History is regarded by employers as an excellent subject for developing analytical ability and the capacity for debate. The subject is highly regarded by admissions tutors for universities, as it equips you with so many transferable skills.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

Marcus Garvey

Entry requirements

Automatic entry onto Level 3 courses includes students achieving 4 x Grade 9-4 or equivalent at GCSE alongside a Grade 4 or above in English and/or Mathematics. Students with either English and/or Mathematics at Grade 3 or below will have individual meetings to determine the most suitable pathway within the Sixth Form.

Course description

The Tudors unit of study covers the consolidation of Tudor power under Henry VII following his victory in the Battle of Bosworth and the Reformation in England under Henry VIII, and his further consolidation of Tudor power. Students will also assess the extent of the mid-Tudor crisis under the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I, and of the ‘Golden Age’ under Elizabeth I as Queen.

Through the American Civil War unit of study students will learn about the causes of tension between the North and South, and the long road toward the Confederacy breaking away from the Union in 1861. Students will also analyse the great battles of the American Civil War and evaluate the causes of Northern victory in 1865. 

The final component of A Level  History is the coursework element, for which students will study and write an extended essay on African-American civil rights, 1890- 1992.

Exam board

AQA A Level History


This is a two year linear course that will be weighted in the following way:

  • Tudor Breadth study (One Examination 40%)
  • America: A Nation Divided, c1845–1877 (One Examination 40%)
  • Historical Investigation (Coursework 20%)

Ways to help my child succeed

The course is designed for pupils to use a wide range of knowledge in their answers therefore reflection and revision is vital throughout the two years. As this is advanced level History, pupils will be expected to read around the topic, so support in this area will be vital to their success. In the useful websites section there is a link to the reading materials suggested by the exam board. Please note pupils are not expected to read all of the suggested materials.

Useful websites