Travel and Tourism

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Travel and Tourism is for learners who want to acquire knowledge and technical skills through vocational contexts by exploring the aims of different travel and tourism organisations, the features of tourist destinations, how organisations meet customer requirements, and the influences on global travel and tourism as part of their Key Stage 4 learning.

 “Travel is the ultimate inspiration.”

Michael Kors

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment.

The Tech Award complements the learning in GCSE programmes such as GCSE Geography and BTEC Enterprise by broadening learners’ experience and skills participation in different contexts, with the opportunity for them to practically apply their knowledge and skills through project work such as investigating different travel and tourism organisations, how they identify trends and customer needs to provide products and services, the factors influencing tourism, and the impact of tourism on destinations.

Course description

On this course you will study 3 units:

  • Component 1: Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destination– Learners will investigate travel and tourism organisations, their aims and how they work together. They will explore types of travel and tourism and the features that make destinations appealing to visitors.
  • Component 2: Influences on Global Travel and Tourism– Learners will explore the different factors that may influence global travel and tourism, and how travel and tourism organisations and destinations respond to these factors. Learners will examine the potential impacts of tourism at global destinations and how destinations can manage the impacts of tourism and control tourism development to achieve sustainable tourism.
  • Component 3: Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism – Learners will investigate how organisations use market research to identify travel and tourism trends, and customer needs and preferences. They will apply their understanding by selecting products and services, and planning a holiday to meet customer needs and preferences.

Exam board

Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Travel and Tourism


  • Components 1 and 3 are assessed by learners completing internally set coursework.
  • Component 2 is an externally set element of coursework, where learners will sit an examination lasting approximately 2 hours.

Ways to help my child succeed

You will need the ability to think for yourself. You will also have to be self-motivated, organised, complete work thoroughly and have an excellent attendance record.  Other than the usual equipment, a memory stick to back-up your coursework would be useful.

Useful resources

BTEC Tech Award in Travel and Tourism Student Book

Publisher: Pearson

Author: Steve Ingle

ISBN: 9781292258690