Life as a Sixth Form student is exciting and challenging in many different ways. At Sixth Form we take great care to make sure that you have all the help you need to settle in and achieve your best. At interview and enrolment, members of our Sixth Form Team will discuss options and choices with you and once you have applied to the Sixth Form, your personalised study programme will be timetabled around your needs.

On joining the Sixth Form you will be placed with a tutor group led by your Personal Tutor who will stay with you throughout your time in Sixth Form. Your Tutor is there to monitor and support you, make sure that you stay on target and help with any difficulties or problems you may have. Alongside this, each year team has a specialist Head of Year to either support transition into the Sixth Form or progression beyond Post-16. Additional support is provided by our Sixth Form Administrator and the Attendance and Safeguarding Officer. All of which are overseen by our Director of Sixth Form. During your time at Sixth Form you will develop independent learning skills, so that you are fully equipped for university and working life. You will begin to take greater responsibility for your own learning, acquire new study skills and become self-motivated.

There may be times during the day when you do not have study periods or lessons and will be free to use the Sixth Form resources. It is important that you use this time wisely, your success is strongly influenced by the amount of effort you put in. Your Form Tutor will regularly discuss your progress and help you set achievable academic and personal goals. We work together as a partnership with you and your parents or guardians to ensure success.


Cared for as an individual

Cared for in a small centre

Cared for by Form Tutor, Head of Year and Director of Sixth Form


Support with your studies

Support to achieve your targets

Support developing your skills


Guidance about university

Guidance on a future career

Guidance on making applications