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Wellbeing Newsletters

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Wellbeing Newsletters

Archbishop Holgate’s approach to Wellbeing?

At Archbishop Holgate’s School we have packaged our Wellbeing programme into the ‘AHS 4 steps to Wellbeing’.  This is summarised in the poster below:

It explains that:

  • #AHS Cares: School provides an outstanding experience every day we aim to support all our students.
  • #Self-Care: Self-care means taking some time out of your day for YOU. Caring for yourself and putting yourself first is so important! We have highlighted 5 areas to help you look after your own wellbeing.
  • #Self-help: Sometimes you may struggle with your wellbeing even if you do look after yourself. What can you do if you are in that situation? There are lots of useful apps and websites that can help but we chosen the best ones to support you. These can be used in partnership with the #Self-Care ideas.
  • #Support: At some point you may need to seek support from external sources. This is where school and professional services may help. Talk to your FT, HOY or PSW and they can you find the support you may need.  We now have the following available:

To find out more about the ‘AHS 4 Steps to Wellbeing’, please visit: https://sites.google.com/archbishopholgates.org/4steps2wellbeing/home

We are currently:

  • Completing the work towards gaining the ‘Wellbeing Award for schools’.  CLICK HERE to find out more.
  • Training our students to be Wellbeing ambassadors, so they can support others with their wellbeing.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

If you need support?

If you need support please:

  • Talk to a member of the pastoral team.  We are there to help and offer advice.  We can direct you to the most suitable resource.

Special Educational Needs

Emotional Health is related to many Special Educational Needs.  to find out more please visit:

Self-care techniques and general lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms of many mental health problems. They may also help prevent some problems from developing or getting worse. Here are some tips for looking after yourself that you might find helpful.

How Can parents and Carers Help?

Here are some of the best practices for parents to help improve the wellbeing of their children:

  • Share worries and seek out support from friends and family.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising, having fun and getting enough sleep.
  • Stay well informed by finding out more about topics that concern them.
  • Never stop talking and listening to their child through good times and bad.
  • Seek help or advice if you are worried about your child.

What the School can do to Help

  • We are completing Well-being activities every morning.
  • Educate staff, parents, and students on symptoms of and help for emotional and mental health problems.
  • Promote social and emotional competency and build resilience.
  • Help ensure a positive, safe school environment.
  • Teach and reinforce positive behaviour’s and decision-making.
  • Encourage helping others.
  • Provide students with training to become mental Health Champions in school.
  • Provide students with clear information of who they should speak to if they feel they need support.
  • Clearly advertise in school what support is available for students.
  • Regularly update parents/carers about how we can help.
  • Make referrals to other agencies on behalf of the family if required.

Useful Links and resources