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Archbishop Holgate’s judged outstanding in all areas by Ofsted

Archbishop Holgate’s has been awarded the highest possible rating by Ofsted following a two-day inspection which judged the school to be outstanding in all areas.

Inspectors assessed the quality of education, behaviour and attitudes of pupils, their personal development, the sixth form provision, the leadership and management of the school and its overall effectiveness, judging all to be outstanding and concluding: “Archbishop Holgate’s School is an exceptional place for pupils to learn.”

Headteacher, Andrew Daly, said: “I am extremely proud of this report and the education we provide for all students at Archbishop Holgate’s. The outcome of this inspection is testament to the efforts of our entire school community, especially the hard work and positive attitude of our students and the commitment and service of our staff team.”

“Given that the new inspection framework is much more rigorous and judgements harder to achieve, combined with the ongoing demands of the pandemic, makes it even more pleasing that inspectors did not identify any areas for development.”

Highlighting the many areas in which the school excels, the report praised the quality of the curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities available to pupils, stating: “The curriculum at this school is exemplary. All pupils benefit greatly from lessons in a wide range of subjects, alongside a set of extensive enrichment opportunities.” The Sixth Form curriculum was also noted to be “exceptionally strong.”

Inspectors described behaviour at the school as exceptional and said: “Pupils are calm, orderly and respectful. Pupils are confident, articulate and produce consistently high-quality work. Their ability to recall key content from the curriculum is noteworthy.”

During their visit, inspectors met with the Headteacher, senior leaders and governors; talked to pupils about their work and visited lessons; observed extra-curricular activities and form time sessions; spoke to curriculum leaders and teachers and looked in depth at areas of the curriculum, including English, Mathematics, History, Geography and Art.

Inspectors also reviewed the systems in place to keep pupils safe, saying: “Leaders are tenacious in their efforts to keep pupils safe. The safeguarding training all staff receive is of the highest quality.”

The additional pastoral capacity put in place to provide mental health and wellbeing support for pupils was also recognised in the report.

Teaching and learning across all subjects was praised with inspectors saying: “Teachers have strong knowledge of the subjects that they teach. They deliver lessons with passion. As a result of high-quality training, teachers use a range of strategies to ensure pupils remember what they have been taught.”

Inspectors sought the views of members of the school community, including parents, pupils and staff. One parent told inspectors: “The staff live and breathe the school values, and that is passed onto pupils. There is a unique and indefinable sense of welcoming at the school, no matter which member of staff you speak to.” All staff said they feel valued and referred to being part of a special community and are incredibly proud to work at the school.

The wider personal development of pupils and preparation for life after Archbishop Holgate’s was identified as another strength of the school with the report saying: “Important topics, such as maintaining healthy relationships, preparing for the world of work, and developing leadership skills, are planned and taught exceptionally well. There is also considerable strength in the school’s wider provision of careers information and guidance for pupils of all ages.”

The support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities was deemed exceptionally strong with inspectors saying: “Teachers receive high-quality guidance on how to support these pupils. Well trained and knowledgeable teaching assistants play an active role in supporting pupils with SEND. Leaders are fully committed to eradicating any barriers to learning for these pupils. As a result, all pupils achieve highly.”

The report recognised the strength of governance at the school noting: “Governors hold leaders strongly to account. Governors and leaders are constantly seeking to adapt and improve the school.”

Chair of Governors, John Hattam, said: “Archbishop Holgate’s is a special place because of the way it blends its four core values of Justice, Compassion, Forgiveness and Trust with a focus and determination by all staff to ensure that every pupil achieves their maximum potential.  We were delighted to see these foundations of the school’s performance so explicitly recognised in the Ofsted report.”

Andrew Daly, added: “I have had the privilege of leading Archbishop Holgate’s for the last twelve years, during which time the school has been afforded a number of accolades including outstanding SIAMS inspections and more recently accreditation as a national Teaching School Hub. We are well known for our excellent examination outcomes for all groups of students at both GCSE and Post 16, regularly some of the best in the country. However, this inspection framework is about much more than academic results, for a school to be judged as outstanding it must consistently be providing an all-round education of the highest standard to all students. This is what our report recognises and what we are most delighted about.”

“We are so pleased with our inspection and the recognition it affords to the collective efforts of staff, students, families and our wider community. Please rest assured that, as always, we will continue to strive to ensure that our school remains the best possible place for students to learn and grow as individuals.”

In February 2021, Archbishop Holgate’s was selected as one of the government’s new teaching school hubs, a national network of 87 school-led centres of excellence for teacher and leadership training and development. Working in partnership across the Ryedale, Scarborough and York region, the Pathfinder Teaching School Hub, based at Archbishop Holgate’s, provides high-quality training and continuous professional development for teachers at every stage of their career.

The school is also a founding member of Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust, a partnership of ten church and community schools serving more than 4,000 students and their families across York.

Read the Ofsted Report
23 November 2021|

Welcome to the new school term

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break. We are very much looking forward to welcoming all students back to school next week. Whilst the usual AHS Newsletter and Parent Bulletin with updates from each Head of Year will return next week I thought it would be useful to share key pieces of information about the start of term. Some of this was sent before the summer break but sometimes a reminder can be helpful.

Wellbeing Newsletter

Each week we send a Wellbeing Newsletter home as part of the Parent Bulletin, I hope the latest one (link below) will be useful as we begin the new academic term.

Wellbeing Newsletter 23

Covid controls to support a successful start to term

I would like to thank parents for all the positive feedback about Enrichment Week at the end of the last academic year, and in the months ahead we look forward to the wide range of extra-curricular and enrichment activities available at school progressing as planned. This is an integral part of all the AHS Journey for all our students. However, as you would expect the school will continue to have in place the robust Covid-19 systems of control that worked effectively last year. We have also decided in the early weeks of term to continue to take a cautious approach as students move around school.

As such we are strongly recommending that all students wear a face covering when moving between lessons and we will be reminding students to put their masks on when they enter the building.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support with this and in ensuring that your children bring a mask to school each day. This is not a precaution that I see lasting throughout the term but is one that I feel will be beneficial when we first return and the new term settles.

Tuesday 7th September – Start of term arrangements for Year 7 and 12

Year 7 – I know Miss Kincell and her team are looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday and are putting lots of top tips on their transition twitter feed @AHS_Transition. We also have a wealth of useful information that can be accessed via the homepage of the website.

Year 7 students should go to the Main Hall at 8.30am, there will be lots of staff available to guide them and support them with hand washing before they enter. All AHS operated buses will run as timetabled from this day. Our catering team will be providing all Year 7 students with a free snack for break time and their biometrics will be completed in time for them to purchase lunch on 7th September.

Year 12 – A huge congratulations to our new Year 12 for their GCSE results that have put them in a strong position for the start of their Post-16 career. I very much enjoyed the transition meetings that I was part of after results day. I know that the Sixth Form Team continued to meet students and their families of both our new Year 12 and Year 13 cohorts throughout the summer. A huge thank you to all those that attended, we appreciate your time and the effort made in supporting your son/daughter in planning the year or two ahead. Mrs De Lashley and her team are really excited about the year ahead.

Year 12 students should go to the Sixth Form Foyer, the Sixth Form team will be there to greet them and ensure that they have washed their hands before entering.

Wednesday 8th September – Start of term arrangements for all year groups

All year groups in school with an 8.35am drift in for an 8.45am start; all students should go directly to their new form room. There will be lots of staff available to guide students and ensure that they wash their hands before entering the building.

New Year 8

  • If you were in:7CAd, you have now become:  8Ap and your new form room is: IT3
  • If you were in:7Bl, you have now become:  8CBr and your new form room is: Hi3
  • If you were in:7CMp, you have now become:  8CMp and your new form room is: MA5
  • If you were in:7Mr, you have now become:  8ECe and your new form room is: Gg2
  • If you were in:7Hv, you have now become:  8GBl and your new form room is: Sc3
  • If you were in:7Gr, you have now become:  8Ob and your new form room is: Sc2
  • If you were in:7Cy, you have now become:  8LP and your new form room is: MFL4
  • If you were in:7Cm, you have now become:  8LWs and your new form room is: En8
  • If you were in:7NTh, you have now become:  8NTh and your new form room is: Sc1
  • If you were in:7Hf, you have now become:  8KCe and your new form room is: En4
  • If you were in:7WNo, you have now become:  8WNo and your new form room is: Sc5

New Year 9

  • If you were in:8ABt, you have now become:  9ABt and your new form room is: En11
  • If you were in:8NAm, you have now become:  9EWh and your new form room is: Ma9
  • If you were in:8JHe, you have now become:  9JHe and your new form room is: RE1
  • If you were in:8Di, you have now become:  9KGn and your new form room is: MFL1
  • If you were in:8KMd, you have now become:  9KMd and your new form room is: Ma10
  • If you were in:8MHe, you have now become:  9MHe and your new form room is: MFL2
  • If you were in:8Pi, you have now become:  9Pi and your new form room is: Ma7
  • If you were in:8Pl, you have now become:  9Pl and your new form room is: Gg3
  • If you were in:8WBn, you have now become:  9RDn and your new form room is: En5
  • If you were in:8MDn, you have now become:  9RPR and your new form room is: Hi6
  • If you were in:8MLn, you have now become:  9SLa and your new form room is: Re6

New Year 10

  • If you were in:9BMo, you have now become:  10BMo and your new form room is: L37
  • If you were in:9Br, you have now become:  10Br and your new form room is: En6
  • If you were in:9Gs, you have now become:  10Gs and your new form room is: PE1
  • If you were in:9Hu, you have now become:  10Hu and your new form room is: Ma12
  • If you were in:9CAL, you have now become:  10KPe and your new form room is: En2
  • If you were in:9Kx, you have now become:  10Kx and your new form room is: Hi5
  • If you were in:9Mb, you have now become:  10Mb and your new form room is: Ma11
  • If you were in:9MSt, you have now become:  10MSt and your new form room is: Ma8
  • If you were in:9EMl, you have now become:  10Ps and your new form room is: IT2
  • If you were in:9SMr, you have now become:  10SMr and your new form room is: Ma2
  • If you were in:9Wb, you have now become:  10Wb and your new form room is: Sc8

New Year 11

  • If you were in:10EMo, you have now become:  11AL and your new form room is: RE2
  • If you were in:10BDu, you have now become:  11BDu and your new form room is: Ar2
  • If you were in:10By, you have now become:  11By and your new form room is: En1
  • If you were in:10RMe, you have now become:  11CR and your new form room is: En10
  • If you were in:10ERo, you have now become:  11Ero and your new form room is: RE3
  • If you were in:10MPe, you have now become:  11Ev and your new form room is: En12
  • If you were in:10IMa, you have now become:  11IMa and your new form room is: En3
  • If you were in:10JLi, you have now become:  11JLi and your new form room is: Sc4
  • If you were in:10RGi, you have now become:  11RGi and your new form room is: MFL3
  • If you were in:10LBr, you have now become:  11RMr and your new form room is: En7
  • If you were in:10Wa, you have now become:  11Wa and your new form room is: SC6

New Year 13

  • If you were in:12BKi, you have now become:  13BKi and your new form room is: Ma4
  • If you were in:12GSw, you have now become:  13GSw and your new form room is: L16
  • If you were in:12HGa, you have now become:  13HGa and your new form room is: L32
  • If you were in:12Lv, you have now become:  13Lv and your new form room is: SC9
  • If you were in:12Nc, you have now become:  13Nc and your new form room is: Ar1
  • If you were in:12Os, you have now become:  13Os and your new form room is: L25
  • If you were in:12Kt, you have now become:  13SL and your new form room is: BS2

School Uniform

 We would like to remind parents and students of the expectations for school uniform from September

  • All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
  • School bags should be fit for purpose and large enough to fit an A4 folder and text books inside.
  • Hairstyles should be neat and not follow extremes of fashion. Only natural hair colours are allowed.
  • Students may wear one plain 3mm stud in each ear. Due to health and safety issues, no additional piercing is allowed.
  • Heavy makeup is not allowed. We would prefer Year 7 students to not wear any makeup.
  • Nail varnish, gel/acrylic and false nails are also not allowed.
  • Unacceptable school trousers: skinny, super skinny fits are not allowed. No leggings or jeans. No material containing viscose/polyamide/elastane mix, cotton/elastane mix, lycra or jean material. Trousers should have no decorative zips, studs or pockets.
  • Unacceptable school skirts: no skinny, tube or bodycon or other tight fitting lycra, elastane mixed material skirts.

Our school uniform supplier is Keal Teamwear, 105 Walmgate, York YO1 9UA. Please visit the school website page for full guidance: https://archbishopholgates. academy/parents/school-life/school-uniform/ If you are unsure, please contact the school, we will be only too willing to help.

Covid Controls

It remains crucial that no child attends the school site if they are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19.

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell

Any child displaying symptoms should book and attend a PCR test and remain at home until they receive the result.

Our COVID risk assessment remains as important as ever and therefore students will be encouraged to wash their hands on arrival using soap and water and will have opportunities to sanitise throughout the day. Additionally, we will ensure that all classrooms remain well ventilated to limit the spread of transmission.

Children will be welcome to and are encouraged to continue using face coverings in corridors and social spaces where they feel it is appropriate to do so.

Final thoughts

As ever I am excited about the start of term and all we will collectively achieve in the months ahead. I will continue to prioritise regular communication each week and families should not hesitate to contact school if they have any questions, concerns or feedback. I know that all the staff are looking forward to seeing students and supporting them to make the most of the year ahead and the next stage of their AHS Journey.

Kind regards,
Andrew Daly

2 September 2021|

New schools guide for parents

The Guardian has launched a new schools guide to help parents find key information and data about secondary schools.

Schools are judged on 10 indicators, including academic progress and attainment, attendance, performance of particular groups, admissions, financial stability and the quality of the local environment. The guide uses the latest Department for Education data to create scores for each secondary school.

We are pleased to report that Archbishop Holgate’s achieved excellent scores for student progress, attainment, sixth form performance and progress of disadvantaged students.


Progress: Excellent. Progress up to the ages of 16 and 18 are both excellent.


Attainment: Excellent. Attainment at the ages of 16 and 18 are both excellent.


Sixth form: Excellent. Attainment is excellent, progress is excellent and destinations at 18 are above average.


Disadvantaged pupils: Excellent. Progress up to age 16 is excellent. Progress at 16-18 is excellent.

With no published league tables last year due to the cancellation of GCSE and A Level exams, the schools guide captures a range of factors to more broadly reflect a school’s success and performance.

Click the following link to see the school guides page for Archbishop Holgate’s:

16 February 2021|

Archbishop Holgate’s to lead new regional teaching school hub

Archbishop Holgate’s has been selected to become one of the government’s new teaching school hubs, a national network of 87 school-led centres of excellence for teacher and leadership training and development. Archbishop Holgate’s, working in close partnership with Hope Learning Trust, Ebor Academy Trust and other strategic partners, will lead the new teaching school hub for the Scarborough, Ryedale and York region.

Andrew Daly, Headteacher of Archbishop Holgate’s and CEO of Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust said: “I know all key partners in the new teaching school hub are honoured and excited to be part of this new programme and we look forward to embedding partnerships that stretch across the region, including working collaboratively to harness the expertise of rural and coastal partners.”

Simon Barber, Headteacher of Manor CE Academy, part of Hope Learning Trust, said: “We are very excited to be a part of the new teaching school hub and look forward to working alongside colleagues in Pathfinder and Ebor Trusts in delivering high quality professional development to teachers at all stages of their career.”

“Testimony to the success of this bid is collaboration,” said Gail Brown, chief executive of Ebor Academy Trust, a key partner to the new teaching school hub. “The academy programme comes into its own when trusts work together with a common vision, for the benefit of all our learners.”

The 87 teaching school hubs are replacing the network of around 750 teaching schools currently operating across the country. Schools judged as good or outstanding by Ofsted with a strong track record of high performance were eligible to apply to become one of the new hubs for their region. Archbishop Holgate’s fulfilled the stringent application criteria which recognised the outstanding performance of the school as well as the other key partners in the bid.

Archbishop Holgate’s has extensive experience delivering teacher training and development having run the Pathfinder Teaching School Alliance since 2014. The teaching school has a successful record of working with Sheffield Hallam University, York St John University and the University of York to train both primary and secondary teachers each year, alongside delivering professional development programmes for teachers at all stages of their career.

The new teaching school hub will bring together high-quality providers including multi academy trusts, universities, curriculum hubs, research schools and existing teacher training providers to deliver a rich professional development offer which meets local and national needs.

Alexis Green-Harding, Teaching School Hub Director, said: “We are delighted to be forging new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships with colleagues and organisations from across the region. This network is integral to drive forward the core functions of the hub, ensuring all colleagues at every stage of their career will have the best support, training and development available.”

The teaching school hub will lead the delivery of Initial Teacher Training (ITT), Early Career Framework (ECF) and National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) across schools in the Scarborough, Ryedale and York region with staff able to access high quality research-based training and development at any stage of their career. The work of the hub will also focus on addressing teacher recruitment by providing trainees and early career teachers with the best possible start to their career alongside providing opportunities for existing teachers to further develop expertise in important areas of practice.

Andrew Daly said: “Our aim has always been to positively influence the futures of our students by ensuring they receive the best possible education. Having the opportunity to work even more closely with colleagues across their entire career, from initial teacher training to becoming a senior leader represents a fantastic opportunity to support the development of expertise within the profession for the benefit of all colleagues and the students they teach.”

11 February 2021|

Sixth Form Q&A Session, Thursday 14 January 2021

Are you looking to study A Level or BTEC courses in September 2021?

We are hosting a question and answer sessions on Thursday 14 January at 6.00pm.

Acting Director of Sixth Form, Mike Williams, will be available to answer individual questions about our Post 16 provision, including:

  • Curriculum offer
  • Facilities and opportunities
  • Enrichment programmes
  • Future progression
  • Support with applications

Zoom meeting details

Meeting ID: 996 9176 2046
Passcode: 770311

11 January 2021|