We strongly believe that we should start the day together as a Sixth Form community and as part of this we run a structured Tutorial Programme. During this time, students engage with their Form Tutors via a range of different experiences. Students are exposed to thought provoking quotes and relevant news references which encourage group discussion. All of the following widen students’ knowledge and understanding of topical items.

All students will have:

  • Professional development opportunities with your Tutor to develop your learning and life skills
  • Personal performance management interviews with your Tutor throughout the year to review progress towards your targets
  • Subject support through specialist Form Tutor Programme
  • Help with homework, coursework or revision
  • Comprehensive careers advice and help with University Competitive Admissions and other UCAS applications as well as employment interviews

The Tutor Programme

Through afternoon registration each week students will take part in:

  • Form Time Collective Worship
  • Year Group Collective Worship
  • Chapel/News
  • Progression skills and support
  • University Challenge