It has been good to start to see things return to some form of ‘normality’ at school with students settling well and enjoying spending time with their friends. I have been really impressed with both the way that students are following the safety measures we have in place and the learning that is taking place in classrooms. I know that students and staff are looking forward to being able to access all their lessons in specialist classrooms after Easter and we will be spending time during the last week of this term to make sure that all students are familiar with the full one way system that will be in place and all the routes to each of their lessons. Our enhanced safety measures, which include staggered breaks and lunches, will remain in place for the remainder of the year.

Testing at home
Students will today (Thursday) receive two boxes of lateral flow tests with full guidance on how to log the results of the test included either within the box or as an accompanying leaflet. We know a small number of children attended a test site at another location, these children should come to reception on Friday to collect their test kits.

There are three tests in each box meaning all children have enough to start testing on Monday morning at home and carry them through until after the Easter break – Students are not expected to test over the holidays.

All students must test on a Monday and Thursday morning, should the result be positive they must not attend school but let us know as soon as possible so we can provide further guidance on next steps. Taking the test on a Monday morning will limit the impact of a positive case on the school community as it will have been over 48 hours since they were last in school.

Unity Fund
A reminder that through the Unity Fund the school can offer confidential and discrete support to families who are struggling financially. If you are struggling in any way please contact us and we will do our best to help:

Wellbeing – Thankful Thursday

Collective Worship
As we continue through the Christian season of Lent we continue with our Pilgrim Pathways theme in Form Tutor Collective Worship. We have thought about the metaphors of a Lamp, a Map and a First Aid Kit. Many people who go on a walking pilgrimage take a walking stick to help them stay stable. A walking stick can also be a symbol of all the wise people who have gone before us, who inspire us and help us continue on our journey. Our daily quotes are about Supporting others.

Thursday – “Sometimes the only thing you could do for people was to be there.” – Terry Pratchett: 20th C. English author of fantasy novels