Pension Scheme

As an employee of Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust you are offered membership of either the Teachers’ Pension Scheme; or for support staff, the Local Government Pension Scheme. As well as employee’s paying contributions into the scheme (banded, based on earnings level) Pathfinder also pays into the scheme on your behalf at the following rates (regardless of earnings):

Support Staff Pension Scheme
Pathfinder contributes an additional 19.9% of your salary

Teachers’ Pension Scheme
Pathfinder contributes an additional 23.68% of your salary

Cycle to Work Scheme

For staff who wish to purchase a bike for the purpose of travelling to work this can be done via Cyclescheme. You purchase the bike you want via the scheme and Pathfinder pays the initial cost upfront and then you pay for it directly from your salary on a monthly basis (12 months is the usual duration). The deductions for the Cyclescheme are taken from your gross pay each month so your taxable pay is lower than it otherwise would be.

First York Bus Scheme 

Staff can sign-up and to get unlimited bus travel in chosen zones. Being part of the Commuter Travel Club means you can use the bus for work or leisure, and pay less compared to the cheapest monthly ticket available

Eye Test Vouchers

For those who work with display screen equipment the school will provide a voucher to cover eye test costs.

Second hand goods community 

Staff have access to a online community where they can trade unwanted items with other staff.

Staff Meals

All staff have access to school meals which can be purchased daily at very reasonable prices.

Car Share

We actively encourage car sharing to reduce the financial burden of commuting to work, we shall soon be a member of a car share pool to be enable staff to easily match up car share partners.

Support with access to external services

Staff can seek support in regard to accessing external services such as Tax Free Childcare, support with budgeting,phone and internet costs, Food banks and benefits.

Employee Assistance Programme

Making sure everyone in Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust gets the support they need whatever their worries, at home or at work. The 24/7 confidential Employee Assistance Programme offers specialist counselling and information meaning everyone has support at any time.

What does the programme provide?
The Employee Assistance Programme is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is completely confidential and provides support by telephone or online from specialist call handlers and counsellors who understand the demands of working in education. It provides:

    • Emotional support and counselling
    • Specialist information on work-life balance
    • Financial and legal information
    • Management consultation to support those responsible for managing others
    • Up to six sessions of face-to-face or telephone counselling
    • Access to online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
    • Information on local services such as elder care and childcare

The Educational Support Partnership experts assess each call individually and decide what the best course of action for each caller is, whether that be counselling, online CBT or signposting to additional services.

A great staff community

The school is very keen to foster a ‘community feel’ and believes it’s been successful in achieving this for staff given the low staff turnover and high retention rates we experience. Our success in this area is driven by a number of factors:
  • The staff room has been extended and refurbished to remain the hub of the school community. A coffee machine is provided for staff to use free of charge. An outside seating area has been created and this summer a canopy erected.
  • The school pool and fitness suite are available to staff at no charge.
  • A staff extra-curricular programme is in place and brings people from different departments together.
  • Senior Leaders have an open door policy and staff voice is conducted regularly to ensure that staff feel valued and heard.
  • The AHS Curry Society meets in York for a curry at different restaurants across the city every half-term.
  • Christmas and Summer Staff Celebration Events take place every year.
  • At the end of the academic year a whole school buffet was organised; departments were able to collect theirs and celebrate the end of the academic year together. This will become an annual event. In addition to this informal ‘Cake Fridays’ or ‘Friday Breakfasts’ are provided to give staff an additional boost. All staff are provided with lunch on the first training day of the academic year.
  • ECTs are supported by SLT-link mentors.
  • Wherever possible all staff have their own teaching room.
  • The majority of departments have their own offices where staff can work and socialise.

For more information, read about our 10 key commitments to staff.