one of the better options in this scenario and has its many benefits. You can pick subjects that really interest you and the grades you get whilst being in these academic surroundings will benefit you if you should apply to university or college, or even work. The BTEC qualifications provide an opportunity for students to gain technical skills in a specific sector. Students taking these qualifications need to produce a substantial amount of coursework and as well as undergoing external exams and controlled tasks.

  • These are Level 3 qualifications
  • They are graded at pass, merit, distinction and distinction* and are equivalent to A Level qualifications
  • Depending on the qualification studied these can be equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 A Levels
  • They can be taken alongside other BTEC subjects or A Levels
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