My name is Lauren Plowman, I am the School Nurse here at Archbishop Holgate’s Secondary School.

Maintaining and supporting the health and well-being of our students and staff is very important to us.

We have 9 three day first aid trained members of staff across the site to meet the needs of students and staff who require first aid/medical attention.

My role is to support the delivery of first aid, deliver health education and support to students on an individual basis and support students with complex health needs. Individual (1:1) support for students may be referred to me by staff (Safeguarding team, teachers/form tutors, pastoral care), or by student self referral by attending drop in at break or lunch times.

Please note: I am not a mental health trained professional, though I can support initially and signpost onwards to services. We have a wellbeing worker and 2 school counselors within school each week.

If a student is unwell at school, they will be taken to reception and will be seen either by a first aider or myself depending on the incident/presenting complaint. If a student is too unwell to return to class, we will contact somebody with parental responsibility.

If your child has a medical condition/diagnosis/ medication that we need to know about, please contact:

For example, this might be a severe allergy, diabetes, chronic condition, epilepsy. If this requires medication, we can also store students’ own medication in reception for use within school hours.